After countless remixes and stellar performances from Mexico to Tokyo the Paris based electro duo Jupiter: Quarles and Amelie arranged there second album: Bandana Republic on Kitsune Records. For the first time Jupiter has recorded an album in Los Angeles and Paris.

With the assistants of the decadent private garden of the Hôtel Particulier Montmartre in Paris 4SEE Magazin managed to meet Jupiter for an informative Q&A.

If you could be in a cover band who would it be?
Quarles: Guns N Roses, I would actually have the time of my life playing Slash’s licks.
Amelie:: The Doors, I would do an awesome Ray Manzarek impersonation.

Favorite cartoon as a kid?
Quarles: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I am totally obsessed.
Amelie: The same! But I didn’t want to eat pizza until I saw this cartoon. It was a great revelation!

How many records do you both roughly own together?
Between the both of us probably around 150 LPs.

What would your porn star names be?
(Last name is the street you grew up on and your first name is your first pet’s name)
Quarles: M Schumann
Amelie: Laska Joffre

Favorite keyboard?
Quarles: Roland Jupiter 8, it is so versatile and yet powerful at the same time and a great name too!
Amelie: The same!

jupiter_story03AMELIE: Sunglasses by FENDI PARADEYES Colour White Jumpsuit by TOGA QUARLES: Abstract Ice Blue sunglasses by DIOR Style Abstract. Metallic Leather Jacket by John Lawrence Sullivan Jeans by A.P.C and T-shirt Vintage.

If you could collaborate to make a track with anyone alive or deceased who would it be?
Quarles: Eazy-E, because he’s all over the media right now after being kinda forgotten for 20 years.
Amelie: Maybe Lee Hazlewood?

Its 7AM via at an after party that would you request Champagne or Wine?
Quarles: Champagne. Much better hangovers!
Amelie: Definitely Champagne.

What is required before JUPITER takes the stage?
Quarles: I practice my vocals. Because there’s always room for improvement as far as I’m concerned.
Amelie: Yeah, we practice vocals together and do harmonies.

jupiter_story04AMELIE: White sunglasses by Fendi Style: Paradeyes Leather Jacket by TOGA Jean skirt and T-shirt vintage.

McDonalds or Burger King?
Quarles: Burger King. Strangely, I’ve been waiting for them to come back to France for over 10 years now. But I don’t really care anymore…
Amelia: To be honest neither one! I prefer In N Out!

Favorite pair of sunglasses?
Quarles: Ray-Ban folding wayfarers. They’re the biggest frames they have and I have a huge head. They also look sharp too.
Amelie: Sorry don’t really have one, I change all the time!

In high school you wanted to be as an adult?
Quarles: I wanted to work for the United Nations. Fighting climate change with law and politics. Then somewhere along the way I realised I’d be so much better at something I actually enjoyed.
Maybe I should feel bad about this?
Amelie: I wanted to be an actress in plays although I never really took drama classes.

jupiter_story01AMELIE: White sunglasses by Fendi Style: Paradeyes Leather Jacket by TOGA Jean skirt and T-shirt vintage. QUARLES: Abstract Ice Blue sunglasses by DIOR Style Abstract. Metallic Leather Jacket by John Lawrence Sullivan Jeans by A.P.C and T-shirt Vintage.

You were in California for inspiration on your most recent album BANDANA REPUBLIC what was your favorite ideal situation in California?
We went hiking in the mountains in Kings Canyon and at some point it was just the two of us on top of a mountain and there was only silence. As cliché as it might be it felt really amazing and so inspirational!

What is your favorite place to perform?
Mexico! Best crowd ever! (except maybe Japan, but we only played in Japan once so far.)

Who gets window vs aisle when traveling on tour?
Quarles: I get the window as I fall asleep as soon as I sit so I like to rest my head against the window.
Amelie: I’m not a big fan of flying so I always like to seat in the aisle to feel safer (somehow it makes sense to me!)

jupiter_story02AMELIE: Sunglasses by FENDI PARADEYES Colour White Jumpsuit by TOGA



Hôtel Particulier Montmartre is the tiniest hôtel in Paris and a great visuel surprise, hidden in the exciting district of Montmartre. Once home to the Hermès family, the Hotel opened its doors to the public in 2007. Bordered by a private garden, it features five Suites, a French Restaurant and a cocktail Bar called Le Très Particulier. In a few years, the Hotel became a unique place, haven of peace to anyone in search of a new experience and inspirational refuge to many artists.


TOKiMONSTA aka Jennifer Lee may sound like a monster but she is really a star, and a gorgeous one at that. This Los Angeles native has found a fan base that spans the globe as she continues to push boundaries with her unique musical style. Her collaborations rack up listeners, and rightly so, as she effortlessly and harmoniously blends a myriad of styles and ends up in a class all of her own.

