4SEE 9Q with SURMA
4SEE 9Q with Surma, Portuguese multi-instrumentalist and experimental artist with Joanna Newsom-esque-vocals, carving her own path.

Surma’s sonic electronic/ambient/experimental has already seen her debut ‘Antwerpen’ nominated as Best European Album of 2017 by IMPALA – no small feat when you consider the other nominees (Fever Ray, King Krule, and Laura Marling to name a few). We asked the Leiria, Portugal native our 4SEE 9 Questions.

Aptly desribed as ‘primal yet peaceful’, Surma’s ‘Hemma’ is as otherworldly as the wild planes and androgynous beings of the the debut releases’ accompanying video. Majestic and sensual, the movement is both audio and visual for the listener/viewer. A multi-instrumentalist who studied bass in a jazz school, Surma’s influences include jazz and post-rock to the more experimental; incorporating keys, samplers, strings, loops and vocals. Defying expectations, Surma (Débora Umbelino) is one artist to watch.



4SEE 9Q with Surma Eyewear by Xavier Garcia
4SEE 9Q with Surma
Eyewear by Xavier Garcia














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