Etnia Barcelona Capsule Collection

ETNIA BARCELONA Capsule Collection – Eufluoria: fluorescent euphoria

Etnia Barcelona’s latest collection reminds us what is possible when we live in a culture where experimentation is prized, uniqueness and non-conformity are not only respected but revered and differences are celebrated through individual style. Dubbed ‘Eufloria’, a fun portmanteau cleverly combining euphoria and fluorescent, the collection contains three unique models that reference the groovy, psychedelic culture of the ‘70s but are firmly planted in the here and now with innovative modern shapes made of deliciously chunky Mazzucchelli acetate.

The capsule collection of six styles are overflowing with personality and exuberance and come pre-loaded with eye-popping colours and a huge dose of optimism; in other words exactly what we need right now! Combine this with the colour mineral lenses that complete each of the three unique styles and these glasses are readymade attention-getters. It’s impossible to have a bad day when you look so good.

Etnia Barcelona Eufluoria capsule collection
ETNIA BARCELONA Capsule Collection – Eufluoria: fluorescent euphoria

Etnia Barcelona presents its new Eufluoria capsule collection

Etnia Barcelona, true to its rebellious, non-conformist stance, presents a new capsule collection bursting with contrast and inspired by a range of fluorescent colours.

The capsule, created “in a state of Euphoria”, transports us to a psychedelic, sophisticated world, brimming with the vibrant hues ever-present in the colour palette of the Barcelona eyewear firm which, since 2003, has stood as a lighthouse for the study and application of colour. Colours which take the capsule by storm to create vitality packed icons.

Conceived and created in 2020, Eufluoria was born with hope for a world of renewed rights and freedoms. A collection inspired by the euphoria that will take the world the day we all come out on the other side of this.

ETNIA BARCELONA Capsule Collection – Eufluoria
ETNIA BARCELONA Capsule Collection – Eufluoria THE KAHLO

“The Einstein”, “The Kennedy” and “The Khalo”. 3 models that exude personality in 7 mm natural 3D Mazzuchelli acetate with grooved steps that give the frames both great shape and comfort.

The three models in the collection all come with HD colour mineral lenses that offer a truly unique visual experience in colour and quality, as one has come to expect from all the brand’s sunglass collections.

The temples are built in layers of acetate, superimposed to create a “see thru” effect, and end in a splendid blade bearing the exclusive motif created for each of the three models: an eye with rays of light, an eye with lashes or an eye and a pyramid.

ETNIA BARCELONA Capsule Collection – Eufluoria
ETNIA BARCELONA Capsule Collection – Eufluoria THE EINSTEIN

Eufluoria is a ray of light, an explosion of life and colour. A painstakingly crafted, optimistic collection with an eye to the details that are the hallmark of the collection.

Etnia turned to the Moroccan photographer Mous Lamrabat for the artwork for the campaign. Our creative team had been just itching to work with the artist, who shot the campaign in Belgium. Mous Lamrabat adds the finishing touches to the project with pictures flooded with an ethnic identity which transports us anew to the very roots of the firm.

With this new limited-edition capsule, Etnia Barcelona further consolidates its standing as an innovative brand, bringing differential value to the optical, art and fashion sectors.

ETNIA BARCELONA Capsule Collection – Eufluoria
ETNIA BARCELONA Capsule Collection – Eufluoria THE KENNEDY



The Vintage Collection by ETNIA BARCELONA

Mid-century, Mediterranean, and modern: the inspiration for this vintage collection by Etnia Barcelona takes that carefree spirit and makes us all feel like the aspirational is attainable.

Coastal luxury eyewear for the modern era, the new vintage collection from Etnia Barcelona gives us a taste of the pinnacle of leisure and travel and the exuberance that mid-century jet-setters embodied. You can really tell that Etnia Barcelona had a lot of fun with this collection and their creative team was clearly inspired, designing an incredible total of 34 new playful and stylish frames in both metal and acetate.

Etnia Barcelona artfully references the quintessential symbols, colours, and patterns that we associate with this era of decadent revelry, luxury travel, and the ultimate resort experience. By creatively mixing these materials, shapes, and patterns to come up with something completely new, the vintage collection simply radiates style, fun and class.

The Vintage Collection by ETNIA BARCELONA
The Vintage Collection by ETNIA BARCELONA

Etnia Barcelona. Vintage Collection, Mediterranean Glamourama.

