Photography JOHNNY PENA

Garrett comes from a family chain of talent in eyewear business– his parents founded Oliver Peoples, and he grew up with an inherent passion for eyewear. ¨It´s a product that goes directly on an individual´s face, which is something everyone sees. So it´s an emotional experience for many shoppers and it´s nice to work with a product that is so special.¨


His personal collection consists of hundreds of glasses literally, which he uses for different occasions. But there are also some classics, such as Kinney by Garrett Leight that he always goes back to. When going for the second pair, he recommends trying a different look: ¨Just because you like the current pair, it doesn´t mean that it´s the only style that works on you. Try to get a tortoise frame if you own a black frame. Or try to get a smaller frame if you own a big one, or a thin frame if you own a thick one. Possibly trying a different material is good, too. Plastic vs. Metals and so on.¨

For this fall season, Garrett recommends mixed metals and acetates. He also suggests thin frames and interesting lenses, such as mirrored, matted and even sparkled lenses. As for the shape, he opts for well-fitted medium-sized frames.


Despite his love for glasses, he admits that there are occasions when they may not be the choice – such as wearing sunglasses at night, and when pairing optical glasses with formal events, stick to styles that are not too distracting, so you can let the dress do the talking.


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