A limited edition capsule inspired by the inimitable style and personality of David Bowie.

Way ahead of his time, David Bowie singlehandedly transformed culture with his music and fashion. For decades he remained a symbol of pioneering attitudes toward gender and style. An all-new limited edition series from Etnia Barcelona introduces two new sunglasses that represent the indelible style sensation from two of David Bowie’s most memorable and daring stage personas: Ziggy Stardust and The Thin White Duke.

Ziggy Stardust picks up on the glam side of Bowie—bold colors and patterns on a unisex style are a tribute to the message that unique is chic. A sleek metal silhouette in the Thin White Duke comes in three colorways with unique lenses that each have a secret in store: breath on the lenses and David Bowie’s famous lightning bolt will appear.

For style that has both attitude and meaning there is none other than David Bowie, and Etnia Barcelona has done his legacy proud with a tribute collection to this trailblazing cultural icon.

Etnia Barcelona, always inspired by cultural trends, is revealing a year-end limited edition sunglasses collection that pays tribute to the immortal David Bowie and his lasting influence on fashion and style. Introducing two brand new sunglasses models: Ziggy Stardust and The Thin White Duke.

David Bowie shares the free spirit and Anartist attitude that is so representative of the Barcelona-based brand. Not only has Bowie been an icon for several decades, he remains a champion of artists, outsiders and free thinkers of all stripes, exemplifying unapologetic individuality and fearless self-expression. Bowie never ceased to surprise and captivate with his array of personas and ever changing musical styles, but he made one thing crystal clear, beyond the makeup, costumes, and elaborate staging: he always remained true to who he really was, unmistakably David Bowie.

This year, the brand has a very clear message for us: take control of what makes you unique and authentic, and show it to the world with pride. It’s a message that we heard loud and clear in their fall/winter 2019 I’MPERFECT campaign. Bringing together all of Bowie’s influences, Etnia Barcelona has designed an exclusive collection of glasses including two sunglasses models with a Glam and cutting-edge feel, full of little details and secrets inspired by the two most significant alter egos of the singer’s career: Ziggy Stardust and The Thin White Duke.

ZIGGY STARDUST, is the more audacious model of the collection, inspired by the costumes Bowie wore during his Glam period. The Etnia Barcelona design team has developed a unisex style out of natural acetate in 3 colors: mottled using a mix of colors reminiscent of his iconic stripes and the shoulder padded “spacesuit” that he wore on The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust Tour; black with silver stripes, inspired by the patent leather bodysuit he wore on the Aladdin Sane Tour and, last but not least, white and blue translucent acetate reminiscent of Bowie’s own glasses from this period. As with all of their collections, the brand continues to use natural Mazzucchelli acetate and mineral lenses by Barberini.

THE THIN WHITE DUKE, is the more sophisticated and classic model. It is inspired by the glasses that Bowie wore
in the film The Man Who Fell to Earth and on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in 1976. An elegant metal design with mineral crystal lenses by Barberini available in 3 colors: pink, blue, and black.

Something new about both models is that Etnia Barcelona is introducing special lenses that reveal a star and David Bowie’s iconic Aladdin Sane lightning bolt when you exhale on them.

A David Bowie Tribute by Etnia Barcelona is a collection filled with symbolism in honor of the London-born singer. A limited edition collection that conveys the transgression, and power that was so characteristic of Bowie. His innovation in music, theater, and fashion, and his unmistakable style resonate with today’s visual culture and can be found everywhere in this unique collection.

A David Bowie Tribute by Etnia Barcelona will be available as of October 28th at the brand’s Flagship Store (C/Espaseria 1–3, 08003 Barcelona), and as of November 14th in the online store and selected points of sale worldwide. For more information, please see www.etniabarcelona.com.


I’MPERFECT is the playful yet meaningful name for the new campaign from Etnia Barcelona announcing their latest collection—a provocative call to action, urging us to unite in our differences and unapologetically celebrate our imperfections. Colorful, glitzy, and glamorous, the extravagant new collection reinvents the concept of perfection for a different take on what it means to take a stand by standing out.

Etnia Barcelona presents the “I’MPERFECT” campaign to launch its FW19 collection. An imperfect campaign that re-examines the idea of perfection itself and champions what is unique in us all. No approval, no permission, no apologies required.

We are reclaiming the kind of imperfection that breaks the mold and challenges stereotypes. It is the same imperfection that makes us unique and authentic. We are truly convinced that we need to embrace our differences rather than hide them, proudly turning them into a mark of our identity. Always loyal to ourselves, and feeling comfortable even in the discomfort of looks. Because it’s only when you stop searching for perfection that the truth appears.

That is I’MPERFECT. Reclaiming our uniqueness is more important than being perfect. Imperfect models whose beauty doesn’t fit the con- ventional standards. People who have stories to tell, in front the camera but also, more importantly, behind it.

