Opened in 1989 on the iconic St. Mark’s Place in the East Village in New York, Anthony Aiden Opticians was one of the first high-end boutiques in the area, and has been presenting the most fashion-forward eyewear with personalized services to offer the perfect pair for each customer.

Aside from his personal history in the area (his grandfather had a barber shop nearby in the 1920s), he chose this area for its music and art scene. “It was always different from other neighborhoods in Manhattan. Any night of the week at 3am you can walk down St. Mark’s Place and it felt like Times Square.” He prides himself in the relationships he has developed with his clients over the past 29 years, although with the gentrification of the area in the recent years, the starving artists and musicians as well as the original Ukrainian immigrants are no longer seen, and old tenements are being replaced by new condominium doorman buildings.

His focus on the eyewear selection is artful designs and playful colors, regardless of what the trends may be: “The only thing I can say is the best shape and color is ‘what’s interesting’. Always keep it interesting.” Asked about other brands, he comments that Jacques Marie Mage is his new favorite. “The quality is beyond any other brand out there. You feel quality when you hold them in your hands. They wear magnificently on the face and are just the right amount of unique styling and bad boy rock and roll for anyone.”

Anthony Aiden Opticians

42 St. Mark’s Place
New York, NY 10003
+1 212 533 1577

Photos: courtesy of Anthony Aiden Opticians

This article originally appeared in the BEAUTY issue // published in April 2018.