PLANET - Tom Peppitt (Lead guitar), Matty Took (Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Harry Stewart-Weeks (Drums), James Weaver (Bass)

4-piece Sydney-siders PLANET are bringing Brit-pop vibes and a solid body of talent to the forefront of Australia’s independent music scene.


Despite their celestial namesake, PLANET are undeniably down to earth. An emerging 4-piece recording independently from lead singer Matty’s home studio in Redfern, inner-city Sydney, PLANET are circulating both locally and internationally, bringing Australian alternative rock influences together with instantly-appeasing and familiar elements of Brit-pop. Comparisons with the vocal stylings of UK indie legends Oasis as well as fellow Sydney-based wave-makers DMA’S further compliment the band’s musical merits. Theirs is the music of a modern nostalgia; sweeping melodies and chords rooted in the fabric of earnest musical dues that take their cues from icons from Johnny Marr to The Lemonheads to Ringo Starr and Chrissie Hynde. PLANET are sure to continue drawing in a solid following.

4SEE caught up with the band with the ‘loyal, passionate, loud’ fan-base and found out about some of their greatest escapades and lessons learned along the way – why Sydney to Adelaide and back again by car is a bad idea – and not one they’ll be repeating any time soon.

PLANET - Tom Peppitt (Lead guitar), James Weaver (Bass), Harry Stewart-Weeks (Drums), Matty Took (Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar)
PLANET – Tom Peppitt (Lead guitar), James Weaver (Bass), Harry Stewart-Weeks (Drums), Matty Took (Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar)
Eyewear by Grey Ant

Band / Artist Name PLANET
Genre(s) Alternative Rock/Gaze-pop
Member(s) and Instrument(s) Matty Took (Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Tom Peppitt (Lead guitar), James Weaver (Bass), Harry Stewart-Weeks (Drums)
Based in Sydney, Australia
Playing together since 2015
First album released in 2018
Forthcoming album release TBA
Listen to us on iTunes/Spotfiy/YouTube

PLANET - Matty Took (Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar)
PLANET – Matty Took (Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar)

Describe your band / music / style in three words.
Energetic, Honest & Dreamy

What did you listen to when growing up?
We each grew up listening to different music, but I’d say we all definitely listened to our fair share of Australian ‘80s & ‘90s bands.

Music icon(s) and the reason why.
Tom: Hans Zimmer – I’ve always wanted to compose for movies like he does, the way he can turn an emotional or physical feeling into a complete sonic experience blows my mind.
Matty: Chrissie Hynde. Great vocals and always super raw.
Harry: Ringo Starr. ‘Cause he’s Ringo Starr, man.
Jimmy: Johnny Marr…his ability to adapt and change whilst still remaining quintessentially “Johnny Marr”. A statement not only true musically, but in terms of personality – rockstar to producer to true professional. Also (he is) the essence of cool.

PLANET - Tom Peppitt (Lead guitar)
PLANET – Tom Peppitt (Lead guitar)

Who are you listening to right now?
We’re listening to quite a lot of local Australian acts because the quality of music and songwriting has just been so on point over the past couple of years. To name a few Sydney bands: The Buoys, Sunscreen, Clews, Egoism & 100. (We have) also been drawing inspiration from Smashing Pumpkins, Ride & Dinosaur Jr. recently.

What is the craziest / funniest thing that’s happened on tour?
We were driving from Adelaide to Sydney after a show supporting The Charlatans. Matty was behind the wheel, making good time, but pushing the hire car harder than any Kia Carnival should reasonably be pushed. We were getting close to the SA/Vic border when the noise started. Nothing too hectic, but we figured we’d stop in the next town and check there. All of a sudden there was a huge bang and we all felt something drop out of the engine and rattle down along the undercarriage.

The engine cut and we cruised with hazards on and smoke coming from the hood over to the side of this highway. The tow truck driver, upon inspecting the engine, simply remarked “it’s fucked.” So we get a lift into a charming country town called Ouyen. The local mechanic confirmed the car was, indeed, fucked.

