Victoria Beckham – How Passion and Prowess Transformed a Style Icon into a Respected Fashion Mogul

Victoria Beckham continues to defy expectations. Her celebrity profile started in the 1990s when she skyrocketed to fame as part of the global sensation that was the Spice Girls. Even as the girl group’s fame and popularity started to fade, Victoria remained in the spotlight. During this time, Victoria’s penchant for fashion and adventurous spirit were often on display as her image hardly left the cover of fashion magazines around the world. Her bold spirit and risk-taking attitude landed her on both the best and worst dressed lists but she never veered away from her personal tastes and penchant for experimentation with style.

For many, this type of fame is not only fleeting, but difficult to endure, but for Victoria Beckham it was just a starting point. When it was announced the Victoria Beckham was to design and produce a fashion line under her own name, some were skeptical. Rather than dissuade her from delving into the business of fashion it seems to have had the opposite effect. She created a critically acclaimed and highly successful collection of clothes. What some assumed would be a short-lived foray into fashion has instead become an enduring, and growing, detail-driven fashion empire.

As her eponymous brand grows and continue to receive rave reviews, Victoria has ventured further afield into areas that she loves such as eyewear and accessories. The same core values that led her to success in her fashion brand drive her approach and her aesthetic in these newer businesses: to make what you love, and to pay good attention to the details in order to stand out.

With all of these business ventures, along with her well-known charity work, you might think that she gets caught up in her whirlwind of activities, but thanks to her well-honed organizational skills she is actually very very down to earth, taking each day as it comes, and always finding time to relax in the company of her family and four wonderful kids. 4SEE delved into the wonderful world of Victoria Beckham to find out more about the secrets to her success and the stunning results of her hard work and passion for fashion and eyewear.


What role does eyewear play in your wardrobe? How do you choose what pair to wear and when?
I am genuinely very passionate about eyewear – I love glasses and to be honest I rarely leave the house without a pair. Having worn them so often and for so long I know now what suits me, and tend to have a few favourite pairs which I alternate between – an oversized oval shape and a classic square style are two of my go-tos.

How do you innovate in eyewear? What materials or techniques are you looking to in the future?
Within my own collection, I think it’s absolutely crucial that we always use the most cutting edge technology available and the very best materials possible. I particularly love the bespoke rose gold anti reflective coating on our lenses, which are made by Zeiss. I like how they combine beauty with functionality, and I’m always on the look out for other great ideas or innovations which will do the same.

If you could pick just three words to describe the eyewear that you produce, what would they be?
Contemporary, handcrafted, refined.

What is your favorite pair of glasses that you have produced from your own line?
It would have to be the pair that’s named after me – The VB! When I was creating The VB, I said I wanted to make a frame that felt like an instant classic; like that one style you’d always wanted to own that would go with absolutely everything in your wardrobe. It’s a shape that I’ll be wearing for years to come – it’s timeless.

You previously had relationships with accessories and eyewear brands, how does it feel to be producing your own vision now?
I feel very proud of what we’ve achieved. Since we launched 6 years ago I think we’ve managed to develop a distinctive and desirable eyewear brand, and it has just gone from strength to strength. In line with this growth, last spring we brought the manufacturing process in house – working with a number of specialised local workshops in a little town in Italy. This means we now have even more control over all aspects of the development process, and can source our own exclusive materials.

How many glasses and sunglasses do you own overall?
I’ve lost count! I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to eyewear and have built up quite a collection. I’m always on the lookout for interesting design elements – the perfect tortoiseshell, or eye catching mirrored lenses. My own mirrored aviators have been incredibly popular – we have such a range of colours available now that you could have a different one for each day of the week, if not month!

How do you juggle your many different roles?
It can be hard – but then I’m sure it’s hard for every working mother. I absolutely love my job, but my family comes first – and I have an incredibly well organized diary so that I can plan everything around them. Someone still needs to do the school run and the parents’ evenings! It can be tricky but it works out in the end.

What do you like to do for fun to unwind?
Spend time with my family. They keep me grounded and make me laugh, which is the best stress buster.

Do you have any superstitions?
I don’t walk underneath ladders, and if I see a magpie I always do the salute thing!