Etnia Barcelona presents new designs for its Vintage Collection, homaging the eclectic atmosphere created with the mingling of celebrities, beaches, hotels and the local population along the Catalan Empordà coast from the 1930s to the 1960s.

A diverse collection including 20 new prescription frames and 14 new sunglasses in metal and acetate. A fusion of classical looks and the free spirit of the brand.

Vintage inspired shapes and forms, revisited to create icons bursting with details, make each and every model in this collection a true jewel. Metal temples with Art Deco motifs and classic vintage trim. A variety of points of colour and golden pins, differing according to the model, offers the collection a true touch of sophistication.

Once again, Etnia Barcelona revisits the shapes and forms, materials and lenses of the 1950s and 1960s to create its Vintage Collection. Metal frames built in gold, pink gold and silver.

Natural acetates in classic colours from the archives of Mazzucchelli production sites. Blacks, havanas, tortoiseshell and carey, alongside more contemporary hues like bottle green, maroon or honey, blended with acetates developed by the Etnia Barcelona design team for the inside of the frames and the mythical temple tips of the Vintage Collection.

Glimpses of a dozen unique colours in the form of “Wimbledon” inspired stripes, wheat ears and “horn” textures flash from the inside of the frames.

The sun collection features Italian made Barberini mineral lenses, painstakingly selected from the firm’s “vintage” archives to guarantee the period look of the glasses. Bogart, Cooper, Llafranch, Orson, La Gavina, Schneidder…

The Vintage Collection by ETNIA BARCELONA
The Vintage Collection by ETNIA BARCELONA

Etnia Barcelona’s Vintage Collection tributes the Mediterranean Glamourama of the Costa Brava through the Golden years of Hollywood, between the 1930s and the 1960s, when actors, musicians and artists frequented its beaches and hotels, turning it into one of the most glamourous spots in the Mediterranean.
The whole source of the story springs from the most iconic hotel of the Costa Brava, “La Gavina”. Situated in S’Agaró, Hotel La Gavina stands overlooking the sea. With its refined Mediterranean style, featuring palm trees, maroon awnings and terracotta roof tiles, it offers an idyllic postcard image of the Costa Brava, part of the more luxurious ambience of the “Empordà” region.

In its day, it played host to Ava Gardner, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor and Peter Sellers, amongst many others. The walls are drenched in history and populated with photographs immortalising the parties enjoyed by the stars.

Yet again Etnia Barcelona asserts its experience and in-depth knowledge of colour, blended with a Vintage look, to create a perfect collection that combines quality and fashion. Etnia Barcelona’s Vintage style taken to the peak of excellence.

Blackfin 2021 Ad Campaign, To the Roots


“To the roots: only by digging deep into our origins can we gain full awareness of our own state of wholeness.”

BLACKFIN launches us into 2021 and taps into the moment with a poignant and moody series of images for their new campaign. Situated in Venice’s Laguna Nord, the ethereal landscape is charged with meaning and mirrors BLACKFIN’s own affirmational journey to discover their roots and double down on their commitment to their neomadeinitaly philosophy.

Deep, strong blacks and pure, vivid whites are set against a beautiful and serene backdrop of muted browns, greys, and blues that characterizes the lagoon and its natural environment. Loaded with metaphor, these images speak volumes about the deliberate methods and careful consideration that drives BLACKFIN’s process at every step of the way. It is a beautiful and introspective reflection from a brand that can see the subtlety in nature and in life and use it as inspiration to create sensational eyewear that is uniquely BLACKFIN and true to their roots.

Blackfin 2021 Ad Campaign, To the Roots
“To the Roots” Campaign

January 2021 – In order to lend meaning to what we are today, we need to look back, all the way to our roots, and start from there to understand the journey that has brought us thus far. It is a powerful realization, more necessary today than ever before, an awareness that adds purpose to the quest for identity and responsibility that Blackfin undertook years ago, in which every action is taken based on a principle of integrity that, for the company, is summed up in neomadeinitaly.

The new 2021 advertising campaign adds a new layer of meaning to this journey. To the roots: only by returning to our essence, that is, only by digging deep into our origins can we gain full awareness of our own state of wholeness.

Primeval shots, set in an ethereal, timeless landscape, one in which the desire to view beauty powerfully but accurately emerges, because beauty should not be an end in itself but a mirror of mindful choices.

