A limited edition capsule inspired by the inimitable style and personality of David Bowie.

Way ahead of his time, David Bowie singlehandedly transformed culture with his music and fashion. For decades he remained a symbol of pioneering attitudes toward gender and style. An all-new limited edition series from Etnia Barcelona introduces two new sunglasses that represent the indelible style sensation from two of David Bowie’s most memorable and daring stage personas: Ziggy Stardust and The Thin White Duke.

Ziggy Stardust picks up on the glam side of Bowie—bold colors and patterns on a unisex style are a tribute to the message that unique is chic. A sleek metal silhouette in the Thin White Duke comes in three colorways with unique lenses that each have a secret in store: breath on the lenses and David Bowie’s famous lightning bolt will appear.

For style that has both attitude and meaning there is none other than David Bowie, and Etnia Barcelona has done his legacy proud with a tribute collection to this trailblazing cultural icon.

Etnia Barcelona, always inspired by cultural trends, is revealing a year-end limited edition sunglasses collection that pays tribute to the immortal David Bowie and his lasting influence on fashion and style. Introducing two brand new sunglasses models: Ziggy Stardust and The Thin White Duke.

David Bowie shares the free spirit and Anartist attitude that is so representative of the Barcelona-based brand. Not only has Bowie been an icon for several decades, he remains a champion of artists, outsiders and free thinkers of all stripes, exemplifying unapologetic individuality and fearless self-expression. Bowie never ceased to surprise and captivate with his array of personas and ever changing musical styles, but he made one thing crystal clear, beyond the makeup, costumes, and elaborate staging: he always remained true to who he really was, unmistakably David Bowie.

This year, the brand has a very clear message for us: take control of what makes you unique and authentic, and show it to the world with pride. It’s a message that we heard loud and clear in their fall/winter 2019 I’MPERFECT campaign. Bringing together all of Bowie’s influences, Etnia Barcelona has designed an exclusive collection of glasses including two sunglasses models with a Glam and cutting-edge feel, full of little details and secrets inspired by the two most significant alter egos of the singer’s career: Ziggy Stardust and The Thin White Duke.

ZIGGY STARDUST, is the more audacious model of the collection, inspired by the costumes Bowie wore during his Glam period. The Etnia Barcelona design team has developed a unisex style out of natural acetate in 3 colors: mottled using a mix of colors reminiscent of his iconic stripes and the shoulder padded “spacesuit” that he wore on The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust Tour; black with silver stripes, inspired by the patent leather bodysuit he wore on the Aladdin Sane Tour and, last but not least, white and blue translucent acetate reminiscent of Bowie’s own glasses from this period. As with all of their collections, the brand continues to use natural Mazzucchelli acetate and mineral lenses by Barberini.

THE THIN WHITE DUKE, is the more sophisticated and classic model. It is inspired by the glasses that Bowie wore
in the film The Man Who Fell to Earth and on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in 1976. An elegant metal design with mineral crystal lenses by Barberini available in 3 colors: pink, blue, and black.

Something new about both models is that Etnia Barcelona is introducing special lenses that reveal a star and David Bowie’s iconic Aladdin Sane lightning bolt when you exhale on them.

A David Bowie Tribute by Etnia Barcelona is a collection filled with symbolism in honor of the London-born singer. A limited edition collection that conveys the transgression, and power that was so characteristic of Bowie. His innovation in music, theater, and fashion, and his unmistakable style resonate with today’s visual culture and can be found everywhere in this unique collection.

A David Bowie Tribute by Etnia Barcelona will be available as of October 28th at the brand’s Flagship Store (C/Espaseria 1–3, 08003 Barcelona), and as of November 14th in the online store and selected points of sale worldwide. For more information, please see www.etniabarcelona.com.