What is your personal motto?
Always work hard and trust your instincts.

What’s the best thing that happened to you this year?
I just opened my store in Hong Kong in March, which was pretty exciting. It is my second brick and mortar store after 36 Dover Street in London, so I was really thrilled to see it open and to meet all of my customers out there.


Photo: courtesy of Victoria Beckham

Photography Bert Spangemacher
Text Dagmar Schramm

ic! berlin along with its sister brand onono focus on creating unmistakable designs out of the very best materials. 4SEE visited ic! berlins production and talked to the owner Ralph Anderl.

With 180 employees, steady growth in Europe, and even faster growth in the USA and Asia – ever since the company was founded in 1996, ic! Berlin has been continuously expanding. “It took us a long time to really take off, though,” says CEO Ralph Anderl. “That’s why Berlin is the perfect place for us. You don’t have to be rich here, your company doesn’t have to skyrocket immediately.”

The inception of ic! berlin was more serendipitous than a meticulously mapped-out process: Ralph Anderl developed the signature spectacle frames without hinges together with friends from his Cultural Pedagogy program in college. They photographed unstable prototype and took them to an eyewear manufacturer who responded with a definitive ‘no’ and yet Ralph persevered, eventually leading the trio to produce eyewear on their own. “We approached it rather greenly but we were lucky,” Anderl explains. “Our adventurousness was the most important component, we didn’t have any notion of the market yet.”


Their unique concept succeeded in convincing customers who eventually became devotees of the brand. This success could be attributed to the fact that at ic! berlin, design and production are merged into one overall process. While other manufacturers let their partner companies produce their designs, ic! berlin prefers complete oversight over their in-house production. The unique screwless hinge is an important part of their designs, reinforced by their immense technical know-how. “The hinge works similar to origami,” says Anderl. “The close connection between design and function is the logical consequence.”

They use acetate from Italy while the stainless steel and colours come from Germany. Because the ambitious founders have been disappointed by third-party producers they do everything on their own. Their Berlin factory is the most effective advertisement for ic! berlin: they regularly give tours of the factory to international visitors and curious Berliners alike who spread the word about their experience of the entire eyewear manufacturing production. “Usually you’d have to travel to China for an experience like this,” says Anderl.


The typical ic! berlin customer is technologically adept – but that does not come as a surprise. Engineers, doctors, lawyers in their thirties or older rely on the exceptional quality and discreet style of ic! Berlin’s frames. “Our models are lightweight and easily adjustable. The screwless hinge makes them extremely stable,” says Ralph Anderl. “That’s why they’re also great for children, we’re working on stepping into this category as well.”


Making shareholders happy with quick expansion is the last thing Anderl wants to do. “To me, success means that our customers treat themselves with another model from our label because they are so convinced of our quality and comfort. The first pairs don’t need to be broken to have another pair. We focus more on longevity than lifestyle.” If you are looking for an extraordinary pair of glasses, you might find them at our sister brand called onono.

Their frames are made by hand from precious materials like buffalo horn and titanium. A production lot is small and they are produced both in-house as well as in cooperation with external partners. Looking ahead, onono says there will be 49 collections for the duration of 49 years, and each model will have exactly 49 pairs.

Ralph Anderl’s goal for the future: “We want to stay independent and continue producing in Berlin. Our eyewear joins the polar opposites of easiness and seriousness – we want to keep it that way.”



An Eye for Detail – Robert La Roche

Looking back on Robert La Roche’s more than 40 years of history tells a story of how a brand’s reinvention led it to return to its roots.

Founded in Vienna by designer Robert La Roche back in 1973, the eponymous brand evolved over the past four decades leading it to success well into the nineties. Today the brand has refocused its commitment to producing quality eyewear by holding true to its foundations in heritage and craftsmanship. Last year, the new CEO Anthony Reid paired with creative director and designer Klaus Huber to lead the company forward. “We want to be authentic in everything we do. The quality of the products and materials, the people who work for us, the way we communicate and the product photography, which is intended to be raw and real and perpetuates the artistic origin of the label – all these elements define our brand.”

