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We are all captivated by people that think outside the box, and places, ideas and products that make our imagination run wild. Totally individual, unique, and sometimes even eccentric, these are the people that we admire because they aren’t afraid to explore, reinvent, and go on an adventure to discover that truly great inspiration takes courage to turn into success.

Natural Essence + New York Spirit = MALIN + GOETZ

Co-Founder of MALIN + GOETZ
New York City, USA
Founded in 2004

“Your skin is your largest organ, so it’s imperative to take care of it. Fortunately, Malin+Goetz makes it super easy to incorporate a healthy and efficacious skincare into your life.”

Co-Founder of MALIN + GOETZ

MALIN + GOETZ is one of New York’s most distinguished apothecary brands. Known for their unique Cannabis Collection and sleek, minimalist packaging, MALIN + GOETZ stands as a formula for success in skincare products. Founded in 2004 by partners in life as well as in business, Andrew Goetz and Matthew Malin, MALIN + GOETZ has established itself internationally for its “uncomplicated luxury” approach, chic stores, and elegantly distinctive packaging and design.

A truly New York company through-and-through, the founders have remained close to home and committed to their original mission: To provide simple, balanced, high-quality skincare solutions to the modern man and woman, at affordable prices.

Remaining at the forefront of innovation, MALIN + GOETZ joined other luxury brands such as Heretic and Foria in Barneys New York’s The High End, the world’s first department store section for Cannabis lifestyle and wellness products.

Describe MALIN + GOETZ in three words
ANDREW: Malin and Goetz
MATTHEW: Making Skincare Easy

Cannabidiol aka CBD and hemp are undoubtedly a fast progressing trend, having successfully tapped into the modern beauty and wellness world. Your Cannabis Collection was launched about 5 or 6 years ago and it has become a very popular line, although actual CBD / Cannabis is not used. What is the story behind this line? Do you have any plan using the actual CBD ingredient in the near future?

ANDREW: All the products in our brand have roots in historic apothecaries. Cannabis is no exception; it was a staple in the 19th-century apothecaries. I also think it’s imperative that there is always a story behind every fragrance. For me, the story of cannabis stems not so much from being in High (no pun intended) School in the 1970s, but rather from the years that I lived in Amsterdam in the 1980s. The scent of hash wafting out of every Coffee Shop as I rode my bicycle through the city is seared in my mind. Those were heady (pun intended) and happy days. Adding cannabis to our portfolio was a way of permanently documenting this very important chapter in my life. We don’t use CBD in our cannabis-infused scents, although we do use it in some other products for its efficacious properties. Our cannabis scents are meant to be evocative—not necessarily literal.

MATTHEW: Rooted in apothecary, we have used the concept of cannabis in fragrance as a fun, playful nod to its medicinal origins. We are currently considering cannabis in the product development of a new face product. Stay tuned.

Your products are unisex, appealing to men as well as woman. What is the ratio of your clientele? What is your advice to men who are still reluctant (or lazy) to do the basic skincare regimen?

ANDREW: Depending on the market, I would say our brand is 60% women and 40% men. My advice to anyone reluctant – let’s say timechallenged rather than lazy – is that skincare is incredibly important part of your daily regimen. It’s as important as flossing and brushing your teeth twice a day. Your skin is your largest organ, so it’s imperative to take care of it.

MATTHEW: The “beauty” of our brand is that it is based on the idea of making skincare easy. We suggest a necessary two-step regimen daily— a great cleanser and moisturizer. Pretty simple.

You develop your own formula and manufacture your products in New York. With Matthew’s background (cosmetic buyer at Barneys, global manager at Kiehl’s, Prada beauty, Helmet Lang Parfums), you could have produced in a place more well known for luxury cosmetics like Paris. Why have you chosen New York?

ANDREW: First, we are from New York—New York is part of our brand, our DNA. While Paris certainly has its fair share of luxury cosmetics, New York does too! It also allows us to work closely with our Labs; ensuring that we produce the best possible products. It’s difficult to visit a lab on a regular basis that’s half-way around the world. That’s not so good for the environment either. So, keeping everything close to New York, ensures the highest quality, and the lowest carbon footprint.

MATTHEW: No doubt that for Europe, Paris is the beauty hub. However, for the US and parts of the world, New York is home to beauty (Estee Lauder,Revlon, Avon, and L’Oreal and Chanel have huge offices here too). And, it is our home. Metropolitan New York offers significant manufacturing opportunity and resources allowing us to produce locally, of quality, and limit our carbon footprint, costs, etc. As importantly, there is no city more international or diverse than New York.