With a 7-hour wait for a replacement car from Melbourne, we headed to the local pub. All in all, it ended up being a really nice day, drinking middies and playing pool, but when it got to knock off time, the vibe of the pub shifted from charming country establishment to bundy cola cans. Feeling we’d overstayed our welcome, we were grateful to see a brand new Kia Carnival on the back of a flatbed truck rolling into town. Making the switch to continue our drive to Wagga, where we would stay the night before continuing to Sydney, the particular stretch of highway was notorious for kangaroos. We lost count on how much roadkill we’d seen. When we finally made it to Wagga, it was perhaps the coldest room we’ve ever slept in.

Safe to say that’ll probably be the last time we do Sydney to Adelaide and back again by car.

Favorite performance venues or music festivals? And why?
We really like playing at The Lansdowne in our hometown. It’s an awesome venue that’s semi-recently had a complete facelift. It’s got an awesome PA, and every show we’ve played there has been pretty crazy. Talking about dream venues, I think we’d all love to play the Enmore Theatre in Sydney one day.

PLANET - Tom Peppitt (Lead guitar), Matty Took (Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Harry Stewart-Weeks (Drums), James Weaver (Bass)
PLANET – Tom Peppitt (Lead guitar), Matty Took (Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Harry Stewart-Weeks (Drums), James Weaver (Bass)
Eyewear by Grey Ant

Three words to describe your fans.
Loyal. Passionate. Loud

Favorite eyewear brand?
Oliver Peoples

What is next for you, an immediately upcoming tour or EP/Album?
We’ve got a new single coming out in October. It’s the second single off our forthcoming EP.

Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time, where would you like to see your band / music and at what scale?
To be honest, we just want to be touring as much as possible, and writing/releasing as much music as we possibly can.

4SEE Spotlight on NAUSICA - Edita Karkoschka (vocals) and Jannis Knüpfer(drums) Photography by Bert Spangemacher

Nausica’s multinational, European indie-pop colouring the airwaves and reaching new audiences


From a steady rise to riding a wave of increased airplay and well-deserved, renewed attention, Nausica is a four piece, multi-city-based band with members hailing from Poland, The Netherlands and Germany. Named in reference to celebrated Japanese Director Hayao Miyazaki’s film, ‘Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind’, frontwoman Edita Karkoschka’s resonant lead vocals have been compared to the emotive intonations of PJ Harvey, carried forward by the guitar-lines of Tim Coehoorn, bass of Pim Walter, and the electronic and acoustic beats of Jannis Knüpfer. Nausica evokes cinematic soundscapes through their pop sound with both edge and heart, delivering emotion and highly-charged live performance as well as delivering consistently listenable digital releases.

Nausica formed as a band in 2013 and has since found a loyal fanbase, touring throughout Germany, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland. Collaborating with visual artists and designers, Nausica have established themselves firmly in the future-mainstream genre with the duality of indie-pop with an edge. They recently supported Son Lux in Amsterdam for a sold-out performance at the MC Theater.

4SEE’s Madeleine joined lead singer Edita and drummer Jannis at the 4SEE Studios to talk band name pronunciation, weather extremes, and the ‘chaotic creativity’ of their ongoing collaboration with stylist Sarah Knüpfer.

4SEE Spotlight on NAUSICA - Edita Karkoschka (vocals) and Jannis Knüpfer(drums). Both eyewear by Coblens
4SEE Spotlight on NAUSICA – Edita Karkoschka (vocals) and Jannis Knüpfer(drums). Both eyewear by Coblens
Photography by Bert Spangemacher

Interview: 04/07/2019 with Nausica at raw studios. in Berlin

It’s a beautiful Thursday morning and I’m here with one half of the band Nausica – it that how its pronounced? Now-sih-kah?

Edita: Say it again?

(changing pronunciation slightly) Naw-si-car…

Edita: Yes, it’s nice.

