4-piece Sydney-siders PLANET are bringing Brit-pop vibes and a solid body of talent to the forefront of Australia’s independent music scene.


Despite their celestial namesake, PLANET are undeniably down to earth. An emerging 4-piece recording independently from lead singer Matty’s home studio in Redfern, inner-city Sydney, PLANET are circulating both locally and internationally, bringing Australian alternative rock influences together with instantly-appeasing and familiar elements of Brit-pop. Comparisons with the vocal stylings of UK indie legends Oasis as well as fellow Sydney-based wave-makers DMA’S further compliment the band’s musical merits. Theirs is the music of a modern nostalgia; sweeping melodies and chords rooted in the fabric of earnest musical dues that take their cues from icons from Johnny Marr to The Lemonheads to Ringo Starr and Chrissie Hynde. PLANET are sure to continue drawing in a solid following.

4SEE caught up with the band with the ‘loyal, passionate, loud’ fan-base and found out about some of their greatest escapades and lessons learned along the way – why Sydney to Adelaide and back again by car is a bad idea – and not one they’ll be repeating any time soon.

PLANET - Tom Peppitt (Lead guitar), James Weaver (Bass), Harry Stewart-Weeks (Drums), Matty Took (Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar)
4SEE Spotlight on PLANET – Tom Peppitt (Lead guitar), James Weaver (Bass), Harry Stewart-Weeks (Drums), Matty Took (Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar)
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Band / Artist Name PLANET
Genre(s) Alternative Rock/Gaze-pop
Member(s) and Instrument(s) Matty Took (Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Tom Peppitt (Lead guitar), James Weaver (Bass), Harry Stewart-Weeks (Drums)
Based in Sydney, Australia
Playing together since 2015
First album released in 2018
Forthcoming album release TBA
Listen to us on iTunes/Spotfiy/YouTube

PLANET - Matty Took (Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar)
4SEE Spotlight on PLANET – Matty Took (Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar)

Describe your band / music / style in three words.
Energetic, Honest & Dreamy

What did you listen to when growing up?
We each grew up listening to different music, but I’d say we all definitely listened to our fair share of Australian ‘80s & ‘90s bands.

Music icon(s) and the reason why.
Tom: Hans Zimmer – I’ve always wanted to compose for movies like he does, the way he can turn an emotional or physical feeling into a complete sonic experience blows my mind.
Matty: Chrissie Hynde. Great vocals and always super raw.
Harry: Ringo Starr. ‘Cause he’s Ringo Starr, man.
Jimmy: Johnny Marr…his ability to adapt and change whilst still remaining quintessentially „Johnny Marr“. A statement not only true musically, but in terms of personality – rockstar to producer to true professional. Also (he is) the essence of cool.

PLANET - Tom Peppitt (Lead guitar)
4SEE Spotlight on PLANET – Tom Peppitt (Lead guitar)

Who are you listening to right now?
We’re listening to quite a lot of local Australian acts because the quality of music and songwriting has just been so on point over the past couple of years. To name a few Sydney bands: The Buoys, Sunscreen, Clews, Egoism & 100. (We have) also been drawing inspiration from Smashing Pumpkins, Ride & Dinosaur Jr. recently.

What is the craziest / funniest thing that’s happened on tour?
We were driving from Adelaide to Sydney after a show supporting The Charlatans. Matty was behind the wheel, making good time, but pushing the hire car harder than any Kia Carnival should reasonably be pushed. We were getting close to the SA/Vic border when the noise started. Nothing too hectic, but we figured we’d stop in the next town and check there. All of a sudden there was a huge bang and we all felt something drop out of the engine and rattle down along the undercarriage.

The engine cut and we cruised with hazards on and smoke coming from the hood over to the side of this highway. The tow truck driver, upon inspecting the engine, simply remarked “it’s fucked.” So we get a lift into a charming country town called Ouyen. The local mechanic confirmed the car was, indeed, fucked.

With a 7-hour wait for a replacement car from Melbourne, we headed to the local pub. All in all, it ended up being a really nice day, drinking middies and playing pool, but when it got to knock off time, the vibe of the pub shifted from charming country establishment to bundy cola cans. Feeling we’d overstayed our welcome, we were grateful to see a brand new Kia Carnival on the back of a flatbed truck rolling into town. Making the switch to continue our drive to Wagga, where we would stay the night before continuing to Sydney, the particular stretch of highway was notorious for kangaroos. We lost count on how much roadkill we’d seen. When we finally made it to Wagga, it was perhaps the coldest room we’ve ever slept in.

Safe to say that’ll probably be the last time we do Sydney to Adelaide and back again by car.

Favorite performance venues or music festivals? And why?
We really like playing at The Lansdowne in our hometown. It’s an awesome venue that’s semi-recently had a complete facelift. It’s got an awesome PA, and every show we’ve played there has been pretty crazy. Talking about dream venues, I think we’d all love to play the Enmore Theatre in Sydney one day.

PLANET - Tom Peppitt (Lead guitar), Matty Took (Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Harry Stewart-Weeks (Drums), James Weaver (Bass)
4SEE Spotlight on PLANET – Tom Peppitt (Lead guitar), Matty Took (Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Harry Stewart-Weeks (Drums), James Weaver (Bass)
Eyewear by Grey Ant

Three words to describe your fans.
Loyal. Passionate. Loud

Favorite eyewear brand?
Oliver Peoples

What is next for you, an immediately upcoming tour or EP/Album?
We’ve got a new single coming out in October. It’s the second single off our forthcoming EP.

Where do you see yourself in ten years‘ time, where would you like to see your band / music and at what scale?
To be honest, we just want to be touring as much as possible, and writing/releasing as much music as we possibly can.