American Ingenuity.


Before inventing its legendary instant film and cameras, Polaroid put itself on the map with its polarized sunglasses. Since 1937, the company has been one of the world’s most trusted eyewear brands. Polaroid’s products blend perfect vision with optimum protection, thanks to their advanced polarized lens technology. How does it work? Simple. When light reflects off a shiny surface, it travels in different directions. While vertical light makes it possible for us to see and allows for clear colors and contrasts, horizontal light creates glare, which reduces visibility and makes it painful and dangerous for us to perform virtually any physical work. Polaroid polarized sunglasses block virtually all glare, making it safe for us to carry on throughout the day in safety, comfort, and in style. Polaroid’s new collection features reinterpreted classics from the ’70’s, with rounded, panthos and oversized styles, complete with shiny metal finishes and mirror or full lenses.

polaroid sunglasses photographed by bert spangemacher 1
POLAROID 2053/S (Blue), 4053/S (Gold), 4052/S (Pink)