4SEE catches up with British Columbia band Current Swell on their tour with their 7th album Buffalo.


“Unscheduled time” is the motto of this British Columbia band. The time between music and life that is employed to bring about balance. A balance between surfing, home, family, down time and music. A way of life they’ve had since starting out playing in backyards and beaches. Not to be misconstrued for being too easy-going, Current Swell is presently on tour promoting their 7th Studio album–Buffalo.

By leveraging time, patience and technology, the band has built a loyal fanbase through homemade CDs, online streaming and social media, even before releasing a proper studio record. Current Swell’s devotees are a mix of the true-and-tested from the DIY days and those that have joined them after their studio release.

Victoria, their home base and a vibrant artistic community, influences the band’s sound that coalesces rock, blues, reggae, folk and even ska. They may be indie-folk at heart but expect upbeat, thoughtful, hardcore introspection and get-up-and-dance energy.

Interview:  02/2020 with Current Swell

Current Swell 2020 shot by Bert Spangemacher
(from left to right) Evan Miller (vocals/guitar), Louie Sadava (bass), Scott Stanton (vocals/lead guitar), Dave St. Jean (trombone), Marcus Manhas (drums), Phil Hamelin (keys/trumpet)

Artist Name Current Swell
Genre Indie Rock
Members Scott Stanton (vocals/lead guitar), Louis Sadava (bass), Marcus Manhas (drums)
Based in  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Playing since 2005
Listen to us on

Describe your band / music / style in three words.
Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. !! Haha ok for real though that’s a tough one. How about raw, energetic and engaging.

What did you listen to when growing up?
So many different phases of musical inspirations. From hip hop like Tribe Called Quest to punk rock like the Clash and folk like Neil Young.

Music icon(s) and the reason why.
Have to say Neil Young and his prolific songwriting for so many years. He’s really stayed true to his roots and also explored different inspiration and style at the same time. Also he’s a Canadian legend:)

Awesome Current Swell photographed at raw studios. Berlin
(From left to right) Dave St. Jean wears Barton Perreira, Evan Miller wears Coblens, Marcus Manhas wears VAVA, Scott Stanton wears Coblens, Louie Sadava wears Barton Perreira, Phil Hamelin wears Coblens

Who are you listening to right now?
Really loving the new Mac Miller album and also mourning the loss of such an original voice. Also Tame Impala is a go to. Kevin Morby’s new album is great and fellow Canadian Andy Shauf has a nice new album. Mura Masa is a new favourite.

What is the craziest / funniest thing that’s happened on tour?
One time this company in Berlin took our picture and gave us free glasses! Crazy! Haha so many things happen on tour it’s hard to remember single things. Today, the ferry ride to Ireland was so rough there were a lot of unhappy green people. A crazy time was about 10 years ago when a gang of kids with chains attacked us loading out from a venue and we barely got away. A funny story from the road was when we opened for the Beach Boys and an older guy in dirty sweat pants came up to us backstage and said he liked our songs, Scott asked him if he was the janitor, and he laughed, and said no–he is the bass player for the Beach Boys. Oopsies.

Favorite performance venues or music festivals? And why?
We love playing at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, Byron Bay Blues in Australia fest was a major highlight. Also love the Melkweg in Amsterdam and loved playing at Columbiahalle in Berlin.

Three words to describe your fans.
Loyal, fun and suuuper sweetie.

Current Swell members photographed by Bert Spangemacher
(From left to right) Evan Miller wears Coblens, Dave St. Jean wears Barton Perreira, Scott Stanton wears Yuichi Toyama

Favorite eyewear brand?
Oliver Peoples, Garrett Leight, Moscot, R.T.Co.

What is next for you, an immediately upcoming tour or EP/Album?
After the summer festival time we will get back into writing and recording some new music. New songs keep the project exciting and fun.

Where do you see yourself in ten years‘ time, where would you like to see your band / music and at what scale?
We’ve been doing this for a while now, so in the next 10 years I could see things changing in terms of people starting families and maybe doing a little less touring but we will always play music together and hopefully people will still come to see us.