These are real stories from real people who are imperfect, just like you, and just like all of us. People who are happy just as they are, with- out inhibitions or trying to fit a certain stereotype.

They are Liliya, Kokie, Pau, Kaine, Xueli and Jordi, seen through the lens of photographer Biel Capllonch to launch the pieces from the new, Glam-inspired Etnia Barcelona FW collection.

Discover the full story

The fall/winter 2019 collection from Etnia Barcelona is imperfect as well as authentic each pair of glasses is different to the next. Unique textures and colors achieved thanks to the artisanal production process and the savoir-faire of our partners Mazzucchelli, who create the natural acetate of our frames, and Barberini who help us develop our mineral lenses.

A collection inspired by the Glam esthetic of the 70s, whose icons still thrill us. Glam was all about unique beauty and not being afraid to stand out, the freedom to express or reinvent yourself every step of the way, celebrating and valuing individual personality.

So we present new designs including metallics, acetates, sprinklings of glitter and gleaming havana patterns, along with extravagant and provocative shapes. A collection that aims to turn heads while staying true to our DNA and unmistakable style.

The new Etnia Barcelona collection is available in the online store, the Flagship Store in Barcelona and at your usual outlets (check the shopfinder on www.etniabarcelona.com).

ETNIA BARCELONA titanium collection


Best of Both Worlds – Etnia Barcelona Takes on Titanium in their All New Titanium Collection for Spring/Summer 2019

For their first collection in titanium, colorful, creative, and super-stylish Etnia Barcelona went all in with 100% pure titanium, 100% made in Japan. Etnia Barcelona has a reputation for bringing an exceptional level of creativity to their design approach and this collection is no exception. Taking Japanese traditions as their starting point, they take us on a journey that picks up on the minimalist and detail-oriented tendencies of this ancient culture, while remaining true to their own cutting edge identity.

A total of ten new models round out the collection, 6 optical frames and 4 new sunglasses, which represents the companies first foray into titanium. The collection, which became available in January 2019, boldly presents their signature take on what a titanium frame can be. Daring combinations of pure titanium with colorful patterns and colors on acetate rims showcase Etnia Barcelona’s creative verve and flare for design while keeping in mind the lightweight and refined features that titanium brings to the table.

etnia titanium

To emphasize the care and attention that went into this collection and to celebrate their inspirational journey through Japanese culture, the brand is also producing a numbered and limited Collector’s Edition with fixed clip-on sunglasses that will be released in April.



It’s exciting to see a brand that we love boldly take on a whole new direction with an all new titanium collection inspired by a place that we love too! Combining the best of both worlds with the best of both materials Etnia Barcelona’s titanium collection is a fusion that we can get behind.

Check out their collection here

Ørgreen Quantum



4SEE had the chance to sit down with Henrik Ørgreen, one of the founders of the much loved and highly acclaimed Danish eyewear brand which takes his name Ørgreen, to talk about the company, its past, and its exciting future, twenty years since its founding in 1997.

4SEE: What inspired you to start Ørgreen and what were the founding principles that launched the brand twenty years ago?

Henrik: I think everybody has a dream about creating their own brand. It’s key to mention that we were also a team. I had two partners who were founders from the beginning, Tobias Wandrup, who was and still is the head of design, and Gregers Fastrup who is our sales manager and has been in charge of all the sales. So, it was also the dream about us three creating a project together that inspired us. To have our own thing going on.

I think what inspired us to start Ørgreen was that we felt that we could do something different than what we saw in the market, we felt that it was time to have our own brand, that we were the ones who made the decisions. That also means that if you make a wrong decision it’s your fault, but we were willing to take that on. We also were trying to, at the beginning especially, to push the boundaries. At the beginning maybe we were a little bit more extreme—that was kind of our style—but you will always see that no matter how extreme we were in our taste, we always had that eye for design or for detail.

4SEE: Who are some of your design heroes? Do you feel connected to the tradition of impeccable Danish design?

Henrik: It’s funny you ask that. Normally I would give you some fashion designers, but actually what I want to talk about are architects and furniture designers. When you ask me who are my designer heroes, there is no doubt about it that they come from furniture and architecture. Here you have a very famous guy called Poul Kjaerholm. Poul Kjaerholm was, in my opinion, one of the greatest architects and furniture designers of our time. He is a Danish guy, and he did exactly what we are talking about. He made the right choices in terms of materials, the right choice of design and lines, but he combined it with a little bit of a twist and edge.

The Danish design DNA is about being clean, with attitude. It’s about playing with material. It’s about going new ways, but not just crazy new ways, but making it cool and making it wearable. Of course there is a difference between a building, a stool, and eyewear, because eyewear you put on your face. You can have that crazy stool in your house and you are not wearing it around all day. For eyewear it is a bit of a trick, it is not just about making crazy designs or unique designs, it is also about creating something that makes you look good or gives you what I call a little attitude.

