Achieving a certain level of excellence in everything from an appropriate space for a display to honest and heartfelt service has been the main objective for Kogaku. After opening their first shop in 2017, the second location followed just ten months later, and each one offers a distinctive selection from one another.

The interior of the first shop mostly uses natural materials such as nut tree walls combined with Italian Carrara marbles, serving as an ideal backdrop for the eyewear collection on display. The shop’s flawless feature is enhanced by the wireless connectivity of all devices, from the sound system, air conditioning to the coffee machine, all controlled from an iPad. “The aim was to create a space where the interior corresponds with the quality and craftsmanship of frames we offer”, comments Tomasz Czarnota, the founder of the shops.

An optical shop in Warsaw, Poland
4SEE Retail Report – Kogaku, Warsaw

Kogaku’s customers include professionals of diverse fields, such as architects, lawyers, diplomats, and musicians, who are extremely demanding, both in their choice of products as well as the services received through the shopping experiences.

Among its 17 brands offered, a majority of them come from Japan, including Eyevan 7285, Kaneko, and Native Sons, as well as German makers Lunor and Gernot Lindner. Classic, timeless panto shape variations in acetate, metal as well as in combination tend to be a popular choice for their customers. Tomasz’s best advice for buying a new pair is to be able to appreciate oneself wearing the eyewear, and just as importantly, the eyewear itself as an object, which would ensure long-term satisfaction afterward.

An optical shop in Warsaw, Poland
4SEE Retail Report – Kogaku, Warsaw


Bednarska 20A
00-321 Warsaw, Poland
+48 22 826 24 22

Photo: courtesy of Kogaku

This article originally appeared in the DISCOVERY issue // published in February 2020.