Collage artist Ornella Buglioni shows us what multimedia really means with works on paper all the way to online video games; a look at reinvention from her studio in Berlin


Ornella Buglioni is a multimedia collage artist originally from Argentina and now based in Berlin. Trained as an interior designer, she made the decision to expand her horizons and follow her passion as an artist. This ultimately led her to Berlin, where she has come across many new ways of being creative, and true to her multidisciplinary approach, she folds each of these into her artistic practice. Most recently, the world of online games presented an unexpected but welcome chance to take her practice to a whole new level, experimenting with mixed digital media, character design, music and more. Ornella inspires us with her optimism and spirit of perseverance and reinvention and shows us how important it is to be open to new ideas.

4SEE Magazine visited her in her studio, part of the growing studio complex at HER Studios in the Mariendorf district of Berlin.

Name Ornella Buglioni
Age 36
Nationality Argentinian
Medium Collage
Based in Berlin
Recent/upcoming exhibition (projects) Rebounder Open Studio event
Find more at www.ornellabuglioni.com

Interview from September 2020

4SEE Artist Profile – Ornella Buglioni Eyewear by ETNIA BARCELONA Marlene
4SEE Artist Profile – Ornella Buglioni
Eyewear by ETNIA BARCELONA Marlene

You started out as an interior designer before becoming an artist. What made you go into art?

The reason I went into art is simple. I have a need to express myself, and after neglecting it for so many years I felt I had to let it out. Since a young age, I was interested in art. I was on a path to study fine arts, but pressure from my parents and not having the courage to take the step pushed me to interior design. I was hoping that interior design would be creatively fulfilling and expressive. It turns out, writing emails, attending meetings and managing projects was far from expressing myself and being creative. It took me a long time to admit to myself and to “come out” to my family, that art is what I want to do. Quitting my job and moving to Berlin was the first step to becoming an Artist.

Your medium crosses over collage, painting and photography… What drew you to these media?

I experiment with painting and photography but my focus is on collage. Using collage I have the freedom to blur the borders between different mediums and ideas, to bring in unexpected elements together.

MIAW by Ornella Buglioni, Mixed media on paper, 35.5 x 49.5 cm (2019)
MIAW by Ornella Buglioni, Mixed media on paper, 35.5 x 49.5 cm (2019)

What would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment so far?

My biggest accomplishment so far is Floripondis.  It’s a video game that I was offered to do the art for. Working on a video game is like working on a collage on many levels. I was collaging existing pieces from my collection, as well as new ones together on top of having to “collage” them with music and mechanics. This forced me to expand my creative process and deal with the unexpected places the game took the art to. It’s amazing seeing my art come to life in a way I’ve never had before. Engaging people with my art is one of my goals and a game is a natural fit for that.

What are the key sources of inspiration?

I believe we are creative beings, as children we are born with incredible potential and creative force, which I am always trying to tap into. My source of inspiration is coming from within, it’s guided by instinct, subconscious explorations, meditations and oneiric visuals. My inspiration comes from being present and aware, in a never ending attempt to expand my consciousness and the knowing of the self.

What made you move to Berlin? How has this move impacted your art making?

Visiting Berlin many years ago I was fascinated by the artistic nature of the city, seeing so much expression, I felt safe in anonymity and in a place to experiment and be judgement free. I decided to join a residency (Berlin Art Institute) where I found a lot freedom and was guided by experienced artists.

BALANCE by Ornella Buglioni, print on fine art paper, 59.4 x 42 cm (2020)
BALANCE by Ornella Buglioni, print on fine art paper, 59.4 x 42 cm (2020)

What is a must-see gallery or museum in Berlin in your opinion?

I enjoy a lot of the curatorial work of Kremers Gallery, I also like to visit Gropius Bau Museum and ME collectors[note: closed as of 2020].

Tell me about your studio. Is it a space to retreat and create, or to connect with a community, or both?

I use the space for many things. It’s a playground, a school and a temple. As a school, I am studying new mediums for instance music production and digital animation. As a temple I use the space to meditate and quiet the mind, connect with the senses and the body. And as a playground it’s a safe place to let my inner child out.

I think we are all still processing current events, but I’m curious, has coronavirus and social distancing impacted the way you think about art?

It didn’t change the way I think about art but it changed the way I make art. Quarantine restrictions pushed me into expanding my art into the digital world, and presented me with the opportunity to fully focus on Floriponids and learning to mix music.

Is there anything that has helped you during this time? Something you turn to or find particularly inspiring and uplifting right now?

I can dive into music and get into a bubble where I feel I could stay forever.
During quarantine I took lessons with a talented Berlin based DJ (Lemonella) and I started mixing music myself. If you are interested you can listen to my sets on Soundcloud, my DJ name is Minneith.

What is next for you, an upcoming project or chance to see your work?

I will continue working on Floripondis until I feel the game reaches its full potential. I invite anybody that wants to see my art and also have some fun to dive into the game. It’s free, with no ads. Play alone or with friends and family. I’d like to also mention that the game music is made by Liquify, and the coding and game play design by Yoav Hortman.
I’m also on instagram @ornellabuglioni, where I will announce further exhibitions and events.

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