Styling MADLEN UHLEMANN @ perfectprops
Hair & Makeup NATALIA VERMEER @ blossom management

For the first time, Ray-Ban are offering a wide range of frames with authentic Ray-Ban prescription lenses featuring the Ray-Ban logo and initials for both optical and sunglasses.

Offering prescription lenses direct to the consumer opens up a whole new range of possibilities for a generation of Ray-Ban lovers to conveniently order optical frame and lens combinations or easily get a pair of prescription sunglasses in their favorite style.

For the optical customer, this means that Ray-Bans classic styles are now easily outfitted with prescription lenses that match, including the Ray-Ban detailing that is a hallmark of the brand and symbolic of its authenticity. The Ray-Ban logo is engraved in the corner of the prescription lens, outside of the visible range, just as they are on the popular sunglasses models, and companion RB initials are engraved on the left side.

Offering customized prescriptions in the wide range of high-quality lens types that Ray-Ban has become famous for is a huge advantage. Ray-Ban has been a true leader in terms of innovative sunglass technology since they first started creating lenses for pilots in 1937. Now their entire range of lenses can be custom-made with your prescription including their original grey-green lenses that preserve natural color integrity while increasing contrast and blocking glare through to their polarized lenses and their diverse range of mirrored gradient and colored lenses as well.

With so many different combinations to choose from it will now be a lot more simple and also fun to find a pair of prescription glasses from Ray-Ban that are truly yours.

Models: Marina & Alexander @ ICONIC, Photo Assistant: Tom Nti, Special thanks to: Holger Nawroth @TU Berlin