SALT. in Berlin


Photographer BEA RODRIGUES

SALT’s latest collection really amps up the volume for spring. The strong silhouettes and vibrant colors are a perfect fit for the effortlessly cool and edgy approach of Berlin. This exuberant lifestyle seamlessly leads from bar to club to the iconic photo booths on Berlin’s streets, just another day in the famously fun city.

Toni S. in SALT. Nia in Oyster Grey

Bernard J. in SALT. Burkhart in Matte Mauve Mist

l. Toni S. in SALT. Pila in Oyster Grey
r Yasmin K. in SALT. Kiani in Chestnut Bisque

l. Natassja V. in SALT. Pila in Oasis
m. Toni S. in SALT. Nia in Oyster Grey
r. Amit B. in SALT. Pila in Oyster Grey

Amit B. in SALT. Pila in Oyster Grey

Toni S. in SALT. Nia in Oyster Grey

Natassja V. in SALT.  Paragon in Honey Gold


  1. Anya E. in SALT.Nia in Sandy Sea Green
  2. Toni S. in SALT.Pila in Oasis


  1. Natassja V. in SALT.Paragon in Honey Gold
  2. Mateusz. in SALT.Turtle in Crystal
  3. Toni S. in SALT.Pila in Oyster Grey

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Eyewear Archive

Volume V

4SEE Eyewear Archive Volume V


This season’s selection contains a truly outstanding set of eyewear from brands that continue to amaze and inspire us with their constant innovation. They run the gamut from outrageous and bold to sleek and sophisticated, but what they all share is a personality that made us feel confident and powerful when we tried them on, and we are sure you will too!

SALT. RUMACK Bkok Titanium
A classic shape is given the SALT treatment, undergoing subtle tweaks to refine and update it: an earth-tone acetate outer and a tortoiseshell inner arm and temple, mixed with beta-titanium on the rims and nose guarantee that this will be an instant classic.


Nagel brings us back to nature, but in an absolutely cool new way with frames in the trendiest styles made out of purely natural materials. Wood all the way down to the hinges, joints and nose pads, these frames look and feel great. Plus their packaging is top notch with a beautifully designed and lightweight case made out of wood


The 4SEE editorial team had a great time playing with the nearly infinite possibilities of styles and colors available (more than 250,000 in total) from the new Remix feature for Ray-Ban sunglasses. Here are a few of our favorite creations and styles, with two models from the Justin line and the perennial classic Aviator frame. Handcrafted as always, our personal designs were ready and delivered in in just 2 days. Way to go Ray-Ban!


These glasses from Ørgreen are a real sweetheart. The curvy cat eye shape in a bright blue color is sure to stand out and is totally on trend this fall. Round it all off with a trusty architecture and these frames are sure to be an instant favorite.


The brand really lives up to its promise of non-conformity with this pair whose sharp right angles make it appear to have been plucked right out of a cartoon. Still, the minimalism works and wearing them feels like the epitome of cool.


IC! BERLIN Customized Frames
For Ic! Berlin founder Ralph Anderl’s birthday, the Berlin-based company decided on a special surprise: to offer up one of their most popular frames, the Guenther N, for complete and total customization. We visited their flagship store to try out the process and create our own unique sunglasses from individual parts that offer a reported 9,127,891,353,600 combinations! There is a stunning violet frame with gold accent hinges, or for a split personality you could really mix things up with completely different lenses, hinges, temples, temple covers and nosed pads on each side.


Label Profiler


Label Profiler: Etnia Barcelona


If you think about it, with today’s technology there’s really no reason to wear glasses, so why do we? While some say they wear specs because of fashion, we at 4SEE like to think that there’s more to it than that. Unlike any other accessory, glasses give us the power to transform and present another side of ourselves. This issue takes a closer look at the brands that draw inspiration from various sources — be it nature, the urban landscape, or individual artistic expression — and inspire us to be our own version of virtually anything: from artist to architect, rock star to rebel.

