Located on a small street close to Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucia, next to other concept stores and boutiques, Frank Lo offers one-of-a-kind eyewear to the fashionable set in Rome, locals and visitors alike. “Design and avant-garde are the two keywords for Frank Lo’s style”, comments Massimiliano Savo, the founder of the shop.

Sourced from Italy, France, Germany, UK, Canada, USA, and Japan, the exquisite, handcrafted collection provides a sensory journey for the clients. In addition to the use of precious materials such as buffalo horns, marble, silver, leather, woods, cotton and gold, their policy of carrying only one piece per style ensures that the assortment has absolute exclusivity. “Our mission is to remind everyone of their beauty and uniqueness”, explains Massimiliano.

Optical store, Frank Lo in Rome
4SEE Retail Report – Frank Lo in Rome

Their clientele base is varied in age and gender, but mostly attracts celebrities and artistic types with a high level of sensibility to design. Individual attention is given to the selection of the right eyewear, with consideration given to the personality, style, and facial features of each client. “We don’t necessarily recommend what we like. We try to provide the best options for improving their looks. Every face is different, so every choice is new”.

Asked about their favourite brands, “We love eyewear with character, the thickness of the material, and matte effect. If we have to choose between our brands, it would be Rigards, Masahiro Maruyama, Rapp, Hoffmann, Vava, all brands with that personality we look for”.

Frank Lo

Via del Leone 8
00186 Rome, Italy
+39 06 6830 8189

Photo: courtesy of Frank Lo

This article originally appeared in the DISCOVERY issue // published in February 2020.