Eyewear is not only about design, but also about quality and functionality. True craftsmanship is inseparable from these qualities when talking about a pair of glasses. Dedicated to the essence of craft, 4SEE has handpicked eyewear brands with real narrative, passion, quality and attention to detail to showcase in our premier issue. 4SEE pays tribute to the dedicated team of artisans by capturing them through our own lens. Discover an elegant array of legendary and contemporary brands, which deserve a closer look

Danish eyewear maker ØRGREEN is distinguished by their stylish Scandinavian simplicity developed in concert with their distinctive designs, noble materials and versatile colors. ØRGREEN was founded by Henrik Orgreen, Gregers Fastrup and Tobias Wandtrup with the aim to create timeless frames for quality-conscious people throughout the world. Their collection, made from titanium and beta-titanium, proves their obsession with quality. The designs are inspired by their unique aesthetic viewpoint and their passion for classic cars, extreme sports and street culture. The look is sleek and uncomplicated – typical Danish flair but with a distinguishable ØRGREEN look incorporating delicate, functional color choices. The company headquarters is located in the heart of Copenhagen and all eyewear models are developed and designed in-house. In order to perfect an effortless look, a painstaking process involving skilled artisans is essential. Four hundred innovative colors of their frames are internally developed and then dyed in the leading color laboratory in Japan. Each pair of glasses is then assembled individually by hand in Japan, a country known for its high standards and undisputed quality, and it takes more than one hundred meticulous steps to create a single pair of glasses. To achieve absolute perfection, the manufacturing process can take up to six months. Now you know why we at 4SEE appreciate the premium standards of ØRGREEN glasses.


Model ALICIA @ m4 models

Maiko Takeda’s taste for the unconventional has led her to pursue sculptural forms of ethereal adornment, combining her skills as a jewelry designer and milliner. Her avant-garde headpiece compliments the future-focused eyewear created by Linda Farrow for Kokon To Zai’s Autumn-Winter 2014 collection.

A Graduate of jewelry design at Central Saint Martins with a Masters in millinery from the Royal College of Art in London, Maiko Takeda has created two major collections so far, including her graduate presentation called “Atmospheric Reentry.” For this collection, she created a series of face masks covered with thorns of sheer iridescent films that seem to defy gravity.

BARTON PERREIRA Dillinger Heroine Chic Vintage Green €275

The sensational collection created quite a stir, catching the attention of Björk, who asked her to collaborate on costumes for the tour from her latest album “Biophilia.”

“I could not believe it!” Maiko recalls the moment when she was contacted by the artist’s manager. And as for seeing her designs come to life on stage she says,“Björk is such an inspiring person and I’ve always admired her. It was so encouraging for me to see my work being worn by her on stage.”


The daring designer has since collaborated with fashion label Lamarck at the 2014 Fall Winter Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Tokyo, and been featured in a number of editorials in magazines such as Vogue, Numero, i-D, Dazed and Confused, Wallpaper and Love Magazine, just to name a few. And then in June of this year, she received the Vogue Talents Award for accessories at the ITS fashion competition in Trieste.

“My interest lies in creating ethereal adornments for the body. It is important for me that it can be worn and also is experiential,” Maiko explains her own creative approach to accessory design. “I feel it is only complete when interacting with the movement of the wearer as well as with elements in her surrounding environment, such as wind and light,” she adds.


While Maiko continues to develop her own brand, she also contributes to the renowned Issey Miyake studio. “I very much enjoy working in an environment where the brand is always seeking to invent new, magical excitements through clothes and accessories. I’ve been thinking about a lot of new inspirations these days and it’s really exciting.”

Maiko’s boundary-breaking accessories make a bold statement with a range of fashion-forward glasses from KTZ and Fendi to Dior and Barton Perreira.

Styling: STEPHANIE WÜSTEMANN @ Blossom Management
Model: KATE SHUSHAKOBA @ Modelwerk
Glasses: MYKITA DAISUKE € 395

In collaboration with fashion designer Bernhard Willhelm, Mykita delivers a collection of edgy and outlandish masks with colored gradient lenses and revamped classic aviator frames. They are arrayed with futuristic finishes that give them a contemporary appeal that we at 4SEE adore about Mykita’s designs, time and again. This season, Mykita has produced a range of glasses with a pair to suit every day of the week and for day and night.

