Etnia Barcelona gears up for the post-COVID consumer and thrives, with all the colour we need for a brighter future.

If there is one thing we have come to know and love about Etnia Barcelona, it is that they aren’t afraid to take chances and come up with bold and colourful designs that delight and inspire. Their most recent collections are full of unexpected and exciting ways to combine their unique range of acetates. They have doubled down on colour for FW20 and it is precisely what we need right now in a world that sometimes seems a little bit less than what we expected from 2020.

For many of us, deprived of disco lights and the vivid colours of art openings, Etnia Barcelona satisfies this primal craving for colour and grants us leeway to express ourselves again. With so many colours to choose from – more than 500 different colours, 100 of which are designed exclusively by Mazzucchelli – you won’t find anything else like this, anywhere. And think about how you will feel with that can-do, cheerful, colourful attitude radiating from your face and bringing joy to those around you as well. Choose to be happy and inspire those around you with your confidence, that is Etnia Barcelona’s transformative power: the attitude of optimism.

Etnia Colour Collection FW2020
“Etnia Barcelona puts the pedal to the metal with colour”

“The post-COVID consumer will be demanding a lot more colour”

That was a statement from a team member of the Barcelona-based brand in the height of quarantine in April 2020. This fact, and the decision to not delay any of the company’s collections, played an important role in the improvement of the product features.

After launching the Le Jardin collection, with a chromatic range inspired by floral pigments, the brand launched IBIZA Vol.2 , which explored the combination of neon and Havana tones. Now, it has once again demonstrated its expertise in the study and application of colour with its latest collection, Terra (Still I Rise).

Etnia Barcelona’s FW20 collection has put the pedal to the metal in the colour department. Its Originals collection has benefited from the dynamic stamp the brand put on its SS2020 Warriors collection, which was created before the pandemic.

In today’s market, Etnia Barcelona is the brand with the widest range of colour references in the world. Its design team has recreated 500 colours, 100 of which are exclusively designed by the company and handcrafted by the venerable Mazzucchelli.

Etnia Barcelona has brought colour innovation to the acetate world by pushing the limits of manufacturing and achieving almost impossible textures, complex lamination and three-layer sandwich acetate sheets. The result of this work are textures on the entire volumetric surface of the glasses.

Innovation doesn’t stop at the outside of the glasses. Etnia installs an interchangeable hinge that can be repaired in a matter of seconds, which optimizes the mechanics of the glasses and puts constant pressure on the front of the frames, through 3 mm of separation. Last but not least, the Barberini mineral lenses that Etnia Barcelona uses for its sunglasses is the cherry on top, offering the customer a high-definition view and an unmatched colour experience, thanks to the HD technology used in these pure mineral glass lenses.

Without a doubt, this brand from Barcelona is the brand of reference for colour around the world, leading the ranking of Barcelona-based brands who are following its wake in a form of “coopetition”. After 20 years in the business, and with the reunion of its original team, the brand is flourishing more than ever and is introducing a collection that showcases the power of innovation. This is the result of the team’s 20 years of expertise, following the third generation of manufacturers, led by David Pellicer.