Lotus-eaters, in Greek Mythology, are people living in the land of the Lotus tree that induces a peaceful sleep—as seductive and inviting as Switzerland’s homegrown music collective Kush K.


Lotophagi, is the first full length album; a trippy spiritual journey of multi-instrumental and electronic songs that personify their creative method. A method that starts with a single spark, oftentimes from Catia Lanfranchi, vocalist and key songwriter, that attracts the others of Kush K to join in at their own pace and time, like a collective, building a resonant energy that results in a song mixed with throwback equipment with more pops and fizz than bits and bytes.

Like with most acts in 2020, touring is pushed back a bit but Kush K looks forward to getting out there as soon as possible, maybe through a live streaming show, to share Lotophagi with live audiences around Europe.

Interview:  04/2020 with KushK

4SEESpotlight on Kush K, alternative music band from Switzerland
4SEE Spotlight on Kush K
Catia Lanfranchi, Nicola Habegger, Pascal Eugster, Paul Amereller
Photo by Simon Habegger


Artist Name Kush K
Genre Alternative
Members and Instruments
Catia Lanfranchi: voice, organ, synths, writer, arranger // Nicola Habegger: guitar, synths, bass, flugelhorn, voice, arranger // Pascal Eugster: bass, guitar, voice, arranger // Paul Amereller: drums, voice, arranger
Based in Zürich, Switzerland
Playing together since 2018
Recent Album Lotophagi
Listen on Spotify /  YouTube

Describe your band / music / style in three words.

Silk, spirit, space.

What did you listen to when growing up?

I grew up in household where we wouldn’t really listen to music, and there was no internet so my main access to music then was through classical—Brahms, Bach, Chopin—and playing piano. But I always thought that there must be more! It was super random, how I found the artists and the genres that I liked. I was attracted to rough and dirty music and the whole accompanying lifestyle. I didn’t meet the people nor find the right channels for it till I was sixteen / eighteen, and moved to a bigger city.

Up until then searching through mainstream record stores was just not satisfying, but I did find Joan Jett, which then led me to Sonic Youth, Patti Smith, synth and lo-fi music.

Music icon(s) and the reason why.

They were mostly women. I was attracted to their character and how they carried themselves. Their attitude, musical output, audio-visual concepts, the interesting sounds they made. Éliane Radigue and Björk inspired me heavily and opened my mind. Thanks to them, I felt entitled to choose this unusual lifestyle and to make radical decisions in my life.

Who are you listening to right now?

A lot of synth music, lo-fi, world, mixed genres, what I would call sensation-seeking sounds. I like to discover extraordinary personalities, they can make the meaning of a single song much stronger. Cindy Lee, who has an ability to create unique atmospheres. Mega Bog is another one, I identify with her lyrics a lot and love listening to her voice. There is also the Bitchin Bajas, who I love for their long stretched out dynamics and organic sounds.

What is the craziest or funniest thing that’s happened on tour?

A lot happened for sure, but what should I share? Maybe the first time that our audience requested specific songs for us to play, these were the songs from our first EP. This happened after the show, and we didn’t play any of their favourite songs because we enjoyed the new stuff and improvising so much. We really forgot that people love to hear the songs they know already. We had a good time and great conversations afterwards, though, and we learned a lot from them.

Kush K Music
4SEE Spotlight -Kush K
Lotophagi Album Cover

Favourite performance venues or music festivals? And why?

There are a few where we feel at home and like their philosophy. Helsinki in Zürich, Fri-Son in Fribourg. It doesn’t matter if a venue is big or small because it’s the audience and the people who work there that make it what it is. Running a venue requires a lot dedication, and it’s more about creating platforms and bringing culture to people than it is about programming and making money.

Three words to describe your fans.

Coolular. Awesomnistic. Amazingnitis. (CAA)

Favourite eyewear brand?

We love to wear glasses and mostly pick vintage no-brands. But Nicola is really into Cazal.

What is next for you, an immediately upcoming tour or EP/Album?

The next record will be out end of April. We would have played a lot now, but as is the case with all musicians, we had to postpone everything till autumn.
Hopefully, we’ll be playing festivals in the summer!

Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time, where would you like to see your band / music and at what scale?

In a spacious garden, writing music and words.