We are very much a part of the Danish tradition and we are proud of it—with a little bit of a twist and attitude.

4SEE: Twenty years is really a big milestone. How does Ørgreen feel to you twenty years later?

Henrik: I’m extremely proud. It was great to be able to start Ørgreen twenty years ago. We are still the three partners in the company. We are still very happy and very proud. Today we are a company that employs many people around the world, and we have a responsibility to those people and to our customers. I feel that when we put something on the market, with our company’s name on it, we have to do high quality and something that is suitable. It is a little bit like growing up, but still 100% true to our roots.

So I think that part of being professional—listening a little bit more, that this is a question of function and ergonomics—the frame needs to fit, you need to mount the lens, you need to have the right base grip, the length of the temple, you need to have all these small details. Growing up means you become more professional. It feels fantastic after twenty years to be a part of the industry. I would say detail, design, balance, quality and finish, that is what we are proud about twenty years later.

Ørgreen Quantum


4SEE: Tell me about what is new at Ørgreen. You are coming out with a new tech-driven line called the Quantum collection?

Henrik: Over the past five or six years at Ørgreen we have been developing internally a lot of new collections, but we never brought them to market. We’ve been experimenting again and again and again. If I start counting what the design department did we have maybe developed a minimum of twenty concepts that never made it to market—with special features, special hinges, special mechanisms, where we tried to combine things with floating hinges. All of this we have been experimenting with over the past six years.

Approximately one-and-a-half to two years ago, Tobias came up with this idea of having a hidden hinge, combining titanium with polyamide material. And somehow it was the idea that Ørgreen wanted to have for a technical hinge concept. We wanted to go that direction and we were looking and searching for that. And that is how we arrived at the Quantum collection.

When we talk about Danish design, or Ørgreen, it is very minimal, and so the whole idea was to hide the hinge. We wanted it to be clean and simple. And I think that is the whole definition of Quantum, we use minimal space. We wanted to take it one step further than just making a cool technical hinge: we wanted to do a cool technical hinge that was minimal and that was hidden.

That’s when we came up with what we call the hidden hinge, which is in the Quantum collection. It is a very simple concept: you have a temple in titanium, but you have some very unique, patented bends, which have a temple that has been milled down on the ends. After that you have what we call the hidden hinge, and then you have a front which is made of polyamide, which has been constructed in a way so that it fits seamlessly together.

Ørgreen Quantum

4SEE: And why did you decide to work with a new material, polyamide?

Henrik: It is a combination of titanium—which is a material that we have worked with for fifteen years, a high-end material—and the combination with the polyamide material. What’s so interesting about polyamide is that you can construct it extremely thin, so it has many advantages over acetate for example: it is much more flexible, it is much stronger, and it is lighter.

So what we did is we took the polyamide and took it to the next version. You’ve seen other people use polyamide, but you’ve never seen anybody do it the way we do it. When you see our material you will see that the surface is different, the color is different, the structure is different. Instead of just taking polyamide and saying that looks good, we really took it to the next step. When we come out and we use it, we can really stand behind it with the Ørgreen name. It is on a higher level than you have ever seen before. Then we combine it with titanium, and we combine it with our tech-hinge, and in that way we create the Quantum with a hidden hinge, with the Polyamide 2.0, and the high-end titanium.

4SEE: Who is the new Quantum collection designed for?

Henrik: When we look at the target group, it is always a combination of men, female, and unisex. We also try to categorize into the urban customer, the classic customer, and you will also have what we call the noise category, which are the ones with a bit more attitude. It is a very nice collection targeting design-conscious customers and ones that can also understand tech.

4SEE: Color also plays a significant role in developing Ørgreen’s singular aesthetic. How will this work with the Quantum collection, and what are some of the first color stories we can expect?

Henrik: Ørgreen is known for colors, it is not just because of our design or our quality, it is also because our customers like our color play and our color combinations. So, of course for us, it was key to have that also in the Quantum collection. We had Sarah Lysell, our color designer, play for a long time with that. She probably developed 30, 40, 50 different colors for the front and 20 or 30 for the temples, and at the end of the day we settled on 17 different colors for the front, and 7 different colors for the temples.

We were trying to find that perfect look, also in terms of colors, for that urban, design-conscious customer that we talked about. We are doing 23 different designs, so it is quite a large collection we are coming out with, so you will see a lot of different color combinations as well.

4SEE: When will consumers be able to get the first pairs of the Quantum collection?

Henrik: We are introducing the new collection publicly at SILMO, and then the launch into stores will be at the beginning of November, so you will have the frames on the market the 1st of November this year.

Photo Credit: Ørgreen

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