Thanks to the location, the message is conveyed in a subtle but assertive manner. Venice’s Laguna Nord is still pristine, yet just a few minutes by boat from Piazza San Marco. A place-not-place constantly in motion between land and sea, where nature is real, pure and, at the same time, fragile. The laguna is a lung that, following the rhythm of the tides, purifies itself every six hours in an endless rise and fall that epitomizes – during this time in which we are overwhelmed by a terrible storm – how fragility is the only way to stay in balance. But to be in balance, one must be solid, that is, have roots and be aware of possessing them. A solidity expressed visually by the larch planks, a temporary work of land art placed in the water as a singular vertical element, a stylized symbol of mooring posts, the huge poles that mark the navigable areas of the canals.

Planks blackened by fire using the ancient Japanese technique of Yakisugi and sunk into the laguna mud. Following the lay of the sandbars, they lend shape to a verticality that becomes an interplay of endless reflections with the models who, blending with the artistic installation, establish a physical, yet fleeting, presence.

Blackfin 2021 Ad Campaign, To the Roots
“To the Roots” Campaign

There are places where fragility and balance
are as obstinate, unstoppable and patient as life itself.
These places aren’t compatible with modern times, they are timeless.

The Lagoon is the place of our roots,
our origins, it’s a part of us.
It’s where we rediscover our fragility,
as if enveloped in a primordial slime,
in a reality which is almost a paradox of existence.

Anchored to fleeting elements, we stay balanced.

Time here is without contours or borders,
It’s the moment water becomes silent
and takes on the shape and appearance of its surroundings.

Time stops, the space becomes another world.
It’s like reaching the peak of ecstasy, after which life regenerates.

And thanks to its roots, stays balanced.

Blackfin 2021 Ad Campaign, To the Roots
“To the Roots” Campaign

Art Direction: anidride design – Nicola De Pellegrini
Photos: Giovanni De Sandre
Copywriting: Simone Favero
Special thanks to Giulio Costantini, the deus ex machina of the photo-shoot.

Ignasi Monreal x ETNIA BARCELONA
Ignasi Monreal x ETNIA BARCELONA
Ignasi Monreal x ETNIA BARCELONA
The Capsule Collection

The Capsule Collection

Etnia Barcelona teams up with artist Ignasi Monreal for their latest limited edition capsule in which the artist lends his singular aesthetic to the unabashedly fun collection of frames.

Etnia Barcelona consistently finds new and exciting ways to place artists front and centre, highlighting the significant role of artists in our society and reminding us of the inspiring value of creativity. For this capsule collection, they worked with a name synonymous with the new wave of Spanish artists, a bastion of cool, and a master of mixing styles, genres, and epochs, Ignasi Monreal.

Ignasi Monreal is one of those rare artists who has that unique ability to live among and between different worlds, mixing the high and the low and covering a lot of ground in-between. He cheekily reminds us of all sorts of references and takes us on a twisted journey through the whole canon of twentieth-century art from Dalí to Warhol and beyond, picking up on classical and ancient motifs before arriving back firmly in the new millennium.

The campaign, directed by Monreal and featuring the work of another talented young artist, photographer Paolo Zerbini, harkens back to the heyday of Italian glamour and remixes it with urban youth as it delights us with a cheeky romp through some of the city of Rome’s most iconic sites, seen through new eyes.

We are so glad that Ignasi Monreal and Etnia Barcelona have had so much fun with this collaboration, choosing to play with this iconic neo-classical surrealist eye motif on the limited edition frames, out now. And like all great works of art, each of the frames from this collection comes with the artist’s signature engraved in gold on the rims. Definitely one for the collection!

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Etnia Barcelona, as always inspired by the world of art and cultural movements, presents an exclusive collection, designed in collaboration with the “enfant terrible” of Spanish art of the 21st century. Famous for his work with Gucci, Bulgari, Vogue and Adobe, or with artists like Dua Lipa, Rosalía or Fka Twigs, and for his collection of oil paintings titled ‘Plats Bruts’, Ignasi Monreal is one of the young Spanish talents of greatest international reach.

His singular outlook seamlessly combines classicism with contemporaneity, classical painting with digital art, to create visual fables which exude an air of intrigue, spiced with elements of pop culture – in short, truly unique work.

The Barcelona eyewear brand, faithful to its Anartistic stance, was drawn to the artist by its fascination for his take on, and understanding of, the world. Also, for his way of projecting both past and future into his work to offer an insight into the workings of his imagination, crafted in the most exquisite, beautiful form.