Your signature packaging has become a trademark of your instantly recognizable global brand. Tell us about how you came up with these designs. Andrew, your former experience at Vitra has greatly influenced your products’ packaging and flagship store design. Who is your favorite architect and designer?

ANDREW: Thank you. The packaging was inspired by old 19th-century apothecary jars that we’ve collected over the years. We love how straightforward and beautiful they are. So, when it was time to design our packaging, we brought these jars to our graphic designers, 2X4 (also from New York) and said that we wanted to create a modern interpretation of them. They came up with the idea of making Malin and Goetz into a “formula” – (MALIN+GOETZ), and creating a gradient graphic texture on the bottles.
As for choosing a favorite architect, that’s an impossible question for me to answer, as I love both historical and contemporary architecture. In terms of designers…if I had to look to one person, who was the most influential to me personally for the brand, it would be the industrial designer, Dieter Rams. His prolific approach to minimalism always captures my awe.

MATTHEW: Andrew has said it better than I could…

Wild thing – It seems you have been in for a wild ride. What were your wildest experiences along the way?

ANDREW: Tell me about it! There have been so many wonderful things that we’ve experienced, learned and been exposed to that I think we are talking book rather than interview.

MATTHEW: Manufacturing has been one of the more complicated parts of what we do. It is part science and part art—like cooking—and every single batch is like starting over. It requires attention to detail and oversight daily. Learning about other cultures as we have expanded internationally has also been challenging. The way we do business in the US is not the same as in the UK—and we speak the same language! And now we are expanding in Hong Kong and Germany so we are learning a lot! But, it does make things interesting.

What do you think we can do as companies and as consumers to build a more sustainable future?

ANDREW: We are both personally and professionally committed to building a more sustainable future… We do our best to minimize unnecessary packaging. We manufacture everything locally to reduce our carbon footprint. All our packaging is recyclable. We are currently looking to see if we can introduce second generation plastic in our packaging, as well as using plastic that is fabricated from sugar cane. On the consumer front, I think consumers need to do a better job educating themselves. Ultimately, we need to be much more thoughtful on what we are consuming, consuming less, and recycling and reusing as much as possible.

MATTHEW: Andrew seems to have offered a complete response.

You two are also partners in life as well as in business. How do you manage the work and life relationship?

ANDREW: Good question. Not a short answer. How we’ve done it manifests itself differently at different times of the business. When it was literally just Malin and Goetz in the company, we did everything together. As the business has grown, we’ve divided a good portion of our roles so that we are not stepping on one another’s toes. Fortunately, we have very different skill sets—so it was a natural evolution. Most importantly, we try really hard not to talk about work at dinner. When the day is over, it’s over. A glass or two of wine at the end of the day is also very helpful. And this being New York, there is also the Shrink—to keep my brain well flossed.

MATTHEW: Separation helps. After many years of working closely in an open office, we now have separate offices. Andrew likes to work late and I prefer a more traditional office schedule. We are also good at different things. For instance, Andrew oversees our hotel amenities and I manage our product development.

What glasses do you wear every day?Any favorite eyewear brand and why?

ANDREW: There was a time when I was sans-spec, but those days are long gone. I’ve worn Paul Smith eyeglasses by Oliver Peoples on and off, but now I’m sporting my New York classic from Moscot.

MATTHEW: While I do have some eye glasses, I am really a user of contacts.

We are also dog lovers. Do you two take your dog to the office every day? (We do.)

ANDREW: Not only does Mr. Greenberg come to the office with us every day, but he usually comes with us when we travel on business trips as well. He’s an old hand at going to the West Coast—he’s officially an Emotional Support Dog, so he sits on my lap the entire way—we’d never put him in cargo. When he’s not jetting around on my lap or ‘pugging’ (Mopshunding) his way around the office, he comes up to the country to our farmhouse in the Hudson Valley—where he loves to garden… or more specifically, eat tomatoes off the vine. Not bad for a rescue from Vermont.

MATTHEW: Yes, it would not be an office without our awesome Pug, Mr. Greenberg! Sometimes, our Director of Finance, Anna, brings her Golden Doodle (Donuts) and our Director of Stores, Stephanie, will show up with Ozzie, her Chihuahua. It is a lot of fun.