Jannis: Most British or English people say Naw-si-ca, (Edita: “I like it”) because it comes from a Japanese movie it’s maybe Now-SEE-kah, but Nausica is nice.

Could you please introduce yourselves and your role/s in the band?

Edita: Hi, I’m Edita; I’m the singer of the band and front woman on stage, the only woman.

Jannis: I’m the drummer. I play as loud as I can.

And you’re Jannis?

Jannis: I’m Jannis.

Well, welcome to Berlin’s hot summer! Does the city bring up any particular feelings or nostalgias for you?

Edita: Yes, I think especially this Summer, I’m just very busy; extremely busy at the moment, and a few weeks ago I had a moment where I had like five hours free in the daytime and I was like ok, what can I do with it? And I was going by bike through the city and I think these are the moments when you live in Berlin where you realise ok, this is really like a vacation city, people always come here to really… just let the time flow.

Jannis: This year it’s a bit different, even last year was a bit different, cos’ the summers so hot, usually everybody loves the summer in Berlin because the winter is so harsh. But the last summer was horrible, it was too hot, and again this summer it’s kinda too hot and everybody’s struggling, everybody’s trying to escape.

Edita: That’s true. Last Sunday the city was empty.

Jannis: Now, since last week the city is empty anyways because it’s vacation time, but still, everybody needs to leave the city, its crazy hot. And this summer it feels kind of different to me because the winter was so dark, I don’t know what it was.

And you both live in Berlin permanently?

Both: Yes.

And the other two members live…

Jannis: In Holland. The Netherlands.

4SEE Spotlight on NAUSICA - Edita Karkoschka (vocals) and Jannis Knüpfer(drums). Edita wears Ray-Ban. Jannis wears Coblens.
4SEE Spotlight on NAUSICA – Edita wears Ray-Ban. Jannis wears Coblens.

You formed around 2013; did you already know each other before you started playing music together?

Both: Yes.

Jannis: I mean, we did, I came into the band later.

I read that you all went to the same music academy?

Jannis: Yes..

Edita: The bass player did not.

Jannis: Oh yeah, the bass player. Pim did not. He was the last edition to the band. Actually I came into the band after we finished studies, at least, so we knew each other but we never had this band when we were in the same city.

Edita: It was very funny actually, because our paths didn’t cross while we were studying and then we came together in the rehearsing room.

Was there a moment where it all came together, where you knew you were all wanting to do the same thing?

Edita: I think it’s always a thing with timing, when your interests come to the same…kreuzung.

Jannis: Crossing. The band existed with another drummer, and I wasn’t involved, I was a fan, so to say. And all of a sudden he stopped, or the band re…rewired? I don’t know if you could say so. And the situation came up, so we were in the room, and everything was like…(trails off)

Edita: And for me it was like, when Jannis joined it really got to be the band. Before that I think it felt more like a study band who’s starting, but it was not so…not what it was in my mind already. So when Jannis joined, it felt really like the right person.

The name of the band, Nausica, is a reference to Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind – What made this title particularly significant as inspiration for the band name?

Edita: For me, I never had looked at anime films (Jannis: “Me neither”). Once, the guitar player of the band, Tim, said you have to watch this one, I don’t know why. So we watched it together, and…I love the timeless story of it. It’s about…actually it plays in the future, it plays in a time where the Earth is already destroyed (from) industrialisation, and this is a movie from the 80’s, one of the first Hayao Miyazaki films. And there’s this one girl, and there’s this toxic jungle growing on the Earth, and she discovers that this toxic jungle is cleaning the Earth of the industrialisation of humankind. So under the toxic jungle there is…(gestures) You’re like under the trees and there’s the freshest air you can have…and everything, I was just like…its such a beautiful story. Very timeless.

4SEE Spotlight on NAUSICA - Edita Karkoschka (vocals) and Jannis Knüpfer(drums). Edita wears Coblens. Jannis wears Jacques Marie Mage
4SEE Spotlight on NAUSICA – Edita wears Coblens. Jannis wears Jacques Marie Mage

You’ve been collaborating with fashion designer Sarah Knüpfer for a while now. How did this come about, and what is it in particular about Sarah’s style that complements Nausica so well?