ETNIA BARCELONA is a brand known for taking its inspiration from cultural and artistic movements. It was just a matter of time until they would tackle the legend known as Jean-Michel Basquiat. Basquiat, born in 1960, revolutionized the New York art world in the eighties and moved on to captivate the world with powerful, expressive works that addressed racism, politics and social hypocrisy. Where Basquiat masterfully conveyed the language and symbolism of the streets, Etnia Barcelona follows his lead by paying homage.

The J.M. Basquiat x Etnia Barcelona collection, replete with references to jazz, rap, punk, pop culture and comics takes on the world of graffiti and street art with four new models. The frames feature Basquiat’s signature and iconic crown, brave color combinations and elements of the artworks themselves displayed on the inside of the temples and outer temple tips.

Three of his groundbreaking artworks (Fallen Angel, Glenn, and In This Case) are featured across four different styles of frames so there are plenty of options to pick and choose from in Etnia’s Basquiat collection. Here we see Glenn (BASQUIAT 03 YW-Glenn) lending a rich color palette of yellow and amber hues to the confident frames by Etnia, and Fallen Angel’s (BASQUIAT 01 BL-Fallen Angel) iconic artwork juxtaposed with the elegant gold details designed by Etnia for the temples and hinges. To top it all off, every pair of frames from the collection comes in a box set that beautifully tells the story of legendary art pioneer Jean-Michel Basquiat.





True power means having the courage to go your own way


Styling MAREEN BAYER @ Jen Hahn
Make-up & Hair KARINA BERG @ Bigoudi

True power means having the courage to go your own way. Taking risks, standing up for yourself, and fighting for things you believe in—that is how we really set ourselves apart from the pack.

Eyewear by GIVENCHY 7028/S
Studded leather jacket by TIGHA, leather skirt by Augustin Teboul


Black turtleneck ‘Hole it up’ by Dorothee Schumacher, black latex shaping bra by Trés Bonjour x DSTM, harness by DSTM, leather skirt with zipper by Diesel Black Gold, belt: stylist’s own



Beige jean jacket by JAROW, seen at ÉCOLE Boutique, leopard print bomber jacket with fake fur by Dries van Noten, long black dress by Bally, glam choker 3cm by Schwarzer Reiter, glam cuff by Schwarzer Reiter, black patent leather lace-up boots ‘8 eye’ by Dr. Martens, studded bracelet, belt and rings: stylist’s own


Eyewear by MARC JACOBS 109/S
Black sequined biker jacket by Diesel Black Gold, ight hand: fingerless leather gloves by Thomasine, seen at ÈCOLE Boutique, left hand: long fingerless leather gloves by DSTM


Eyewear by MARC JACOBS 109/S
Black sequined biker jacket by Diesel Black Gold, black stretch leather pants by Paige, black lace-up boots by Diesel Black Gold,
Right Hand / layered: fingerless leather gloves by Thomasine, seen at ÈCOLE Boutique, Both hands / arms: long fingerless leather gloves ‘Onyx’ by DSTM


Eyewear by DIOR DiorSoReal
White cap by Esther Perbandt, pearl strand top by Dries van Noten, white and black speckled bra by Trés Bonjour, leather vest by DSTM, leather skirt by Augustin Teboul, glam necklace ‘Easy’ (worn as a bracelet on left wrist) by Schwarzer Reiter, necklace with leather fringe (worn as a bracelet on right wrist) by DSTM, black leather boots by Red Wing Shoes

Art + Culture

Trend Report

DITA, New York City

4SEE Trend Report: DITA, NEW YORK


Dita was founded in 1995 by design duo Jeff Solorio and John Juniper with a vision for timeless aesthetics. A vintage collection with a modern twist, the sleek frames with subtle logos let the eyewear speak for itself. Originally from LA, the brand currently operates with three US flagships and one in Tokyo, and is sold in 50 countries. The entire collection is handcrafted in Japan, and the premium quality glasses have been seen on celebrities from Brad Pitt to the Olsen sisters.

