Blackfin’s founder and CEO, Nicola Del Din knows a thing or two about turning ideas and dreams into reality. Taking the reins at Blackfin more than ten years ago, he ushered in a new era of independence, allowing the company to focus on its core values with care, passion, and ethics in mind.

Blackfin’s entire team has used the past few months as a valuable time to re-center their vision and prepare for the future. And as an independent company, they have the ability to make the strategic choices that will strengthen the foundation of their company while keeping their valuable workers and customers safe at the same time.

Titanium is not only the trademark material that has come to be synonymous with Balckfin’s frames around the world, but also a metaphor for the company’s core identity. Strong enough to endure but flexible enough to adapt: Blackfin is committed to weathering this historic crisis and re-starting in a responsible way that strengthens the foundations of the company.

Watch Nicola Del Din, Blackfin’s CEO describe in his own words the passion and vision behind Blackfin’s re-Start.

“In this particular moment, that has no precedent in our recent history, we had time to think about ourselves again, to strengthen the foundations of that awareness that allowed us, more than ten years ago, to give shape to the Blackfin dream. We are not here to tell you that it will be easy to re-start, these would be simply empty words. But we want to tell you with strength and confidence that it will only be possible by believing in ourselves, in our values, in our education and in our history”.

25.05.2020: The words of CEO Nicola Del Din carry the message that Blackfin wants to share with its clients, stakeholders and the entire eyewear sector. A relaunch message that acknowledges awareness of the difficulties, along with the eagerness of those who are ready to start up again, because they know they have the momentum to get right back into action, building on the company’s core assets:

Absolute independence, which makes Blackfin the sole agent of its destiny

Extreme integrity of mountain people; of those who look into the future but have their feet firmly planted on the ground, thus leading the company to financial independence, a must in these times

Authentically Italian domestic production, that means total control over the entire production process and product quality. In a word: Neomadeinitaly

Peoplecentric, with shared values and culture

Blackfin re-Start, a worker at Blackfin, Italy

A half-century of experience, know-how gained step-by-step, learning from our successes and failures, but always in a proactive and visionary way


Steady vision, the spark that shines in the eyes of those who are ever optimistic and who believe there is always another step to be taken

New Blackfin’s Headquarter

Exclusive product, where form is tied to substance and the aesthetic detail is never just a creative exercise but the result of functional research

Superior material, titanium, the Blackfin DNA

BLACKFIN re-Start Blackfin's titanium material

Flexible dynamism, the company’s independence allows it to respond immediately to market changes and drives its ability to tailor its response to customer needs

True sustainability, taking shape in the new production and corporate headquarters building nearing completion – in its original location – the first certified KlimaHaus [ClimateHouse] Work & Life in the Veneto Region