Edita: She’s a multi-genius. She can do everything. She can do production, she’s a fantastic art director.

Jannis: She does music video, does production stuff, she studied art, fashion…

Edita: She’s funny. And she has just endless ideas (for) doing things. She can be very patient. And for me it’s fantastic because I can really throw ideas with her and try things out, so in the beginning it’s mostly very chaotic, which people say from the outside, but it’s more like throwing with ideas.

Jannis: And she’s also kind of a chaotic person, but she’s got the production side, she’s got her things in a row; she’s creative but still chaotic, so it’s a good mixture.

How did you meet Sarah?

Jannis: Actually, I met her very early…she’s my sister, so actually…in the first place it was just like, hey, have you got any ideas? And well yeh, plenty…

Edita: And we were very glad because she also moved to Berlin.

Jannis: She used to live in Amsterdam and Italy and London.

Edita: First when we started working she wasn’t living in Berlin, so it’s really cool.

Jannis: It’s easier now, but unfortunately she’s got a production job and does a lot of video production and so she’s busy. She’s already growing too fast for us, so we need to bring her back a bit.

How has the band changed since the earlier days of playing together? Has there been any particular shift in the process?

Jannis: The biggest change was when we moved to two cities which are far away, like seven hours. In the first place I was living only an hour and a half away from the Netherlands and Edita was still living in the Netherlands, but then we both moved to Berlin and the other guys were in Arnhem which is a seven hour ride, and that just changes how you have to organise, and recording… we had to work on the recording procedure with the world wide web. Recording-wise, its 2019, you can record and put it online and someone else can work on the same project. But you need to focus and make some time to get things together.

Being on the road and moving from city to city I imagine can be unsettling, even for a well-toured band. What helps make you feel at home in an unfamiliar place?

Edita: A good pillow.

Jannis: A good pillow, absolutely. The home-feeling to me…for me it’s not the place or the spot, it’s the people. What you mostly forget is wherever you go, the one safe thing you always have with you is yourself, so as a band we have ourselves and that’s the family part, and you need to make sure there are as few idiots around as possible. So we got each other and that’s the most ‘home’ part.

Edita: And we haven’t been travelling outside of Europe, which would be very nice for the future, but I think this is also, I think, if you’re still in Europe…

Jannis: We grew up as Europeans, not as Germans.

Edita, in the ‘All I Do’ video, you seem to embody more of a bohemian aesthetic, as opposed to a more art nouveau, electro-pop style of the ‘Hey You’ video. Is this a personal shift in style choice, or a more a progression with the musical direction of the band?

Edita: I think it’s a bit conscious, a bit unconscious. The ‘Hey You’ video was really set by Sarah Knüpfer, it was quite spontaneous outfitting and stuff which works in the picture of the location where we’ve been. Change. It’s not so conscious, no.

Jannis: It’s been three years, so, natural change.

I noticed there’s quite a lot of use of the colour orange in Nausica’s visual materials; in the title of the ‘All I Do’ single, on the tour poster for the German dates, throughout the website HTML design and Edita, in what you wear in both ‘Hey You’ and ‘All I Do’ music videos. Is this an intentional colour theme throughout your work?

Edita: A bit. It happened. I was working on the cover and somehow the colour orange became nice to use.

It’s not a Dutch reference?

Edita: Actually not.

Jannis: No, it came out that it was orange and lighter blue which came back all the time.

Edita: And this was actually inspired by Sarah I think, at some point she brought the colour orange a few years ago, and I was never wearing orange, no, what is orange? Very weird. But somehow I was inspired by this colour, so.. We made the cover and the colour orange somehow became…it.

More on the style-side of things, what are your favourite style sunglasses – is there a classic brand or shape you go for?

