Ready for Liftoff

For the speed issue we take a look at forward-thinking disruptors and innovators from the startup capitals of the world. These are the people behind the big ideas that are changing the future, coming up with new ways to look at old problems, and in the process inspiring us by their entrepreneurial spirit and their ambition to execute change.


Inclusion Community Empowerment | Connecting Brands with People and Creating Communities

Company: Craft Initiative Agency / bei CRAFT bar and space
Positions: Founders, CEO, COO, and CBO (Chief Brand Officer)
Ages: 32–49
Location: Berlin
Founded: 2017
Website: /

“Focus, focus, focus on your core concept and don’t get distracted or take on too many tasks; and learn to live with the consequences of your decisions.” – G

What are Craft Initiative Agency and bei Craft?
Craft Initiative Agency is a specialist sponsorship agency, connecting brands and audiences that are the perfect match for each other. Bei Craft is a space to showcase our great relationships with these brands and bring them to the local community who will love them.

What is your mission?
G: Create a level playing field for local and commercial brands by providing a marketplace giving brands access to niche communities and those communities support from brands.
Rica: The bar serves a need to have a location that translates what we do for the agency, where we integrate communities and give access to a platform where comfort zones are respected.

What makes your company different? 

G: Where most agencies that work with brands focus on one or two brands in a specific sector, we work with multiple brands and sectors non-exclusively so we can have greater leveraging power.

What have you learned from starting a company?
G: It is not my first time starting a company, however what I have learned this time around is that it is different when you have an idea that is unique and not been done before, it is 20 times more intense and you must operate on all cylinders at full speed all the time.
Alexander: Focus on your strengths without getting too sidetracked by other opportunities.
Rica: Choose well the people you start a project with. Also to be always true to what you believe and your values.

What were the most difficult challenges along the way?
G: Launching a company in Germany as an expat, you will make mistakes every day and you must learn quickly and adapt immediately and know you will never get it completely right.
Rica: The most difficult challenge is to surpass the status quo, it’s really hard to change the mindset of people.

Where do you look for inspiration as an entrepreneur?
G: I would say that it would be my mother. With sixth-grade education, she ended up with a chain of retail furniture stores, restaurants, and shops. I draw inspiration from success stories.

What does it mean to be a startup?
Rica: Trying out an idea, a new vision, a new way of doing something. You are a startup because you are starting something, it’s the beginning of something new.

Is it important to be first or fastest? 

G: Both! It is like the monkeys with the stone. If on one island a monkey makes a tool out of stone, be assured that at the same time on another island there is another simian with the same idea. Who becomes the great ape is the one who is the first to market the fastest.
Alexander: Being first is great, but if you don’t have the speed to execute the idea, then your potential for larger market rival increases every day.
Rica: For me it’s more important to be relevant—relevant not only for your target but for the communities around it and to the world we live in.

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