Decora is derived from the word “deconstruction.” A nod to their aspiration to move away from the current practice of the eyewear retail industry in Japan and to propose a new style of its own. This philosophy is also reflected in the design of the Tokyo shop, which opened in 2007.

Only a small part of the product selection can be seen from the outside. It was done purposely to focus on the communication with clients in choosing an ideal pair. The clientele base consists of a wide range – from businessmen in the area to tourists visiting the city, due to its location just in front of the Tokyo station. “What they have in common is that they all look for quality pairs that can be used for a long time, or something rare and unique that cannot be found elsewhere”, comments Hiroki Urushibata, Managing Director of the brand.

Asked about the bestsellers, he comments that the round and the “Boston” shapes in classical metal and combination frames have been popular regardless of the brand. Specifically, Lindberg has performed very well for its design, comfort and functionality.

For this season, Decora has created limited edition matte black frames in collaboration with some brands. They are expected to be an addition to the classic metal variety. Additionally, the shift of the nose pad material from plastic to titanium is a predominant trend at the moment. As for other brands, Yellows Plus is one to watch, so are Jacques Marie Mage and Ahlem that are not widely available yet in Japan.


Shinmaru Building 2. Stock
1-5-1 Marunouchi
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6502
+81 3 3211 3201

Photos: courtesy of Decora, Tokyo

This article originally appeared in the BEAUTY issue // published in April 2018.