Located in South Pigalle, a former red light district turned one of the trendiest neighborhood in Paris, L’Artisan du Regard caters to a largely local clientele consisting of young, stylish families. The current shop has been run for the last 11 years by Gregory Vissac, though its history goes back to 1942, when it first opened.

“We only work with creators that we have exclusively in the neighborhood, so as to offer really different products and especially high quality.”, notes Gregory. “The most important thing is to make the customer travel and dream, by explaining the history of the glasses, which provides added pleasure in the shopping experience.”

L’Artisan du Regard in Paris
L’Artisan du Regard in Paris

Although its customer base is mainly from the neighborhood, due to its unique product assortment, as well as its upper floor dedicated to the kids’ selection, it attracts customers of all ages throughout Paris.

Asked about best selling styles, Anne and Valentin “Fancy”, a round shape with a Brit-pop feel in blue gray and tortoiseshell are highly in demand. Other noteworthy brands are Theo, Caroline Abram, and Michel Henau for their playfulness and use of colors, as well as EyeVan 7285, Matsunaga and Jacques Marie Mage for the details of the finishes.

Gregory’s word of advice when buying a new pair of glasses is to find a pair that reflects one’s personality truly, and never forget the notion of comfort and pleasure; “especially not to buy glasses as an ocular prosthesis but as an accessory to sublimate”.

L’Artisan du Regard in Paris

L’Artisan du Regard

35 Rue des Martyrs
75009 Paris, France
+33 1 48 78 06 37

Photo: courtesy of L’Artisan du Regard

This article originally appeared in the WILD issue // published in September 2019.