Asked about advising customers when buying a pair, Ariel Anaya, manager of DITA SOHO shop, explains that ¨Eyewear isn’t just about function or necessarily even style. Dita is about telling a story through products. So it’s important to understand the customer´s story.¨ This is why questions regarding their work, clothing style and cultural interests are important for choosing the right pair. A concept called ¨wardrobing¨ is also applied, wearing different pairs for various occasions or as a way to express a different look. Ariel owns eleven glasses himself, while his favorite pair is the ¨Statesman.¨

As for trends for the upcoming season, chunky acetate with sharp angles for men and oversized cat eye shapes that evoke the 60s for women are what this favorite brand of the fashion-elite recommends.

273 Lafayette St.
New York, NY 10012
+1 212 431 8900

Visit Online:

Photo: courtesy of DITA


Nature & Technology

Blackfin takes the standard of “Made in Italy” to a whole new level

Blackfin takes the standard of “Made in Italy” to a whole new level


Blackfin takes the standard of “Made in Italy” to a whole new level by combining local production with precision technologies, only the best materials, and minimal designs. From cutting the frames to distribution, everything takes place under one roof. Even more remarkable, the modern glasses are produced far from any bustling city in the small town of Agordo, northern Italy. Blackfin’s key to success lies in the authenticity, connection, and passion that the team around CEO Nicola Del Din ardently pursues everyday.

Gleaming rooftops during summer and sparkling snow in winter; Agordo is truly a paradise on earth. Here, between the peaks of the Dolomites, Blackfin has been located since 1971. This is no accident. Eyewear giant Luxottica established itself in Agordo in the 1960s, and many smaller businesses followed suit, quickly making Agordo the hub of Italian eyewear production. Maria Pramaor, the mother of the present-day head of Blackfin Nicola Del Din, was an employee at Luxottica right from the start. Soon she decided to open her own business called Pramaor and began producing frames for Luxottica and other big eyewear brands. But then pricing policies got worse — and Pramaor was in crisis.

Together with her son Nicola she managed to change the course of the company when they decided to start producing their own frames by creating a new label called Blackfin. Success has followed this decision: in 2015 they produced 90,000 glasses, for 2016 production is estimated to go up to 110,000 pairs. Blackfin recently renovated their building in the style of high-tech Silicon Valley startups and now it is an über-modern company in the middle of Italy’s idyllic countryside.

Nicola Del Din, Blackfin CEO 

The label’s exciting and original spirit strongly shapes the pared back designs of their eyewear. Nicola created the term “NeoMadeinItaly” to sum up the brand’s philosophy. “We are a company with an extremely high technological standard. At the same time, we’re surrounded by inspiringly beautiful nature. This combination of global connections, captivating ideas, perfect organization and communication as well as a deep bond with our home is what defines Blackfin.” Nicola himself loves this region more than anybody: “If I had to live somewhere else, I’d rather die!”

Final assembly and inspection

Blackfin’s coloring process produces top-notch frames by hand

Nicola’s 60 colleagues also live by the label’s philosophy. Most of them went abroad to gain experience that now benefits Blackfin. All steps of production take place under one roof, even the colors are developed and produced in-house. Outsourcing production to Asia is unimaginable for Nicola Del Din: “Of course it is much more expensive to produce in Italy. But because we produce everything ourselves and forgo any in-betweens, we can truly claim the label ‘Made in Italy.’ It is so much more authentic and emotional for a company to completely take control of production. And that is our strength.”

Pure titanium is shipped from Japan to provide a perfect base for Blackfin’s no-frills frames. The sheets are only half a millimeter thick, resulting in extremely light, durable, and comfortable glasses. At the moment Blackfin concentrates on optical frames, only 10 percent of this year’s production models were sunglasses. The biggest inspiration for the label’s designs comes from Scandinavian classics, and yet there is nothing classical about them — Blackfin prides itself on being highly modern.

New models and an expanded sunglasses collection are in the works. “We are ready for the next level,” Nicola says. “Our new space and our perfect manufacturing conditions provide a great platform for new ideas. We are going to present some fresh concepts before the end of the year.” Without a doubt, Blackfin is going to surprise and excite us with their precision technology and crystal clear design.

