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Spotlight - Current Swell

Indie-Folk at heart but they are all about thoughtful, hardcore introspection, and raw engaging energy.

Spotlight - LeRiche

Canadian indie-guitar singer-songwriter with an irrefutable nomadic spirit.

Spotlight - JPD

Julian Philipp David’s ‘JPD’ Deutsch-rap lays down hip-hop realness

Foremost - Julie Bourgeois

Tata Christiane, Paris-born, Berlin-based brand is conceptual, abstract, frilly, boxy and clashing patterns, and boldly in a league of its own

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Epicene Queen

Fashion Director DEVON KAYLOR // Photography ANTOINE DE ALMEIDA

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9Q with Surma

Portuguese multi-instrumentalist and experimental artist

9Q with Chimp Hardy

4SEE squares up for the low-down with Austin, Texas-born, Berlin-based DJ, content strategist and music producer

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