The evolution of Leidmann as the go-to-optician for the city’s A-listers began in 2001 at its initial location in the Schwabing district, then under a different name. Chris Leidmann, who was once a trainee at the shop at that time became the owner and today, Leidmann counts two shops, one on the prestigious shopping avenue of Maximilianstrasse as its flagship location and the other is an outpost dedicated to Garret Leight on Hohenzollernstrasse.

Leidmann in Munich
Leidmann in Munich

“Our core philosophy hasn’t really changed; we always did and bought what we loved. We still do so today”, comments Philipp Foret, who has been working closely with Chris since 2014. Passion for details, materials and craftsmanship are what define the assortment, and this is also reflected in the interior of the 300-sqm boutique designed by Stefanie Thatenhorst. “The store looks more like what we call in German “Werkraum (craft room)” than a boutique”, says Philipp. “We are representing brands that manufacture their eyewear with a passionate dedication. They deserve a certain stage.”

As the shop caters to a range of local and international clients, and as the market currently enjoys a wide availability of styles, so does the selection at Leidmann. It includes Haffmans und Neumeister for its simplicity and purism, Jacques Marie Mage for its bold statement that presents each piece like a piece of art, and Masahiro Maruyama for its asymmetric and detailed designs that look on point the moment they are put on a face. “It’s not about following a trend by selecting your new shades, it’s about finding the right pair of glasses. Glasses that suit you and just act naturally.”

Leidmann in Munich

Leidmann in Munich


Maximilianstraße 11
80539 Munich, Germany
+49 89 24 21 51 10
Photo: courtesy of Leidmann

This article originally appeared in the WILD issue // published in September 2019.