Eyewear is not only about design, but also about quality and functionality. True craftsmanship is inseparable from these qualities when talking about a pair of glasses. Dedicated to the essence of craft, 4SEE has handpicked eyewear brands with real narrative, passion, quality and attention to detail to showcase in our premier issue. 4SEE pays tribute to the dedicated team of artisans by capturing them through our own lens. Discover an elegant array of legendary and contemporary brands, which deserve a closer look.



HALLY & SON’s collection caught our attention at 4SEE because of their intelligent usage of natural materials like water buffalo horn and significant design details such as rounded tips at the temple end and asymmetrical rivets (2 on the left and 3 on the right). It requires the most skilled artisans to transform horn into eyewear by shaping and polishing the complex material, and HALLY & SON, an eyewear manufacturer since 1959, has the expertise to pull it all together marvelously. Quality water buffalo horn provides exceptional comfort and stability. As these glasses age, you will begin to appreciate the character of the horn and how the frames further adjust to the shape of your face and subtle textures over time as subtle patterns gracefully appear. Also, there is no better material than water buffalo horn for allergic or sensitive skin. In addition to real horn glasses, HALLY & SON provides the same styles in the form of Replica Horn utilizing ultra thin acetate that gives exceptional finesse for budget-conscious people, making it possible to wear them even more comfortably. As a result, HALLY & SON is able to achieve the look and feel of their real horn counterpart. The iconic designs are greatly influenced by the fifties and sixties; most of their glasses come in timeless shapes and elegant styles.

L. HALLY & SON TYPE 12 1962 (HS505 Replica Horn) € 120
R. HALLY & SON TYPE 8 1961 (HS503 Replica Horn) €120