The nonstop pace of a globetrotting lifestyle with back-to-back bookings, playing in a different city each night can take a toll, yet the uplifting qualities of her music overshadows this fact, as her own effervescence clearly shines through.

TOKiMONSTA joined us in Berlin while on her European tour. In town to play at the club Gretchen, she stepped out in an early spring to show off the latest entries from Leisure Society and Etnia Barcelona. The photos captured her with her favorite new accessories in all their gilded glory. And when she sat down with us, her genuine character really came through. As a DJ and producer she may bring in the crowds, but what they certainly won’t forget is her totally rocking sense of style.

How did you get in to DJing and producing your own music?
I think it was a natural progression from being a fan of music and growing up playing the piano. Then, when I entered college, a friend of mine suggested producing music and he showed me a few things. I got really into it, and it kind of just took off from there.

I started doing research on how to do even more things with it. After I started developing a bit of a reputation as a producer and musician, I started DJing because that is the way people can see you perform. That’s why I started performing live.


Producing is a bit nerdier than DJing, are you a nerd?
Kind of, actually. I’m a pretty straightforward nerd at times. Once I get into producing I’m really in it, so I’ll spend 8 hours straight in the studio, and not eat or drink anything, or even go to the restroom until I’m done.

Where does the name TOKIMONSTA come from?
‘Toki’ means rabbit in Korean, and ‘Monsta’ was just a way to say monster, because I thought it was super cool! It was my screen name from way back, I guess that’s another way my nerdy side comes out… using a chat screen name as my artist name as well. It was a little arbitrary in the beginning, but the name definitely means more to me now and I’ve come to embody it and it has come to really signify the type of music I make.

You create fresh sounds with a lot of pretty classical influences, who are some of these influences?
As far as musical influences, I think there are so many, but the type of music that has made the biggest impact on my production is really hip-hop and rap, and R&B. I guess to point to a few big influences, DJ Shadow would be one, J Dilla, the producer. I really like Aphex Twin, and just random rave stuff I’ve listened to, like drum ‘n’ bass when I was 14 and sneaking out of the house.

What brings you to Berlin this time?
I’m playing tonight at Gretchen. This is going to be my third time playing there, I think. It’s a great venue. Berlin is one of my favorite cities to play in, or even just be in.

Is it different playing for crowds in Berlin?
It is kind of different than other places in Europe because a lot of people who come to the show are young expats or transplants from other parts of Europe. I always feel like people who are brave enough to move and live in another country, they have something in their head that makes them more adventurous in a way. They are really open-minded. That’s a great thing about this city.


What elements make a great clubbing experience?
Because I play out a lot, a good sound system makes a big difference to me. I like a venue where it is a little dingy and dark, but the sound is great, I’m really into that. The people also make a big difference, but I like a place where you can go out alone to hear a great musician or DJ and still have a good time.

How about as a DJ, how do you know when you are really on it?
My approach to DJing isn’t like a typical DJ. People go to see me because they know I’m going to do something that is very me… I’m not just going to play all their favorite jams. The crowd is great when they understand what I’m trying to do even if it is something a little bit esoteric.

You also have an independent look and style. What are some of your signature items?
For me, right now especially, a lot of hand jewelry and statement necklaces, and always sunglasses. Those are the main things. I like the idea of accessorizing, especially with an outfit. It makes a big difference. I could wear the same thing as someone else, but the accessories are what really set you apart.

Do you wear sunglasses at night?
Every now and then if I have some sunglasses that I love, like these ones that I have with green lenses, I can wear those at night and feel pretty okay about it.

What is your favorite pair?
These Henry Holland and Le Specs collab with green lenses and a clear frame. I wear them a lot because they are also very durable and I haven’t lost them yet!

How many sunglasses do you own?
I don’t even know… too many to count!

Your go-to jetlag cure?
I wish I had one! If someone has one please let me know!

Do you have any days off?
I had four days off in Paris. Usually I end up sleeping, eat a lot, drink tons of wine, and go shopping.

Four things you can’t live without:
Music, good food, good friends, my cell phone!

Fashion Stylist & Interview KEITH S. WASHINGTON

From resident DJ sets at Silencio in Paris to events in Ibiza, London and Geneva amongst others, Nathalie Duchene is taking over the Parisian Electro scene. In addition Nathalie works with numerous fashion brands such as Bulgari, Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton, creating sets which encompass her various influences from Miss Kitten to Jeff Mills. Nathalie Duchene has also contributed to fashion magazines in Belgium and Paris, adding to her multiple talents as an artist. And now, Nathalie is hard at work on her own productions as well.

