Text Mio Hayashi

Being the original lifestyle concept store before lifestyle became a trend, Colette has been offering a wide selection of products from beauty to design, from art to food, from street to style to its cult following clientele base. The shop was opened in March of 1997 and named after one of the co-owners.

“Sunglasses are a part of lifestyle,” comments Guillaume Salmon, a PR spokesperson for the shop. Asked about what styles he prefers personally, his selection includes brands such as Dick Moby, Barton Perreira and Eyevan 7285.
For the upcoming season, one of the noteworthy design details is the strong contrast of the colors between the frames and glasses, as seen in styles made by Ahlem and Saraghina, among others.

As for the material, he opts for the sustainable model of Dick Moby, a company based in Amsterdam, founded by two surfers with an objective to fight against ocean pollution and turn plastic waste into high quality sunglasses. All of their glasses are made from biodegradable acetate found in the sea, which contributes to no further creation of the waste.

In general, Colette’s selection of the sunglasses reflect a broad range of styles that do not necessarily cater to specific seasons, but that can be worn according to the preference for the look, regardless of the trends. The shop’s philosophy and the environment let the customers choose the right model according to their own liking, as to reflect the unique lifestyle and the needs of each individual.


213 rue Saint Honoré
75001 Paris, France
Tel +33 1 5535 3390

Photo: courtesy of Colette

This article originally appeared in the DESIGN & MATERIAL issue // published in September 2015.