Joan Gassó, Kaleos Óptica

Derived from Greek word meaning ¨kaleidoscope¨, which consists of ¨cali-¨ for ¨beautiful¨ and ¨-eidos¨ for ¨shape¨ or ¨image¨, it suggests the concept of Kaleos, be it in a form of a shop, a face, or what one sees through the lenses. Founded in Barcelona 2 years ago, its main objective has been creating a model that combines fashion and optical health, in order to respond to the needs of those that have a particular sensibility to glasses. With this objective in mind, the brand´s original collection was launched a year later. It boasts a wide range of styles to suit every personality, offered at a rather affordable price point.


As for choosing a pair of glasses, the founder Joan Gassó suggests that there are a couple of important factors: ¨One is the client´s style, which will help us to see what suits him/her best, even if it´s something not expected. That´s one of the things that the client would appreciate a lot, being able to try something that gives a twist to their own style that makes it look even more amazing. Another important factor is knowing what shapes and colours will look better, according to the face/bone structure/skin and hair colour. ¨

Although Kaleos original collection aims to include pieces that will not go out of style with the changing trends, Joan points out that oversized glasses with light colour lenses are a notable trend this season, which directly reflects the revival of 70´s in fashion. Additionally, the use of metal mixed with acetates has also been proving very popular as far as the eyewear trend is concerned.


Kaleos Óptica
Carrer de Muntaner, 242
08021 Barcelona, Spain
Tel + 34 93 2007 478

Photo: courtesy of Kaleos