How did you get your start as a DJ?
I always liked discovering new tracks and browsing music stores in Belgium and then one day I started training and rehearsing alone in my room.

Your Favorite place to DJ?
I am fascinated by Berghain in Berlin. That is a very unique place for me. And, for the fun of it, the PS1 party in New York City.

Best experience as a DJ?
I did the opening of the first part with Martin Solveig last year in Geneva.
Nathalie.DucheneSunglasses by Carrera 5022IS Interchangeable lenses with pink and yellow mirror lens. Shirt and white skirt all by Kitsune

What projects are in the works for 2015?
My first EP will come out in 2015, which I’m very excited about.

Where was the first place you played as a DJ?
It was at Le Baron in Paris.

What is the one item is your must have before you play?
My Senneiser platinum Headphone (A personal gift from a very good friend of mine who is also a DJ).

Favorite pair of eyewear?
The 6008 frame by Carrerra, for sure.
Nathalie.Duchene_05 Sunglasses by Miu Miu 315 €, White dress by Kitsune, Shoes by Roger Vivier

When and why did you move to Paris?
I moved to Paris 8 years ago for the creative atmosphere, that and the climate, obviously.

Favorite track of 2014?
It was “Clear” by The Hacker.

10.What kind of music did you listen to in high school?
Techno music, always.
Nathalie.Duchene_03 Sunglasses by Carrera 5022IS Interchangeable lenses with pink and yellow mirror lens. Shirt and skirt all by Kitsune

Top 3 favorite fashion designers?
They would have to be Nicolas Gesquière,
Raf Simmons, and
Hedi Slimane.

If you were asked to DJ for a PFW runway show what designer would you want to DJ for?
Chanel of course!

Coke or Pepsi?
Neither of them.

If you could work with any musician from past who would it be?

Basquiat or Warhol?
Both of them! Ebony and ivory lives in a perfect harmony in me. But If I really really must choose one of them I would go with Jean-Michel Basquiat.
Nathalie.Duchene_02 Sunglasses by Miu Miu 335 €, Jumpsuit,bag and handbag all vintage, Shoes by Roger Vivier


Fashion stylist Keith s. Washington

Diane Birch has been likened to pillar greats Carole King, Lauren Nyro, and Gerry Goffin, but the Michigan pop singer/songwriter is taking the reigns of her career and is about to unleash her truthful twists on preordained classical sound.

Her last release ‘Speak A Little Louder’ followed an extraordinary 2009 debut, ‘Bible Belt,’ which opened in the Billboard Top 100 and appropriately prompted Karen Carpenter comparisons. Previous to which at S-Curve Records, she honed her skills and shared the stage with everyone from Stevie Wonder to Betty Wright.

Strong through the tragic loss of her father to cancer, she surrendered herself to the darkness of days and found light and personal and professional maturity through the processes of healing – reemerging an enlightened artist unafraid of grasping – and sharing – her inner desires through sound.

A move to New York and crossing paths with Daptones drummer, Homer Steinweiss, released the inner benevolence of Birch. Touting it as a magical fusion of creative energy, Birch said, “The timing was perfect and it just worked.” “Tell Me Tomorrow,” “Diamonds in the Dust” and “It Plays On,” a tribute to her father and his enduring inspiration on her music, followed.

Though based primarily in Brooklyn, Birch also worked in the UK, where she recorded “All the Love You Got” with Adele’s Eg White, Roots drummer Questlove (co-produced with Steve Greenberg), and Duran Duran bassist, John Taylor. Followed by a bout in Los Angeles, where she co-wrote and cut “Unfkd” with Aqualung’s Matt Hales.

Stripped back, but saturated, her albums incorporate lush synthesizers and thundering drums, overlain with Birch’s ravishing and spine-stimulating vocals. There’s something unabashedly attractive about artists that can denude – in work and in life – in humble gratitude of their craft. To that end, on a blessedly sunny day in southern Williamsburg, Brooklyn at the quintessential haunt, Marlow & Sons, Birch sat with us – token hat upon her head – to let the world see deeper.

What are you working on now?
I’m taking advantage of diverging from working with large producers and taking control of my own process. For the past while, I’ve been adapting to the expectations of what my music should be and having to mold my vision accordingly. Now, it’s time to get back to where I started.

And where is that?
Growing up I was primarily exposed to classical music and my introduction to other genres came much later. I love hip-hop, pop, the Carpenters, top 40…it all. I’m distilling how those influences affected me, how they’ve taken shape through my music, and seeing what stuck from Beethoven to Portishead.

