Doe Paoro’s soothing meditations on solitude


Doe Paoro has the uniqueness of sound and surprise on her side. With an angelic, almost operatic voice, she seduces listeners. This seductiveness stems from her deeply felt, personal and timely song writing, which has already caught the attention of both record labels and some of the most talented song writers and producers around. Doe Paoro collaborated with the likes of Bon Iver’s Justin Veron, Sean Carey and BJ Burton (Tallest Man on Earth, Sylvan Esso), on her acclaimed second album, After.

Doe Paoro is the stage name of Syracuse-born, Los Angeles-based artist, singer, and composer, Sonia Kreitzer. She blends musically an eclectic sound that soothes and moves, bringing together R&B, pop, soul and electronic. Doe Paoro came to be recognized for her arty, soulful sounds after her self-released LP Slow To Love dropped in 2012, following a string of previously released singles that won her rave reviews and fans as well.

Doe’s music has that uber-sly quality of hooking you in with the subtlety of her voice, somehow shadowy and loving, leaving with you a desire to hear just a little more. Her music propels listeners to her world… a wonderful world, and a personal one. A few years back, Doe, while traveling to Tibet, spent time in silent meditation, leading to her reflections on “space between silence and sound…” She touches the listeners authentically, a voice both personal and connected to that stuff all around us that helps us feel we are part of something larger. She plays off sound, silence, connection throughout her music. Doe Paoro has gone on to catch the attention of Stereogum, NPR’s All Songs Considered, and was featured on Season 4 of Girls. One play of her music quickly becomes another and another. Rightfully so, she has a voice that needs your ears.

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