The world according to Alice is a magical one. It is a place filled with invented characters that prance around an imaginary stage in an ordered chaos. They are whimsical actors festooned in colorful costumes made from playroom toys and joke store paraphernalia. In order to fully explore this fantasy realm it is not uncommon to find Alice working simultaneously on a few different projects like a stop motion animation and a series of drawings.

Alice_02 When she was approached by 4SEE magazine to do an exclusive illustration she gladly added it to the daily bustle of her busy schedule. She daydreamed about colorfully inked women adorned with striking glasses as she was stirring her cup of coffee one morning. While watching the fluid looseness of the milk and coffee swirl together, her idea for the illustration was born.


For Alice the language of drawing is how she communicates, this is what she has to say.

Alice_01Artist Biography

Irish-Canadian artist Alice Gibney received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario and garnered the Eric Freifeld award upon graduation. In 2012 she completed her Master’s of Fine Arts at Parsons the New School for Design in New York City.

Alice’s work circulates around the creation, investigation and depiction of a series of fictional characters. Through the use of photography, drawing and video she explores the various layers of each character’s personality. Her imaginative world exists outside of our universe, but it still has a connection to the familiar.

Alice has exhibited both nationally and internationally and she has participated in several residencies around the world. She currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


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Styling: THEO VASILIOU @ Blossom Management Berlin

Slowly, Paul opens a black suitcase, as if it were a precious treasure box and 18 of the cool-looking Cazal sunglasses appear. “These are awesome frames, combining German quality with genius design,” raves the 33 years old, originally from Togo. Paul is one of two singers from the band “Raxinoar.” Pierre is the other member. “We are copy and paste,” says Pierre. That is perfectly true; the identical twins are like splitting images of each other.


You can only tell who is who by the lavish jewelry they wear. Pierre wears opulent golden jewelry, whereas Paul likes to wear silver. “We have our own style,” explains Paul. This applies to their eccentric taste for fashion, such as embellishing a military style jacket with a fox fur scarf and mixing gingham and camouflage patterns. The same goes for their music. Born in Paris, the twins describe their music style as tropical pop. “That is a mixture of Latin, Electronic and Disco music,” says Paul. “During our live set, everybody gets up to dance – even Germans – no matter how old they are,” adds Pierre.


They definitely know what they are talking about: the duo has toured extensively throughout Germany and Europe. Raxinoar radiates perpetual energy and a good sense of humor – even after many hours on a photo shoot. Since the age of 16, Paul and Pierre have been on stage – exclusively with their own songs. In Togo, they are widely known, so why a fresh start in Germany? “Love has brought me to Germany,” explains, now Münchner Pierre. There he felt at home quickly. “That made Paul curious about Germany,” says Pierre and continues; “I told him, ‘you need to come to Germany. That’s the only way we could continue making our music.”


For the musical twins, fashion is very important. “Already in Togo, glasses were our styling devices,” Pierre recalls. First they were pure necessity. “But then our style remained that way,” explains the musician. Here in Germany they discovered Cazal frames and thought, “wow!” Initially we bought a new pair every month for our concerts,” says Pierre. But soon the brand became aware of the twins, adds his brother Paul. Now they represent Cazal.


The Germans are going to hear a lot about Raxinoar: last year their latest album “Summer Dance” came out and now they have just finished filming their fourth video in St. Moritz. Next summer they’ll start recording a new album.


4SEE caught up with L.A.-based designer Victor Wilde, the talented creative mind between the edgy and original brand Bohemian Society, when he visited Berlin this spring. Calling Victor a designer doesn’t seem to do him justice though—upon sitting down with him it immediately became apparent that his creativity abounds in so many directions that we might need a new word to describe this kind of multitalented inventor.

