Photography VIEN TRAN @ Wilhelmina Japan
Creative Director KEITH S. WASHINGTON
Make-Up PERCY @ Les Doigts
Hair AKIRA YAMADA @ Wilhelmina Japan

Timeless tastemakers know how to keep it real at any age.

OldNipponInside_05Fumio Hatanaka (69) wears PERSOL PO 0649 95/58
Blazer by Bally, tuxedo shirt by John Lawrence Sullivan


OldNipponInside_06Michie Fukaya (65) wears IC! BERLIN 67 Nixenstrasse in electric magenta red Coat by Bally, hat and shirt by Giorgio Armani


OldNipponInside_02Nakayama (age unknown) wears ØRGREEN Rhapsody 619 in mat navy blue/sandblasted gold Blazer by Bally, sweater and pants by Giorgio Armani


OldNipponInside_03Shinichi Kasai (70) wears RAY-BAN Light Ray RB4224 Leather jacket and pants by Loewe, shirt and headscarves by Yohji Yamamoto, shoes by Issey Miyake


OldNipponInside_04Katsumi Onoda (74) wears ETNIA BARCELONA Angels in rdhvCoat and belt by Loewe, shirt by Giorgio Armani


OldNipponInside_01Nobuyoshi Fukuya (73) wears MOSCOT Keppe in blackSuit by Emporio Armani, shirt by John Lawrence Sullivan, leather belt by JW Weston