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This philosophy is expressed in their exciting eyewear collection in which quality and craftsmanship, two defining qualities of the brand, are held to the highest standards. With their renewed emphasis on details, it made sense to work with a photographer like Michael Shindler whose artistic photographic process enables event the finest lines and details to stand out. He created a series of portraits inspired by Man Ray and Henri Cartier-Bresson that illustrate the exquisite detail in each of the Robert La Roche glasses.

At Robert La Roche the pursuit of the highest standard trumps a demand for high profits. The Austrians produce their glasses by hand in cooperation with the world’s best producers in Italy and Japan. These two production sites define Robert La Roche’s collections: The Italian site uses natural high-quality acetate, processed by experienced manufacturers. The material is cut into paper-thin layers, then stacked to produce the exceptional composite frame. The Japanese site then combines the acetate and titanium. Precise cutting technology allow both materials to remain visible, turning them into modern and striking statement glasses from these extraordinarily refined techniques. Anthony Reid leaves nothing to chance: he personally chooses the materials and colours together with Klaus Huber based on their shared design aesthetic that bucks the latest trends and fashion forecasts to stay true to the brand’s carefully crafted image.

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Distribution is also carefully monitored and integral to the brand. “We don’t hand distribution over to just anyone. We want to make sure our glasses are being sold only by the best independent opticians around the world,” says Reid. Outsourcing distribution is completely out of the question for him, that is why salaried employees are responsible for the brand’s distribution. As for customers, there is no typical Robert La Roche customer – the 70-year-old lady as well as the young techie are both their target audience. “We design eyewear we would wear ourselves, that we are absolutely convinced of,” Reid summarises the basic principle of product design. “The people who buy our glasses have one demand in common: they want only the best quality, handcraft and exclusivity. I think our customers own a lot of things that last their whole life and bring out their own personality.”

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Anthony Reid and his committed team are not short of ideas for the company’s future. “We want to keep improving, to offer the best service and expand our collection,” concludes Reid. “Hence opening our own office in New York is our next step, because we definitely feel that there is an increased demand from the USA and also from Japan.”

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Will.i.am, hiphop sensation and style icon, shares his take on the worlds of fashion and music and tells us a little bit about the nature of collaborative projects such as his latest venture into eyewear with Ill.i Optics.

Graz Mulcahy, creative director of Will.i.am’s new optical line, cleverly called ill.i, is leading the brand to new territories of innovation in materials and techniques, but he shares a deep-seated love for the past and an encyclopedic knowledge of style with the brand’s figurehead and style icon Will.i.am. The pair met some years ago while Graz was in Australia working as the lead designer for renowned label Ksubi. Willi.i.am fell in love with their eyewear collection and bought the entire series for his collection. So when, in 2014, he decided to turn his lifelong passion for eyewear into a business by creating his own line of signature eyewear Graz was the obvious choice to lead the creative product design and development.

will.i.am_03ill.i OPTICS by will.i.am WA010V
Hat by MAISON MICHELE, Tan Shirt, Jacket, Pants, Shoes by ill.i, Smartwatch by PULS

Ill.i is an unconventional and edgy entry into the eyewear market that blends Willi.i.am’s love for music and the coolest retro shades with an authentic core of hip-hop. Graz, too, shares this passion for the best of the past remolded and reshaped by cutting edge materials and technology into the best of the future, or as he puts it “eyewear for all time”.

The brand combines high-quality classic materials and techniques such as cellulose acetate, steel, and titanium, refined by Graz’s more than 13 years of experience in eyewear design, but also isn’t afraid to experiment, always pushing the boundaries of what is possible by employing the latest technologies such as 3D printing. Ill.i is also unusual in its openness and willingness to gain inspiration from the work of other artists, having recently produced a collaboration with hip hop legend Slim Rick, and many more in the pipeline. The spirit of experimentation and collaboration is evident throughout the collections, and even as I jokingly asked Graz if he would ever consider rapping or appearing in music videos, he quite seriously replied that he had just completed a course in filmmaking and was in fact responsible for the music in some of Ill.i’s promotional videos.

will.i.am_01ill.i OPTICS by will.i.am WA524S SLICK RICK 03
Long sleeves turtleneck by ill.i

Ill.i is also just a starting point for Willi.i.am’s ever-expanding empire of fashion, music, art, and technology. We asked Will.i.am to explain to us a bit more about his ambitious approach to life and his shared love for music, fashion, and all things futuristic.