What are you finding?
I remember listening to Portishead’s “Glory Box,” with its classical arrangements and sophisticated harmony, and it breeding a feeling inside of me. I can still listen to it today and access that feeling. It is about finding those juxtapositions – R&B with melodic top lines maybe – finding two opposing forces that correlate. There there’s truth and those are the things that move me.

Where will you take it?
I’m taking those original influences that are true to my self and adapting them. I want to get in there, get weird, and morph my creative vision.

How do you know what is true to your self?
I’m asking myself ‘How do I want to be seen?’ and ‘What is this picture I have of myself?’ There are things on my first record that horrify me now and there are things that still feel so right. It’s difficult in music to put something out there because it feel like it’s this stamp on who I am and a stamp on my career. Hopefully, as I get to explore my roots and filter accordingly, that stamp will become less opaque. Meanwhile, there are those pieces from the past that are so purely me and those threads of consistency will become bolder and bolder.

What’s in store this season?
I’m collaborating on a new EP now with other artists from all walks and will also be touring this Fall. I never expected to work with so many different types of musicians, but I’m open to that experience of connecting with others that are doing something totally unrelated to what I’m about. Like I’ve grown to admire so much of the youth today. There’s a whole generation of talented musicians out there with their eyes wide open. Maybe I would even write things for other artists. In the past, I’ve held tight to what I created – wanted it to be for me – because I felt such a great responsibility in how it would come across. But, now I’m realizing that some things I write, they’re not necessarily meant to come just through me. So I’m open.

Four things you cannot live without.
My piano, good coffee, love, and perfume.

Who would you like to collaborate with most?
Brian Eno. I think I even mentioned it in my last interview too. One of these days he’ll read it and be like, ‘Who is this Diane Birch girl?’

From where we’re sitting, Diane Birch is a multi-faceted musician, a woman at the edge of time, with the face of a doll and a wide-open heart, windswept to the epicenter of transformation, clarity and creativity. Injecting integrity into sound and mastering the ability to layer soul with experimentation, her work resonates with her indubitable fascination with self-reflection. Her work invites you to lose yourself in the rhythm and take it to the dance floor, all while relishing in the synthesis of our connection to our core, to others, and the universe at large. Brian Eno, are you listening?

Leather Jacket by YOHJI Yamamoto
Sunglasses by BARTOn Perreira
Dress,pants and boots vintage


Titel RAY-BAN Clubmaster RB 2176 990  220€

Pablo Heras-Casado was born in Spain, but today he constantly travels the world to conduct his own orchestral arrangements. He is known for the remarkable range of his repertoire, from classical to contemporary music. His performances are mesmerizing as he meticulously conducts the orchestra without a baton. He manages to manipulate the orchestra and make the music at once compelling and relatable; not to mention the fact that he always finishes his performances with a cold bottle of beer. During a recent tour in Berlin he stopped by our studio for a photo shoot and a few questions. We asked him 11 questions to find out a little bit more about this promising/inspiring young conductor.

IC! BERLIN MIKE SUN Matt Gold 300€

Who are your favorite composers and musicians?
All the good ones!!! I have a very wide taste for good things, and it´s the same with music.

What was the most memorable live performance you went to?
Lately, the most striking performance I´ve heard [was] of Stravinsky´s Rite of Spring, with Simon Rattle and the Berliner Philharmoniker at the Luzern Festival.

What are your favorite films of all time?
I´m a big fan of the Godfather trilogy! I´m also fascinated for different reasons with Fritz Lang´s Metropolis. And I like Italian classics!

What book has influenced you?
Probably the Bible, even if I´m not a religious person.

IC! BERLIN CLAUDE Fashion Silver 300€

What are you working on right now?
I´m rehearsing very intensely for 2 performances at the first New York Philharmonic Biennial. It´s a new music festival in which I´ll conduct my orchestra, the Orchestra of St. Luke´s, with 2 different programs devoted to the composers Geourge Benjamin and Pierre Boulez. I´m also preparing for Mozart´s Magic Flute in Aix-en-Provence next week!

How would you describe your perfect day?
A very long and sunny day starting with some sport, plenty of great music-making, and ending with a wonderful dinner in the best company.

What are your favorite cities?
Granada and New York.

What is your favorite eyewear? And what style do you like?
I’m very eclectic as with most of things, but I´ve had several Ray-ban glasses – simple, sharp and classic style.

How many pairs of glasses do you have?
3 glasses and 3 sunglasses


Is there something you would like to do more of in the future?
I´d like to spend some more time in my garden!

What are four things you can’t live without?
Family, music, Granada (home!), Sun!!

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