The definition of “Le Lunetier” goes beyond the meaning of its counterpart in English, which would simply be “optician.” “It represents the figure of an optical craftsman, one who would carve forms destined to become spectacles in various materials,” explains Michele Locatelli, the founder of the shop.

This is precisely the spirit of Le Lunetier, whose objective is to combine tradition, innovation, aesthetics, functionality, as well as passion and professionalism. “Eyewear is one of the few accessories that is 100% functional and aesthetic. It therefore becomes an essential tool to express their personality and character.”

Their appreciation of the artisan culture is reflected in the assortment of independent brands with a focus on the highest quality, “which are mostly produced in Italy, France, Scandinavia, Japan, and California,” adds Michele.

store Le Lunetier Milan Courtesy of Le Lunetier Milano
Le Lunetier, Milan

While the Milan clientele base is versatile, attracting the young and hip looking for limited edition styles to a more mature base who goes for quality classic eyewear, the best sellers are dictated by the notable trends of the season. For this season, cat eye has proved itself as right on trend and has therefore been a top seller.

“Wilma” of Snob Milano, “Mask Y3” of The Kuboraum, and “Orchid” by L.G.R all represent the style but each one has a different look, from elegant to edgy and aggressive. The oversized glasses, which were omnipresent at this year’s fashion shows are another favorite, while the sporty styles worn by cyclists and skiers are also making a comeback from the 90s. “The keyword is to dare both with dimensions and colors,” emphasizes Michele.

store Le Lunetier Milan Courtesy of Le Lunetier Milano

Le Lunetier Milano

Via Carlo Ravizza, 7
20149 Milan, Italy
+39 02 4398 2683

Photo: courtesy of Le Lunetier Milano

This article originally appeared in the ORGINAL issue // published in April 2019.