TRAILBLAZER – Susanne Wuest Taking off at Lightspeed

Susanne Wuest is an intrepid actress whose career is taking off at lightspeed with roles in some of the most hotly anticipated productions this year. Sunset, directed by Oscar-winning director Laszlo Nemes, will premiere in competition at the Venice Film Festival September 3rd before hitting theaters later this year. You can also catch Susanne Wuest in Van Leeuwen’s dritter Fall—Der Tod und das Mädchen on ZDF in Germany on the 17th of September. This busy actress also has roles in the Amazon-produced US-TV series Lore and the highly anticipated German Netflix series Parfum that will be streaming on Netflix come this fall.

Photography andreas waldschuetz
Hair & Make Up servullo mendez
Photo Assistant lukas rotter
Photo Retouch christian friedrich