Jannis: Moscot. I used to have the clip-ons on my Moscot. It’s a Moscot thing. Nowadays I wear sunglasses of Lunettes, it’s a Berlin company, they just have a store (in Torstrasse) but they developed their own line as well. It’s not about the brand, it’s about the people that are doing it. It’s a European-famous glasses store, they are just so delicate and awesome. It was a coincidence that I got (my) Lunettes. Now I have the Ace & Tate, which Tim has as well; so Tim our guitar player, he has long hair as well, he’s got the moustache as well, he’s got the Ace & Tate, he looks a bit like me, so…. I only got the Ace & Tate as well because it’s not too expensive, and I had to make a fast change before I could get new Moscot’s.

And Edita?

Edita: No. Not at all

Jannis: But she has loads of sunglasses, mostly no name or it doesn’t matter, it’s mostly just about whether you like it or not.

Do you go for a particular shape, Edita? Cat-eye, square, circle?

Jannis: Last year you had the Ray Bans style…

Edita: Last year I had these ones with the very small eyes, you remember? Always when I wear it people are like…(laughs and makes a face) It’s very crazy.

Jannis: (mumbles) What’s wrong with this girl?

I wish I could pull that off, the very small glasses. I’d like to know though – what do you want an audience to take away from listening to a Nausica EP or seeing a Nausica show?

Jannis: it’s more about a feeling I guess. We play within a pop sector but we always wanted to draw a cinematic musical experience, so its a mixture between what you could expect from an indie pop band (and) creating a sphere and atmosphere that is not just the usual experience. That is maybe the main thing of our show.

Edita: And the energy. I really want people to get dancing, and also to feel free to also go with the music, not only listen but also take it into your body.

Jannis: As you might expect, Edita is a very performance…energetic-like person performance-wise, so to say, so you really get a big front singer’s performance.

She’s really channeling.

Jannis: She’s channeling. So you might not expect it from only listening to the music, but if you see the show, that’s…the show has always been different to the single releases, everybody’s always like, ‘I didn’t expect this to happen’, which is nice.

Finally, what’s ahead for Nausica? Any projects or opportunities on the horizon?

Edita: Yes.

Jannis: We’re producing the next single at this moment, so this is about to come out right after summer. There’s a next single coming before the end of the year and we’re having a tour in December, which is round about 2 weeks, so I guess the single release is right at the start of the tour. Mostly it’s Germany.

Edita: There will come some Dutch dates.

Jannis: At the moment it’s all over Germany.

4SEE 9Q with SURMA
4SEE 9Q with Surma, Portuguese multi-instrumentalist and experimental artist with Joanna Newsom-esque-vocals, carving her own path.

Surma’s sonic electronic/ambient/experimental has already seen her debut ‘Antwerpen’ nominated as Best European Album of 2017 by IMPALA – no small feat when you consider the other nominees (Fever Ray, King Krule, and Laura Marling to name a few). We asked the Leiria, Portugal native our 4SEE 9 Questions.

Aptly desribed as ‘primal yet peaceful’, Surma’s ‘Hemma’ is as otherworldly as the wild planes and androgynous beings of the the debut releases’ accompanying video. Majestic and sensual, the movement is both audio and visual for the listener/viewer. A multi-instrumentalist who studied bass in a jazz school, Surma’s influences include jazz and post-rock to the more experimental; incorporating keys, samplers, strings, loops and vocals. Defying expectations, Surma (Débora Umbelino) is one artist to watch.



4SEE 9Q with Surma Eyewear by Xavier Garcia
4SEE 9Q with Surma
Eyewear by Xavier Garcia















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4SEE 9Q squares up for the low-down with Austin, Texas-born, Berlin-based DJ, content strategist and music producer Chimp Hardy.

Self-described as ‘One part club kid, one part urban shaman’, Chimp Hardy moves in his body-painted-best through sets taking on tribal influences and blending through Chicago House, G-House, Rave and Techno. We rumble in the urban jungle with Chimp Hardy for our fourth installment of 9Q. Nakedness encouraged.