Mykita NovaMykita Nova € 395

Mykita OwnMykita Owen € 299

Vereint im Gegensatz: Sportlich und elegant ist die NO1 Sun Collection von Mykita. Das Design ist von einer ganz besondern Lässigkeit geprägt.

Mykita HudsonMykita Hudson € 299

MykitaMykita Xaver € 339

Kate4SEE2113 copy Mykita x Bernhard Willhelm Janis € 339

Enhance your laid-back daytime style with chic glasses like these ones from Funk for effortless smart look.

Funk_04FUNK Food Budino

Funk_01Sashee Schuster Daddycated to Rupert Schuster

Funk_05FUNKroyal sun Mock King

Funk_03FUNKroyal SIRUS

Funk_02FUNK Felicitas


Fotos: MACIEJ KUCIA @ avgvst international
Illustration: PRZEMEK SOBOCKI @ avgvst international
Fashion Director: KEITH S. WASHINGTON
Makeup: YOSHI-T @

Elegant illustrations by Tokyo transplant Przemek.


Przemek Sobocki is an illustrator and art director who started his career after he graduated with a Master’s in Fine Arts from Wroclaw University in Poland, and moved to London shortly thereafter. In 2004 he had his first publication in 125 Magazine, and soon after he had an exhibition at the Speak For Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. His work demonstrates an incredible range from the soothing pastels of his floor design for Isetan Department store in Shinjuku to the austere yet inviting reds and blacks of his recent collaboration work with Alain Mikli in Tokyo. Przemek’s work is featured in 4SEE’s premier issue in print and online. We were able to catch Przemek in between projects to ask him a few questions.

When and where did you start you career in illustration? Do you have a mentor?

My background is in interior and fashion design, but I officially started my illustration career in 2004 when I did my first professional illustrations, ‘The TOUCH,’ a series of 5 illustrations. It was also my first published work and my first award – the V&A Illustration Award for Best Editorial.

A lot of your work has an ethereal, dreamlike quality to it. What inspires you to pursue this theme?

Mostly, I am inspired by cinema and books, and I really like “reality” with a twist – basically “magical realism” – I think our lives are not only about what we can see or hear or touch or taste, etc., they are also about the reality “between the lines.” I am very interested in that part of life and of telling stories in this way; to evoke the feeling of “suspense.”

What projects are you currently working on?

I have a mini exhibition and installation in collaboration with Vermeerist Beams in Tokyo. I also have a project on display in one department store in Taipei, as well as some packaging work and private commissions.

What brought you from Poland to Japan?

Coincidence. I was living in London before and really wanted a change, then I had my big exhibition in Tokyo and the rest just happened.

Has the culture in Japan influenced your work since moving here?

I’m sure it has in some ways – you keep evolving and changing and the environment and people you are surrounded by definitely have an influence. But I don’t think much about it. Actually, recently I’ve noticed that because I am here I’ve started longing for inspiration from my roots more, like from Poland or European culture in general.

What role do you think an illustration artist has in the fashion industry?

They can show things differently. They are not bound by the physical limitations of their environment or the models in the same way that a photographer might be. Instead, an illustration artist can bend the rules a bit and really explore the concept behind the clothes.

How do you know when a piece is finished?

When you feel complete inside. When the composition, the color, and the “message” are perfectly in line with each other. Or when there’s a deadline, and you just need to send the data out. Sometimes you can keep working on the piece forever.

Tell me about your recent project with Alain Mikli in Japan?

It was a chance for me to get back to my interior design roots. It was great to do research on the brand and to try to create the project, which would be a modern representation of the DNA of the brand. For me, it’s the whole thing, the whole process as one. Even the display was the main representation of it. I’ve created the checked pattern in black and coral red – based on iconic patterns and glasses of Mikli and warped the boutiques themselves – inserting optical “effects” referring to magnifying glasses or rain drops.

What drew you towards the black and red checked theme?

As I just mentioned above it was a direct reference to Alain Mikli`s colors. Actually, we used the exact CMYK proportion that the brand is using for their visual identity, like in their logo for example.

What is your favorite pair of glasses?

My own Alain Mikli frames from our collaboration –a limited edition only for Minami-aoyama and Marunouchi boutiques in Tokyo. I also love Prada glasses.

What is your favorite city for inspiration?

Hmm… maybe Hong-Kong. Or Paris.


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