DITA, New York City


Dita was founded in 1995 by design duo Jeff Solorio and John Juniper with a vision for timeless aesthetics. A vintage collection with a modern twist, the sleek frames with subtle logos let the eyewear speak for itself. Originally from LA, the brand currently operates with three US flagships and one in Tokyo, and is sold in 50 countries. The entire collection is handcrafted in Japan, and the premium quality glasses have been seen on celebrities from Brad Pitt to the Olsen sisters.

Asked about advising customers when buying a pair, Ariel Anaya, manager of DITA SOHO shop, explains that ¨Eyewear isn’t just about function or necessarily even style. Dita is about telling a story through products. So it’s important to understand the customer´s story.¨ This is why questions regarding their work, clothing style and cultural interests are important for choosing the right pair. A concept called ¨wardrobing¨ is also applied, wearing different pairs for various occasions or as a way to express a different look. Ariel owns eleven glasses himself, while his favorite pair is the ¨Statesman.¨

As for trends for the upcoming season, chunky acetate with sharp angles for men and oversized cat eye shapes that evoke the 60s for women are what this favorite brand of the fashion-elite recommends.


273 Lafayette St.
New York, NY 10012
+1 212 431 8900

Photo: courtesy of DITA

This article originally appeared in the POWER issue // published in September 2016.