CHIMP HARDY Instagram / SoundCloud / Spotify

4SEE 9Q with Chimp Hardy Photography by Bert Spangemacher Eyewear by Xavier Garcia

4SEE 9Q with Chimp Hardy Photography by Bert Spangemacher Eyewear by Xavier Garcia

4SEE 9Q with Chimp Hardy Photography by Bert Spangemacher Eyewear by Xavier GarciaFeatured Eyewear:
Xavier Garcia Orujo and Finito

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LILLY - Dylan Nash (vocals), Charlie Anastasis (bass), Sam Delatorre (guitar), Maxx Morando (drums) Photography by Bert Spangemacher

Rock’s teenage vanguard with over 1 million views on Youtube are proving the hype is real. From the Valley to the stages of Europe’s Hard Rock Festival circuit. Egos not included.


A mix of still in (or barely out) of their teens, the hype around LA rock band LIILY is no fluke – their video for debut release ‘Toro’ has already amassed over a million views on Youtube alone. Rapidly gaining ground in the rock scene for their high-energy, no-holds-barred live shows, these boys from the Valley are poised to go far, fast.
Straight from a heat-drenched (“stupidly hot”) gig at Download Festival in Madrid, 4SEE spent an afternoon with the boys from the band scouting out the strange terrain of Berghain on a Monday afternoon for a shoot. In the midst of skaters, down-and-out Berliners and the odd bemused tourist, 4SEE and LIILY talked touring, the incontrovertible lure of LA, and what’s it’s really like to be 19 and on the bill with headliners as iconic as Weezer, Slipknot and Beck.
LIILY is comprised of Maxx Morando (drums), Charlie Anastasis (bass), Dylan Nash (vocals), Sam Delatorre (guitar) and Desi Scaglione (guitar, was present but did not particiapte in the interview). Their newest EP ‘I Can Fool Anybody in this Town’ was released March 8, 2019.

LILLY - Sam Delatorre (guitar), Maxx Morando (drums), Dylan Nash (vocals), Charlie Anastasis (bass) Photography by Bert Spangemacher
LILLY – Sam Delatorre (guitar), Maxx Morando (drums),
Dylan Nash (vocals), Charlie Anastasis (bass)
Photography by Bert Spangemacher

Interview: 01/07/2019 with LIILY at Panorama Bar Biergarten.

Madeleine, 4SEE:
LIILY, Hello! Welcome to Berlin. Is this the first time you’ve been?

All: Second time. First time was last month.

First Impressions?

Charlie: We like it here a lot.(All agree: “I like it; yeh, I like it”). It has some similarities to LA, especially where we’re at right now… it’s like a city vibe…

The general vibe of Berlin?

Charlie: Yeh, the general vibe.

Where does the name LIILY come from?

Dylan: Ooh,great question, Maxx loves that question.

Maxx: Uh, it’s literally when Sam and I were trying to think of a band name, it was our friend, and her name was Lily.

With two ‘I’’s?

Maxx: No, well it was because it was just us (two) in the band at the time. So two I’s.

There was another band though wasn’t there, The Lillies?

All: Yeh.

Charlie: My ex-girlfriend’s dad was in that band…

Dylan: Woahh…that’s crazy. Put that in the interview.

LILLY - Sam Delatorre (guitar), Maxx Morando (drums), Charlie Anastasis (bass), Dylan Nash (vocals) Photography by Bert Spangemacher

You guys just came from playing Download Festival Madrid with Slipknot and Tool. What was that like?

Dylan: We played the day before, Papa Roach day. It was so hot. We didn’t get to see anybody, it was stupid hot, it was insane. They have a heatwave over there, so… the sun was right on us when we started playing. It was like 103 degrees probably. We were fine going back to the hotel, I don’t think we really wanted to see anybody.

So you didn’t really get to talk to the other bands?

Dylan: No, I was impressed with even the people who were there early in the day to see us. Running the stage…the people running the stage, that would have been miserable.

Sam: They had their cargo shorts on, though.