will.i.am_06ill.i OPTICS by will.i.am WA524S SLICK RICK 02
Hat by MAISON MICHELE, Tan Shirt, Jacket, Pants, Shoes by ill.i, Smartwatch by PULS

Will.i.iam Q & A

1. How would you describe your style?

2. Where does inspiration come from?
I’ve had a passion for experimental eyewear since the beginning of my career; I’ve been collecting for over 20 years. I love the eyewear that 80s hip-hop groups and icons had, like how they would wear sunglass frames as glasses. We also looked at 80s graffiti characters and their oversize styles – but we made something contemporary, something modern.

3. In both music and fashion you seem to have a passion for the past, what does it tell you?
My passion is futurism with a retro approach. In terms of eyewear, I love looking at vintage shapes that inspire me, playing with them, twisting and reinterpreting them. We take the time to make each style a standout piece, looking at every detail and always asking, “How is this unique?”

will.i.am_04ill.i OPTICS by will.i.am WA010V
Hat by MAISON MICHELE, Polka dot shirt, Strapped bomber Jacket, Pants and Shoes by ill.i

4. Now you’ve launched your own eyewear brand, ill.i optics, what three words describe it?

5. What can you say about fashion and music? How are they connected?
Fashion and music are like brother and sister. They are both forms of expression. One is a sonic expression and the other a visual expression through what you choose to wear.

6. You always seem to have a different pair of glasses on, in real life and in your videos, how do you choose?
I normally choose my glasses based on the hat or jacket I’m wearing. There are so many different and diverse options within each ill.i collection.

will.i.am_02ill.i OPTICS by will.i.am WA517S
Hat by MAISON MICHELE, Strapped bomber Jacke von ill.i, Smartwatch by PULS, Ring – personal ring

7. Any favorites?
It would be impossible to isolate any. I love the entire ill.i collection.

8. Obviously, you are a big fan of eyewear, how many pairs do you own? // Can we see them all !?
I have been obsessed with glasses since I was 13. I used to dream about frames like the ones that Dwayne Wayans wore on ‘In Living Color’ and I have since been collecting experimental eyewear for 20 years.

will.i.am_05ill.i OPTICS by will.i.am WA008V02
Long sleeves turtleneck by ill.i

Makeup CHICHI SAITO@ Art Dept. for Mac Cosmetics

Twin Sisters Coco and Breezy boldly proclaim that “eyewear is always your outfit”

Coco was a couple of minutes late for our Skype interview, until she realized she was actually on Breezy’s account. She says this happens quite a lot since the twin sisters shared a single telephone and computer, with a joint e-mail account, until relatively recently.

Despite the obvious similarities, the sisters have discovered their individual strengths and struck a balance between being best friends and business partners. Breezy is creative and outspoken and takes care of most of the design process, while Coco, with her attention to detail and way with words, handles the business side of things.

coco&breezy_01Coco (l)
Dress by LOEWE worn reverse, White shirt by EMPORIO ARMANI, Pants by NORMA KAMAIL, Grey heels by LOEWE

Breezy (r)
Leather coat by LOEWE, Top by OMO NORMA KAMALI, Boots by LOEWE

Coco and Breezy started collecting vintage frames as teenagers as a way to ward off bullies. The glasses they wore offered a sense of security and eventually this notion became the basis for their brand which they launched in 2009 after moving to New York. From their home in Brooklyn, you can catch the pair enjoying a ride around the neighborhood on their matching bikes, but Coco will proudly let you in on a little secret, she rides a fixie, while her sister’s is free.

Today, Coco and Breezy, the brand they named after themselves, incorporates their distinctive styles and passion for geometry, art, and making a statement, and most of all, epitomizes their shared perspective that “eyewear is the outfit” and the rest of the clothing sort of falls into place after that.

coco&breezy_02Coco (l)
Dress by LOEWE worn reverse, White shirt by EMPORIO ARMANI, Pants by NORMA KAMAIL, Grey heels by LOEWE

Breezy (r)
Leather coat by LOEWE, Top by OMO NORMA KAMALI, Boots by LOEWE

Coblens SS2020 Campaign