Interview with Hauke Peters, Mitgründer von Six Million Glasses

His father already had several optician stores in Bremen. The siblings Peters: Hauke, Marc and Bettina though different paths in life earlier, they found their way back to optics. Hauke and Marc relocated to Hamburg in the meantime, where they run their shop Six Million Glasses at Schanze next to Neonbox in Ottensen in Hamburg. Six Million Glasses gives a nod to the style of the 60s. There is no way they could not offer the famous Moscot glasses.


Hauke, the older one of the two brothers, likes to build his one version of a model when he goes to trade fairs. “Five years ago I began to make those really old and big Mosley Tribes metal frames as corrective glasses even though I could hardly get lenses for them.“ His clients value both his firm sense of style and his eagerness to experiment.
“Clients who I have known for a long time just walk into the store and say ‘Come on, just put a pair on my face’ and then walk away again. That’s pretty cool actually.“ This season Hauke values the shapes of the Garrett Leight collection and the surface feel of labels like Dita, Barton Perreira and Reiz.


A tip from Hauke: a wide shape makes the face appear narrower and the eyes should be in the centre of the frame. But after all the most important thing is that “you find a find glasses that fit your personal style and when you get it right, it doesn’t matter whether they are rimless spectacles or a really bold acetate frame. Because in the end the face still tells the story and not the frame.“


Six Million Glasses
Schulterblatt 3
20357 Hamburg
Tel +49 40 4130 4740


Joan Gassó, Kaleos Óptica

Derived from Greek word meaning ¨kaleidoscope¨, which consists of ¨cali-¨ for ¨beautiful¨ and ¨-eidos¨ for ¨shape¨ or ¨image¨, it suggests the concept of Kaleos, be it in a form of a shop, a face, or what one sees through the lenses. Founded in Barcelona 2 years ago, its main objective has been creating a model that combines fashion and optical health, in order to respond to the needs of those that have a particular sensibility to glasses. With this objective in mind, the brand´s original collection was launched a year later. It boasts a wide range of styles to suit every personality, offered at a rather affordable price point.


As for choosing a pair of glasses, the founder Joan Gassó suggests that there are a couple of important factors: ¨One is the client´s style, which will help us to see what suits him/her best, even if it´s something not expected. That´s one of the things that the client would appreciate a lot, being able to try something that gives a twist to their own style that makes it look even more amazing. Another important factor is knowing what shapes and colours will look better, according to the face/bone structure/skin and hair colour. ¨

Although Kaleos original collection aims to include pieces that will not go out of style with the changing trends, Joan points out that oversized glasses with light colour lenses are a notable trend this season, which directly reflects the revival of 70´s in fashion. Additionally, the use of metal mixed with acetates has also been proving very popular as far as the eyewear trend is concerned.


Kaleos Óptica
Carrer de Muntaner, 242
08021 Barcelona, Spain
Tel + 34 93 2007 478

Photo: courtesy of Kaleos


Photography & Interview CHARLOTTE KRAUß

Originally from the Northern German state of Schwerin, Claas, of Berlin Specs is a fourth generation optician. I visited him at his shop in the heart of Berlin’s buzzing downtown Mitte district and asked him about the current eyewear trends over a delicious cup of coffee.

Despite his love for his profession, Claas is not an eyewear collector. His motto for eyewear is that “they must be absolutely beautiful on the face, not only in a display case.” His favorite glasses are “Hank” by Mykita, which were produced in cooperation with his store as a limited edition. “This is my all-rounder” Claas says. He is expecting to see more of such thinner frames made out of metal in upcoming seasons. “I love women with fine golden glasses. It is in stark contrast to the previous trend of thick frames. Nevertheless, I am still fond of large, thick frame glasses. Acetate glasses in champagne color with a touch of gold is totally chic!”

In offering advice to his customers, he does not think much of entrenched rules. He prefers to listen to his gut feeling. Spectacles need to match the style of a person but he would encourage trying something new with a bit of twist. He advises not to follow trends, instead he recommends a diversity of styles and a look that suits his or her individual style.

For a second pair of glasses, Claas strongly recommends to seek out a totally opposite style from the first pair. “It’s the same as picking your clothes. The more varieties you have, the more mix and match you can do.” He also thinks that evening eyewear is a must-have. “The glasses are there not to hide your face, but to show it!”


Specs Berlin
Alte Schönhauser Str. 39
10119 Berlin
Tel +49 30 4005 4567

Photography JOHNNY PENA

Garrett comes from a family chain of talent in eyewear business– his parents founded Oliver Peoples, and he grew up with an inherent passion for eyewear. ¨It´s a product that goes directly on an individual´s face, which is something everyone sees. So it´s an emotional experience for many shoppers and it´s nice to work with a product that is so special.¨


His personal collection consists of hundreds of glasses literally, which he uses for different occasions. But there are also some classics, such as Kinney by Garrett Leight that he always goes back to. When going for the second pair, he recommends trying a different look: ¨Just because you like the current pair, it doesn´t mean that it´s the only style that works on you. Try to get a tortoise frame if you own a black frame. Or try to get a smaller frame if you own a big one, or a thin frame if you own a thick one. Possibly trying a different material is good, too. Plastic vs. Metals and so on.¨

For this fall season, Garrett recommends mixed metals and acetates. He also suggests thin frames and interesting lenses, such as mirrored, matted and even sparkled lenses. As for the shape, he opts for well-fitted medium-sized frames.


Despite his love for glasses, he admits that there are occasions when they may not be the choice – such as wearing sunglasses at night, and when pairing optical glasses with formal events, stick to styles that are not too distracting, so you can let the dress do the talking.


Garrett Leight California Optical
165 S La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036, USA
Tel +1 323 931 4018

Photography JÖRGEN AXELVALL @ W inc.
Fashion Director KEITH S. WASHINGTON
Hair Stylist KAZUYA MATSUMOTO @ W inc.
Makeup YOSHI-T @

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