Would you say you’ve been influenced by bands like Slipknot and Tool, those 90’s harder rock bands?

Charlie: No, no. I like Tool, Tool’s cool, (but) I think Download Festival was like, reaching the demographic that isn’t usually what we would be associated with. But it put us in that area, and we had some positive response from the audience. And we had some hecklers.

How do you respond to hecklers?

Charlie: Just yell at them. Dylan? Dylan got em..

Dylan: I…that’s happened before and I don’t usually say something, but when it’s 105 degrees and you’re literally playing a normal show, and someone’s being, you know (“a dick”) you tend to, you know, not fancy that. Last straw.

LILLY - Dylan Nash (vocals), Charlie Anastasis (bass), Maxx Morando (drums), Sam Delatorre (guitar) Photography by Bert Spangemacher
LILLY – Dylan Nash (vocals), Charlie Anastasis (bass), Maxx Morando (drums), Sam Delatorre (guitar)

So what did you guys listen to growing up? What were influential bands?

All: It changes all the time.

Sam: Growing up though, what our parents were listening to, so like, my mum played me a lot of Massive Attack and Zero 7.

Portishead as well?

Sam: Yeh, my dad put me onto Portishead. And the first album I listened to was The Wall.

Someone has a cousin in The Walkmen?

All: That’s Maxx. Yeh that’s Maxx.

Were they an influence?

All: Yeh, absolutely.

Maxx: I think for me… well, our Manager too is Peter Matthew Baeur, he’s in that band.
But I think for me personally the reason I play drums is because of Matt (Barrick), and I think we all enjoy the Walkmen, they’re a great band. Definitely an influence.

How do you guys manage being on the road? Do you have any group traditions already, or any pre-gig rituals?

Charlie: As a band we’re still pretty new to it, but it’s getting a lot easier. We used to burn incense, but that’s not a tour thing…

Like sage cleansing?

Dylan: No, it was just this whole thing that we had when we were 15 and we’d burn incense. But anyway. Not really. It’s getting a lot easier. We tend to not want to do that much.

It is quite a physical thing when you guys play.

Dylan: We’re boring. It’s really exhausting to play, I mean, it’s exhausting being on tour no matter what music you’re playing, but I just think for us it’s a little more intense.

Maxx: Especially when you’re in Europe, cos we left for Europe for two weeks then we came back home, and we were home for maybe two and a half weeks, then we’re back in Europe, and it’s like the time, and it’s a lot of…

Dylan: If we don’t have two days off, I’m not going to go out. I don’t tend to go out before a show.

Charlie: You say to yourself you want to go out, explore, but it just gets too exhausting. But this is nice right now (the beer garden of Panorama Bar). It’s nice to be out here.

How much downtime have you had between Madrid and Berlin?

Dylan: Actually a lot; well, so we played Madrid, then we flew from there to Berlin the day after, and we had yesterday off, and then tomorrow we go to Hamburg. So we’ve had a couple of days off.

And you’re playing with Weezer in Hamburg. How does that feel?

Dylan: It’s pretty cool. Its kinda like…it hasn’t hit me yet. It’s not real until we get there. Its a band that we all grew up listening to. Its a band I feel like everybody in my childhood listened to. Weezer’s like one of the biggest bands. It’s like crazy nostalgia. It’s gonna be cool to meet them.

What would you ask them? Do you have any burning questions for Weezer?

Charlie: No. ‘Hi’.

Sam: I think if you do that you just end up sounding like an idiot, cos’ you can’t get the words across.

LILLY - Charlie Anastasis (bass), Maxx Morando (drums), Dylan Nash (vocals), Sam Delatorre (guitar) Photography by Bert Spangemacher
LILLY – Charlie Anastasis (bass), Maxx Morando (drums), Dylan Nash (vocals), Sam Delatorre (guitar)

You guys have a very candid, real instagram, which I actually really like, it doesn’t feel quite so filtered…

All: Thankyou. We don’t get that a lot. We get a lot of shit for our instagram.

Who updates and runs it?

