Interview with Claire Goldsmith, the founder of Oliver Goldsmith


Oliver Goldsmith was started in London in 1927 and has been making eyewear, which was synonimous with 20th century icons. During this time, eyewear became a fashion accessory thanks to the contributions made by brands like OG. A family business and tradition, today it is run by its 4th generation member, Claire Goldsmith. She is also the founder of the current store in London: ¨It was in my genes to get into this business. I decided to open a store when more and more people were knocking on my office door asking to buy sunglasses. It seemed the most logical thing to do – to have a place to house all our collections and showcase our vintage frames. We like to think of it as more than just a store, more like an eyewear emporium!¨


Asked to describe the ¨It¨ styles of the moment, she suggests refined, understated classic styles that are lightweight. Additionally, the other extreme of excessively heavy styles with bold colours or dynamic lens choices are trending at the moment. Although Claire´s belief about eyewear is that it is so personal and it doesn´t follow trends the same way fashion does, she points out that good bold colors will have their time throughout this year.


When choosing a certain style of glasses according to face shapes, Claire goes by the basic rule: ¨Round/oval faces usually suit a more angled, square frame to give focus, whereas a more angular or narrow face can be softened by the lines of a curved frame.¨ However, she adds, ¨like any rules, they are made to be broken, my grandfather always said ´find a frame that you love and never mind what anyone else thinks!´ ¨




Oliver Goldsmith
15 All Saints Road
London, W11 1HA, UK
Tel +44 207 460 0844