Artist Profile - Emily Thomas

Informed by our urban environment, sculptor Emily Thomas is a young emerging artist reimagining our sense of place

Artwork and Photography by Emily Thomas // Project supported by European Cultural Foundation and Compagnia di San Paolo // Hufeisen (2019) // Glogauair Open Studios, Berlin // Emulsion paint on MDF // 200 x 400 x 70cm

Spotlight - Handsome

Australian ‘tomboy-pop’ artist Caitlin McGregor a.k.a. HANDSOME makes jams that reveal strength through bold, honest vulnerability.

HANDSOME, Sydney artist Caitlin McGregor, Photography by Bert Spangemacher

Spotlight - Amber Run

Go straight to red with 3rd album Philophobia, soaring through anthemic rock, taking on the topic of Love - in all its conflicting incarnations.

Amber Run - Tom Sperring (bass), Joshua Keogh (vocals, guitar), Henry Wyeth (keyboard)