We are all captivated by people that think outside the box, and places, ideas and products that make our imagination run wild. Totally individual, unique, and sometimes even eccentric, these are the people that we admire because they aren’t afraid to explore, reinvent, and go on an adventure to discover that truly great inspiration takes courage to turn into success.


Claudia Brotons is the Creative Director of Spanish Eyewear Brand KALEOS. Meeting co-founder Joan Gassó while studying a Bachelor of Business Administration, Brotons’ experience in fashion has been shaped by time working for high street fashion brand Zara at the Inditex Headquarters in Spain, and a Master’s Degree in Fashion from the Istituto Marangoni in Milan. A new mother, Brotons balances her family life with her irrepressible passion for classic style through modern design innovation. She joined 4SEE for the following special interview.

“Fashion is a form of expression, all our customers can be reflected in the spirit of KALEOS.”

4SEE Profile Claudia Brotons
Creative Director at KALEOS


Creative Director at KALEOS

Barcelona, Spain
Founded in 2013

Describe yourself in three words

Contemporary fashion house.

You have made a big splash in the already very competitive eyewear industry, thanks in part to your abundant experience in fashion. We’re curious to find out your mission for Kaleos and exactly what kind of fashion experience you are bringing to your customers?

Fashion is a form of expression and this is what I bring from my previous experience to KALEOS. A wide collection in which everyone can find an accessory, to extol your personality.

I understand the brand as a place to find that something that helps you to be more you in your day to day. That’s why the collection is so wide and often different from each other, all our customers can be reflected in the spirit of KALEOS.

Your tasteful and contemporary yet unique style has led to an immediate success. Did it catch you by surprise?

We started the brand as a separate project while Juan [Gassó, CEO] and I maintained our respective jobs. We wanted it to become our main project, but didn’t know what it would be so soon. That is to say that it was a success, maybe in such a short time was the surprising thing.

You have recently launched a clothing collection. How has it been coming along?

A very long process. Since KALEOS started, we have always felt like a fashion brand; I have never stopped having ideas for complete looks and campaigns. I design them and I think about the themes. So once the brand was settled, we thought it was the right time to simply expand what I think has always been the brand.

Where do you draw your inspirations? Who is your favorite style icon? What trends are you intrigued by now and for the next collection?

I work mainly in the KALEOS office, my office is on the third floor and there is a lot of light, it is an incredible place to work. I especially like the afternoons when part of the team has left and I can be 100% designing. If you look at my Pinterest I have a lot of style icons, but lately Julie Pelipas has me quite in love, her casual simplicity and elegance I love. We’re working on much more rectangular and hard shapes than exaggerated ones, giving the glasses a lot of personality.

Wild thing – What were your wildest experiences along the way? Any words of wisdom you have received?

At the first [eyewear] fair we did, we sold all the stock, which was really impressive! And advice… I think that not losing our essence is really important.

Ethical, Sustainability – What do you think we can do to build a more sustainable future?

Our plan is to have the best qualities so that our product lasts, with this constant: to create to last, we promote responsible, lasting and conscious consumption. Little by little all industries will suffer irreversible changes in this sense.

Technology – Any interest in applying technology to your eyewear?

At the moment we are not exploring this path, but who knows!

In ten years where do you want to be?

The same but better! With a bigger team and working to improve and extend KALEOS to spaces and places we don’t even imagine now.

You have recently given birth. You are a mother, designer, founder, and the list goes on. How do you keep the balance between work and life? Any special message for women out there?

I’m lucky I have an office close to home. But I think in the end the message is that with good organization and a good team, anything is possible. Sometimes it takes longer and you have to be patient, but that’s what gives women a certain super power, a different tactical vision and implementation is invincible.

This editorial originally appeared for the WILD issue // published in August 2019.