Sam: All of us. We just take pictures as much as we can, that we think are cooler than just what we’re eating. Or art. We post a lot of art.

There’s no schedule, like we need to have a post a day?

Charlie: Well there’s people around us that try and instill that, and it’s just… well, I personally hate it, and I hate using it. We all do. We try and use it as a tool more than anything else. But you know.

Maxx: I think part of the reason why instagram is hard for us is because none of our personal instagrams is like…we’re not constantly posting things all the time on our personals, so when it comes to a group instagram nobody’s really like ecstatic to update everybody on what’s going on. But it’s part of what we have to do so we have to adjust.

You’ve spoken in a past interview about intending to remain in the LA area. Is that still the plan for you as a band?

Charlie: Yeh. Well if it works out I’d love to live in LA forever. Its home. It’s just the best place to live, and it’s just home.

Maxx: And it has a part, has a piece of a lot of things in the world I think, there’s a lot of pieces put together there. It’s like we said about coming here (Berlin).

Charlie: We see parts of LA here. We see parts of LA everywhere. It’s also home.

Maxx: It’s also probably because that’s what we’re used to, we see sort of through the lens of things related to LA. I think LA is just, for what we’re doing, there’s not really many places that are better to be. I mean, maybe in America, its LA, New York or Nashville for music I think, but we’ve been to those places and my opinion is just LA has got the scenes that suit us the best.

Charlie: I dont think its even a music thing though, I think its an atmosphere, honestly.

Maxx: Yeh. Above all, its an atmosphere.

I’m interviewing for 4SEE, which is primarily an eyewear style magazine, presented through the lens of fashion, art and culture. I’m going to ask the question of glasses – who in the band wears glasses? Sam, you wear prescription?

Sam: I wear prescription. I have horrible eyesight.

All: The worst eyesight.

Does wearing glasses come with unique challenges playing in a band that does have such a physical way of playing?

Sam: Actually, no, I never wear them onstage. Well, there’s been times that I’ll, like, forget, just cos I don’t realise that they are on my face, I’ll forget to put my contacts on, but 95% of the time I’ll put contacts on before we play. One of my favourite things is like playing a crazy show where people think that we’re just absolutely hectic, and then after the show putting on my glasses and just being peaceful.

Is there a specific West Coast style that you guys draw from?

Charlie: I think what’s pretty popular now with our age group is thrift stores, vintage clothes, anything that’s cheap that you can get 70’s, 80’s…

Sam: I think at one point we were all more concerned with the clothes that we were wearing but now, it’s different, we don’t care anymore. We don’t have the money to spend on clothes.

Maxx: Hence why we go to places where it’s five dollars. There’s a place in LA called Jet Rag and it’s got a one dollar sale on Sundays where they just put a bunch of clothes in a parking lot and you just grab stuff, and everything’s a dollar.

Dylan: I got this (Dylan is wearing a pale vintage yellow 70’s style shirt)

All: Yeh, he got this there.

Sam: But also around the United States, it’s a thrifty tour, there’s a lot of thrift stuff and its dirt cheap.

Charlie: LA is probably the most expensive.

Dylan: But it’s unique pieces too.

Finally, last question: What drives you guys to create?

Sam: Cool question.

Maxx: What drives us to create? I think it’s something that’s natural. It’s like a dissatisfaction with what we’ve done. It’s like, whatever we’ve done in the past, just improving from that, what’s the next step, what’s the next level, moving forward, not really looking back.

Dylan: It’s also what do we have to say, you know?

Charlie: Which changes all the time.

Maxx: But I think we have a better idea going into the next album. I think all of us have a completely different grip on life and what it means to make music, creatively, through life experience.

Sam: Especially too when we made the songs that were on the EP, for a couple of those songs I was 15, 16 years old, it was a long time ago. A lot happens. There’s a big difference between a 16 year old and a 19 year old.

Maxx: When the next thing comes out, it will be… it’s a way further to who we are currently, and what we want to say, and the kind of music we want to make.

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