Photographer BEA RODRIGUES

SALT’s latest collection really amps up the volume for spring. The strong silhouettes and vibrant colors are a perfect fit for the effortlessly cool and edgy approach of Berlin. This exuberant lifestyle seamlessly leads from bar to club to the iconic photo booths on Berlin’s streets, just another day in the famously fun city.

Toni S. in SALT. Nia in Oyster Grey

Bernard J. in SALT. Burkhart in Matte Mauve Mist

l. Toni S. in SALT. Pila in Oyster Grey
r Yasmin K. in SALT. Kiani in Chestnut Bisque

l. Natassja V. in SALT. Pila in Oasis
m. Toni S. in SALT. Nia in Oyster Grey
r. Amit B. in SALT. Pila in Oyster Grey

Amit B. in SALT. Pila in Oyster Grey

Toni S. in SALT. Nia in Oyster Grey

Natassja V. in SALT.  Paragon in Honey Gold


  1. Anya E. in SALT.Nia in Sandy Sea Green
  2. Toni S. in SALT.Pila in Oasis


  1. Natassja V. in SALT.Paragon in Honey Gold
  2. Mateusz. in SALT.Turtle in Crystal
  3. Toni S. in SALT.Pila in Oyster Grey

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