Inspired by Anderson Paak, the Beatles, and Mac Miller, LeRiche’s built to fly is earnestly crafted music for the wandering soul.


For some, the calling to music seems inevitable, and this truly applies to Canadian singer-songwriter LeRiche. Hailing from Port aux Basques, a town at the furthest Soutwestern tip of Newfoundland, LeRiche sings from a place of earnest reflection through acoustic guitar-driven songs and smooth indie/alternative/pop production.

Inherent in LeRiche’s music is a folk quality that comes from a wayfaring spirit and natural musical talent, honed by years of both formal and informal music education (he has a Diploma in Music Industry and Performance, as well as seven years experience of gigging locally) and experimenting with other instruments such as piano, bass and drums.

LeRiche follows in a strong tradition of guitar-driven, introspective male indie artists like Jason Mraz, and in our 4SEE interview, his natural appeal and clear-cut indie credibility were undeniable, bringing his laid-back yet smooth vibe to the range of SALT glasses in an exclusive photoshoot with 4SEE

Interview:  01/2020 with LeRiche

LeRiche photographed by Bert Spangemacher at raw studios. Berlin
4SEE Spotlight on LeRiche // Photography by Bert Spangemacher // Eyewear by SALT. Brower

Artist Name LeRiche
Genre Indie Folk / Pop
Based in  Newfoundland, Canada
Playing since 2 years old
First album released X-Dreamer in 2018
Freshest album Being recording and released this year, 2020
Listen to me on Spotify

Describe your band / music / style in three words.
Indie Folk Pop

What did you listen to when growing up?
I listened, played and sang along to almost every type of recording I could get my hands on. Everything from traditional Newfoundland music (Trad music as it’s called) Rap, Metal, Rock, Pop and Indie Music. Music has always been my thing. I started playing guitar when I was 2! My grandfather inspired me to pursue the instrument which led me to my love of singing and writing my own songs.

Music icon(s) and the reason why.
Anderson Paak—His voice caught me first. I heard him featured on a track and instantly had to find out more about him. He has a truly inspiring rags-to-riches story. I must have listened to his album Malibu 1,000 times when it came out. Such a beautiful and unique blend of so many of my favorite styles of music.

The Beatles—what can I say? They are legendary. An obvious choice, maybe. But it’s the contrast between the old songs and the later experimental stuff that really inspires me to be a better songwriter. They taught me to explore my musical boundaries.

John Mayer—Between his lyrics, musical abilities, voice, and longevity, he has always been a huge inspiration to me. I’ve loved every record he has ever released. And I feel like I’ve grown with him. He’s taught me so much about singing, performance, attitude, and songwriting.

LeRiche close up portrait by Bert Spangemacher
4SEE Spotlight on LeRiche // Photography by Bert Spangemacher

Who are you listening to right now?
Right now I’m listening to the latest Mac Miller record, Circles, on repeat. Literally. He always amazes me. I believe it’s his best work.

What is the craziest / funniest thing that’s happened on tour?
This [German] tour has been so much fun! To be honest people say that funny things happen when I’m around, odd coincidences. My band call them ‘LeRiche-idences’! There have been a few funny instances but for the most part the van is full of laughter most of the time. Not sure all of the jokes are appropriate to repeat, if you know what I mean.

Favorite performance venues or music festivals? And why?
Back home in Newfoundland there is a festival called Iceberg Alley. I got to see a few of my favourite Canadian bands there for the first time, such as Big Wreck and Billy Talent.

Three words to describe your fans.
Honest. Diverse. Kind.

LeRiche on SALT. Sunglasses
4SEE Spotlight on LeRiche // Photography by Bert Spangemacher // Eyewear by SALT. Andy

Favorite eyewear brand?
I don’t have a favourite brand because I can’t keep a pair of sunglasses long enough to get attached them! I’m constantly losing and smashing my glasses. I’m very clumsy.

What is next for you, an immediately upcoming tour or EP/Album?
Hopefully both! I’m waiting to hear about some tour dates in Canada in February. Then I plan to start recording the next record late in March and into April.

Where do you see yourself in ten years‘ time, where would you like to see your band / music and at what scale?
I see myself travelling the globe, sharing my songs and passion for music with anyone and everyone. I see myself surviving and thriving through my music. I see myself teaching music to people of all ages and walks of life. To quote John Mayer, „I’m gonna take the love I’m given, and set it free.“

Canadian Singer Songwriter LeRiche with Husky Cooper
4SEE Spotlight on LeRiche // Photography by Bert Spangemacher