4SEE features Patrick Mohr, the sometimes controversial, but always authentic, mastermind behind the hottest shoes on the market about his game-changing sneakers, his creative vision, and his favorite glasses.

Patrick Mohr’s sneakers literally sell out worldwide in seconds. Extremely limited editions (the last edition saw only 1000 pairs released worldwide), a strong design concept based on his personal obsession with the equilateral triangle which for him symbolizes freedom, and careful attention to every detail have made his sneakers a hot commodity for street style enthusiasts around the world.

Patrick_Mohr01Glasses: L/R ALLIED METAL WORKS A001, M. FUNK Utgard

But all this success seems unlikely to alter Patrick’s singular vision for his products. “I’m not a designer, I’m a visionary” he says, describing the instant sensation his products have become and his multifaceted approach to design and fashion. “I don’t really care what other people are thinking about me if they are saying good things or not, I follow my vision and achieve my goals.”

In fact, Patrick seems almost surprised by his own sudden success and the fact that celebrities and musicians from Chris Brown to The Weekend are proudly sporting his limited edition shoes. “In 2014, in autumn, we had a release at the store in LA and suddenly ‘bang,’ there was a global hype. The sneakers sold out in minutes, and since 2014 there has been a massive hype.” He recognizes that his success came at a particularly fortuitous moment for him. “You have to have a good product, a good team, good connections, but you also have to have good luck. To do something at the right time, at the right moment, and with the right people, its some kind of destiny.”

Patrick_Mohr03Glasses: l. ALLIED METAL WORKS A001, m. FUNK FOOD SUN Pincar

Destiny and success didn’t arrive overnight for the Munich native, but rather built over time and as a result of keeping true to this aesthetics and working with the people he naturally forged a connection such as the co-producers of his sneaker collection, the Munich-based company K1X. “Everything that I’m doing is coming from my heart and I don’t do things without heart.”

This heartfelt approach draws people to Patrick’s work just as he is drawn to the work of similarly genuine and authentic brands that emphasize quality over quantity such as his eyewear of choice, Dieter Funk. Besides knowing each other personally from their shared roots in Munich, Patrick maintains his devotion to the brand because of its commitment to producing authentically handmade eyewear in Germany. “I only wear Funk… we are really deeply connected. It started because of [knowing] him, and then I was also at his factory in Kinsau and it is really authentically handmade in Germany, from the raw material to the final product and this is incredible, what he is doing and he is amazing and that’s why I’m wearing his stuff.”

Certainly his genuine nature and his loyalty to his close network of colleagues such as the creative director at Reebok, Swizz Beatz, along with his sought-after sneakers have helped to pave the way for Patrick to emerge as a German designer on the very forefront of fashion and streetwear trends. He now joins the illustrious company of Marc Jacobs, Pharrell Williams, and Jeremy Scott, having been designated as the next designer to be selected by Viacom and Nickelodeon to create a capsule collection with the SpongeBob SquarePants licensed image. This line, hitting a very select few stores in June, will of course also be a seriously limited edition.

Patrick_Mohr_02Glasses: FUNK Utgard