I’MPERFECT is the playful yet meaningful name for the new campaign from Etnia Barcelona announcing their latest collection—a provocative call to action, urging us to unite in our differences and unapologetically celebrate our imperfections. Colorful, glitzy, and glamorous, the extravagant new collection reinvents the concept of perfection for a different take on what it means to take a stand by standing out.

Etnia Barcelona presents the “I’MPERFECT” campaign to launch its FW19 collection. An imperfect campaign that re-examines the idea of perfection itself and champions what is unique in us all. No approval, no permission, no apologies required.

We are reclaiming the kind of imperfection that breaks the mold and challenges stereotypes. It is the same imperfection that makes us unique and authentic. We are truly convinced that we need to embrace our differences rather than hide them, proudly turning them into a mark of our identity. Always loyal to ourselves, and feeling comfortable even in the discomfort of looks. Because it’s only when you stop searching for perfection that the truth appears.

That is I’MPERFECT. Reclaiming our uniqueness is more important than being perfect. Imperfect models whose beauty doesn’t fit the con- ventional standards. People who have stories to tell, in front the camera but also, more importantly, behind it.

These are real stories from real people who are imperfect, just like you, and just like all of us. People who are happy just as they are, with- out inhibitions or trying to fit a certain stereotype.

They are Liliya, Kokie, Pau, Kaine, Xueli and Jordi, seen through the lens of photographer Biel Capllonch to launch the pieces from the new, Glam-inspired Etnia Barcelona FW collection.

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The fall/winter 2019 collection from Etnia Barcelona is imperfect as well as authentic each pair of glasses is different to the next. Unique textures and colors achieved thanks to the artisanal production process and the savoir-faire of our partners Mazzucchelli, who create the natural acetate of our frames, and Barberini who help us develop our mineral lenses.

A collection inspired by the Glam esthetic of the 70s, whose icons still thrill us. Glam was all about unique beauty and not being afraid to stand out, the freedom to express or reinvent yourself every step of the way, celebrating and valuing individual personality.

So we present new designs including metallics, acetates, sprinklings of glitter and gleaming havana patterns, along with extravagant and provocative shapes. A collection that aims to turn heads while staying true to our DNA and unmistakable style.

The new Etnia Barcelona collection is available in the online store, the Flagship Store in Barcelona and at your usual outlets (check the shopfinder on