Model: Cooper
Titel: FUNKroyal SHU € 298

At first glance, these frames seem to be rather simple and plain, but when taking a closer look, we must applaud Funk for their sense of understated cool. Funk’s frames are made out of surgical steel so they are light and durable for every day use. And Funk can be quite playful. Their new models shown here are artfully designed and they come with a delicious name like “Fudge Pie” and “Kaiserschmarrn.” Funk is not a major eyewear brand, but they are one of the most interesting independent labels with a developed taste of their own.
Funk can now look back at their 21 years of history and see how their designs have been evolving. Funk introduced the collection “FUNKroyal” in 2004. Another line is called “FUNK food” – that plays with various shapes and different color palettes.

Cooper_06FUNK Food Fudge Pie € 179

Cooper_03FUNKroyal Kuba Kahn € 299

Cooper_01FUNK Food Kaiserschmarrn € 149

Cooper_02FUNKroyal MUT € 329

Cooper_05FUNKroyal Lancelot € 329