Ignasi Monreal x ETNIA BARCELONA

Together, Etnia Barcelona and the Spanish Rome-based artist have designed a line of eyewear, the detail of which makes it a true collector’s item. A single model of sunglasses in 3 colours, crafted in natural Mazzuqueli acetate and featuring Barberini mineral glass lenses.

Ignasi Monreal x Etnia Barcelona started its creative journey with John Berger’s ‘Ways of Seeing’, a journey which delivers glasses that offer us the possibility of enjoying enhanced “peripheral vision”. Eyewear which, with the extra eyes on the temples, plays with the fantasy of never missing any chance source of inspiration.

In addition to the frames, Ignasi has also created two eye-shaped masks for the collection campaign, destined to travel around the city of Rome to seek out sources of inspiration. The Italian capital, apart from being the artist’s chosen second home, where he enjoys long stays, over which he soaks up the city’s beauty, is the scenario chosen for the campaign, likewise directed by Monreal.

The campaign, featuring the photography of Paolo Zerbini, brims over with the mix of sense of humour and romanticism so typically found in his work. The campaign shows the tour the eyes took around Rome, during which the artist never missed the opportunity to include those closest to him – a celebration of his memories of the city.

Ignasi Monreal x ETNIA BARCELONA

Etnia Colour Collection FW2020


Etnia Barcelona gears up for the post-COVID consumer and thrives, with all the colour we need for a brighter future.

If there is one thing we have come to know and love about Etnia Barcelona, it is that they aren’t afraid to take chances and come up with bold and colourful designs that delight and inspire. Their most recent collections are full of unexpected and exciting ways to combine their unique range of acetates. They have doubled down on colour for FW20 and it is precisely what we need right now in a world that sometimes seems a little bit less than what we expected from 2020.

For many of us, deprived of disco lights and the vivid colours of art openings, Etnia Barcelona satisfies this primal craving for colour and grants us leeway to express ourselves again. With so many colours to choose from – more than 500 different colours, 100 of which are designed exclusively by Mazzucchelli – you won’t find anything else like this, anywhere. And think about how you will feel with that can-do, cheerful, colourful attitude radiating from your face and bringing joy to those around you as well. Choose to be happy and inspire those around you with your confidence, that is Etnia Barcelona’s transformative power: the attitude of optimism.

Etnia Colour Collection FW2020
“Etnia Barcelona puts the pedal to the metal with colour”

“The post-COVID consumer will be demanding a lot more colour”

That was a statement from a team member of the Barcelona-based brand in the height of quarantine in April 2020. This fact, and the decision to not delay any of the company’s collections, played an important role in the improvement of the product features.

After launching the Le Jardin collection, with a chromatic range inspired by floral pigments, the brand launched IBIZA Vol.2 , which explored the combination of neon and Havana tones. Now, it has once again demonstrated its expertise in the study and application of colour with its latest collection, Terra (Still I Rise).

Etnia Barcelona’s FW20 collection has put the pedal to the metal in the colour department. Its Originals collection has benefited from the dynamic stamp the brand put on its SS2020 Warriors collection, which was created before the pandemic.

In today’s market, Etnia Barcelona is the brand with the widest range of colour references in the world. Its design team has recreated 500 colours, 100 of which are exclusively designed by the company and handcrafted by the venerable Mazzucchelli.

Etnia Barcelona has brought colour innovation to the acetate world by pushing the limits of manufacturing and achieving almost impossible textures, complex lamination and three-layer sandwich acetate sheets. The result of this work are textures on the entire volumetric surface of the glasses.

Innovation doesn’t stop at the outside of the glasses. Etnia installs an interchangeable hinge that can be repaired in a matter of seconds, which optimizes the mechanics of the glasses and puts constant pressure on the front of the frames, through 3 mm of separation. Last but not least, the Barberini mineral lenses that Etnia Barcelona uses for its sunglasses is the cherry on top, offering the customer a high-definition view and an unmatched colour experience, thanks to the HD technology used in these pure mineral glass lenses.

Without a doubt, this brand from Barcelona is the brand of reference for colour around the world, leading the ranking of Barcelona-based brands who are following its wake in a form of “coopetition”. After 20 years in the business, and with the reunion of its original team, the brand is flourishing more than ever and is introducing a collection that showcases the power of innovation. This is the result of the team’s 20 years of expertise, following the third generation of manufacturers, led by David Pellicer.

Lindberg FW2020 Campaign