His original approach to clothing might spring from Victor’s own personal story as he ventured forth from his native Brooklyn, carving out his path towards success with many interesting and adventurous detours along the way including being thrown out of art school not once but twice, finding work as a living statue on the streets of New York, and hosting his own cable access show before finally transplanting himself to Los Angeles which he has called home for the past fifteen years.

victor.wilde06 EYEWEAR: SALT. WILCOX PS

It was in Los Angeles that the idea to create clothing first came to him. There was just one problem: he didn’t exactly know how to sew. Rather than let this be an obstacle for him, he seized it as an opportunity to begin creating clothing from recycled vintage clothes he picked up all over town.

This was long before the term ‘upcycling’ even existed. For Victor, this was simply a way to let people wear his designs and get his creative vision out there. His first collection created this way was a smash success and before long he couldn’t keep up with the orders that were pouring in. Growing up in a tight-knit Brooklyn family which he called “almost like mobsters” he engaged his cousin to join him as business partner.

Together they found local patternmakers and seamstresses to begin creating original garments based on Victor’s own handmade aesthetic. While produced by his team in Los Angeles, Victor still personally oversees every garment that leaves the facility and most of the collection is hand-finished by him as he adds his own personal touch to each original garment. As Victor puts it, the result is “mass-produced one of a kinds.”


Today Victor’s brand is catching the attention of hip and aware crowds worldwide for its raw but refined approach to a punk aesthetic. The clothing he creates has an energetic and original quality to it that gives it a singular appeal to a savvy, stylish crowd. It has recently been featured in the pages of Vogue and is a favorite of numerous celebrity clients and stylists in L.A.

All this momentum has led Victor to expand his latest capsule collection Black Rose, featuring a darker, moody attitude with updated tongue-in-cheek references to ’90s grunge and emo symbolism, into markets in Asia and Europe. Victor keeps coming back to Berlin because he finds the style and attitude of people here resonate with his own way of thinking.

Victor combines his business in fashion with a free-spirited art practice that incorporates video projects and art installations as well as his own punk attitude to fashion in which he uses models to bodypaint canvases for example.

Look out for Victor’s Bohemian Society clothes in selective underground retailers in Europe in the near future, and don’t be surprised if you see Victor back in Berlin to turn a few heads with his original approach to combing art and fashion.


victor.wilde08EYEWEAR: SALT. ROY AG

djCartridgePhotography: GERALD LE VAN-CHAU
Glasses: ØRGREEN NORTH 471 Mat Brown / Aubergine

The premier digital issue of 4SEE Magazine features the heavy electro upbeat synthwave producer CARTRIDGE 1987 whose experiments involve weaving samples from classic minimal 80’s underground cult favorites. Adrien Dirch a.k.a. CARTRIDGE 1987 composed an exclusive track “This is a Good Day” for 4SEE.

What city are you based out of?

What is your favorite venue to perform at?

My bedroom.

What influenced you to start your path into music?

I used to listen a lot of different stuff, from reggae to hard rock. I first discovered electro with Daft Punk on their first album when they created the French touch. From then on, I was listening to just electro, minimal or hard tech. When Justice came out on the scene, I was very fond of them and then I decided to try to recompose their track in order to find myself and my path in music.

What is most important to you when you DJ?
The most important thing is to play stuff that I don’t hear at clubs, to express myself and to play tracks from new artists who really deserve to be known.

Coffee or Cigarettes?

What is your favorite pair of sunglasses?
The Ray Bans from Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

What is your current project?
My album that I worked on together with my brother is coming out at the end of September and it’s called “Grand Soleil” from the Pains Surprises recording label.

Who were you in high school?
I was a skater/rebel clearly, but we were all like that in this school.

What are your top 3 favorite songs?
“Goodbye Horses” by Q Lazzarus
“Brainwashed” by Daft Punk
“Live on Brighton Beach” from Fat Boy Slim

What was it like the first you deejayed in public?
It was in a cheesy bar in Paris but with a great sound and the furniture was amazing!!

VAVA SS2020 Campaign for 4SEE #12 Discovery Issue