Spotlight - Planet

The energetic, honest, and dreamy Sydney band bringing us gaze-pop melodies you want to hear all day long.

PLANET - Tom Peppitt (Lead guitar), Matty Took (Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Harry Stewart-Weeks (Drums), James Weaver (Bass)

Spotlight - Nausica

Nausica’s multinational, European indie-pop colouring the airwaves and reaching new audiences

4SEE Spotlight on NAUSICA - Edita Karkoschka (vocals) and Jannis Knüpfer(drums) Photography by Bert Spangemacher

Spotlight - Lilly

Rock’s teenage vanguard with over 1 million views on Youtube are proving the hype is real.

LILLY - Dylan Nash (vocals), Charlie Anastasis (bass), Sam Delatorre (guitar), Maxx Morando (drums) Photography by Bert Spangemacher