Based on its motto of “craftsmanship in mind, progressiveness to the world”, Kaneko Optical was founded in Sabae, in Fukui Prefecture Japan in 1958. “Sabae is a city known to have the highest standard of eyewear manufacturing, and produces more than 90% of eyewear within Japan,” explains Noriaki Ohashi, PR manager of the company.

The brand currently operates its own factory and three freestanding stores; two in Tokyo and one in Paris; the Ginza Tokyo flagship location having just opened in December 2018. “There is a consistency all throughout the planning, design, manufacturing, and sales phases of our products, which is not common for an eyewear company, and this enables the maker’s wish to reach the users,” adds Noriaki. The brand appeals to a quality-oriented mature audience with a distinctive taste for Made in Japan eyewear.

store Kaneko Optical Tokyo Courtesy of Kaneko Optical
Kaneko Optical in Ginza, Tokyo

Asked about the best sellers, classic styles such as round, Boston, or Wellington types are the signature of the brand and popular among the customers. “Notably, the combination frames of acetate and titanium feature a smooth line and a classic base with a beautiful, sensible finish. It’s a detail that represents the Japanese quality, and they are popular among overseas buyers as well.” As for this season, there is a tendency for thinner frames, with a gentle round shape. “The more simple they are, the more quality becomes visible, and we feel that the customers will be able to appreciate the quality.”

store Kaneko Optical Tokyo Courtesy of Kaneko Optical

Kaneko Optical

6-8-4 Ginza
Chyo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
+ 81 3 6263 8481

Photo: courtesy of Kaneko Optical

This article originally appeared in the ORGINAL issue // published in April 2019.