Visit Online: BLACKFIN.EU

Art + Culture

The Magician

4SEE Spotlight on DJ/Producer Stephen Fasano

The Magician, Stephen Fasane, Kitsune Tokyo. DJ, Magici Tape, SoundCloud , Potion label, the end of disco

The Magician

Photography Justin Carter
Interview Atsushi
Creative Director Keith S. Washington
All eyewear by Max Pittion

Famed for his ongoing monthly mixes “Magic Tape” consisting of under the radar, unreleased dance tunes, not to mention his former unit Aeroplane, Stephen Fasano aka “The Magician” based in Brussels continues evolving his musical influence through his own music label “Potion,” started in 2014. The Magician just released a brand new single “Shy” featuring Brayton Bowman on May 2nd from Potion and we caught him backstage right before his gig for the Kitsuné Club Night Parisian Tour in Tokyo.


Musical background – Instruments or DJing?

DJing background. Long time ago. Late 80’s — at the beginning of House music I guess. My uncle was a DJ, nothing commercial but a collector of obscure disco records. He gave me his turntables and a mixer, and a collection of obscure disco records.

You got lucky. 

Yeah in a way…, but I hated so many of those records! The late 70’s were, as they say, “the end of Disco” times and we were starving for Acid House coming from the US. Disco records don’t have BPM synchronized so that was the kind of time I practiced the beat match technique, mixing those with new House music. Then, after that, I slowly got into Techno, Drum ’n’ bass, Trip Hop — I have a big collection of DJ Krush from Mo Wax records, DJ Food, Ninja Tunes and those kinds of things. Those were the times I used to travel to the UK a lot and go record-digging.

From Brussels? 

Yes, I went to the UK once a month. Now it’s only 2 hours on a train but it was 4 hours on a boat to cross the canal and another 2 hours on the road back then, but that is nothing when you are a teenager — the absolute freedom! 

And went into production in those ages?

Yes, as I slowly started getting myself a sampling machine like AKAI or Roland, or the drum machines like TB303, I got those for around 100 bucks or something. Now it costs 3,000 US dollars or more and you know how crazy it is. 

The Magician, Stephen Fasane, Kitsune Tokyo. DJ, Magici Tape, SoundCloud , Potion label, the end of disco

Do you still use those set ups?

No, I rarely use them as those are equipped in the software nowadays. For working on demos, I just get into my computer and for the final production we bring vocals and instruments at the studio for live recording, which I really enjoy.

How did you get to know Kitsuné?

I was forming Aeroplane at that time around in 2008, we got approached by Kitsuné for a remix, and that was the first time I met Gildas (one of Kitsuneé’s founders). Then they booked us for tons of parties in London and Paris. After that, we signed for a single “I Don’t Know What You Do.”

How do you balance out Production and DJing? 

I would say 50/50 and I like it that way. I am inspired by the music that I play, the music that is around me if you know what I mean. I am rather a DJ in origin than a producer.  My music can evolve through playing and it’s a bit like a fashion. So for example when compared with 5 years ago I would say I was more Disco. Not in the melody line, but the base line or the compression of the sound, my sound is more Housey now. BPM between 120-122 is the best tempo ever, not too fast yet groovy. 

Memorable gigs?

Actually, Ageha in 2012, Japan was amazing. The speakers… the sound was totally amazing. 

Large audience or handful of people?

I actually do both and I played for only 200 yesterday in Seoul, played in front of an only 150-person audience the other day in Hong Kong and, to be honest, I like it much better than big festivals. You see the faces and the groove is more intense.

You are a vinyl collector but which format do you use when DJing?

I don’t play vinyl except at home and took a while to get used to it, but I use USB memory sticks. I still have 10,000 or more records at home — maybe its time to pull them out again and get inspired.

So, how come “The Magician”?

Well, it was my wife who named it. When I split from Aeroplane in 2010, my wife (then girlfriend) said at the time, “Now we have to think of a new name…, lets say “The Magician.” And I didn’t like it at all! (laughs). She says I have the “Magical” powers, but it sounds a bit arrogant you know. But slowly, having her designing these jackets, I understood the meaning of it that aligns with my concept to entertain the audience. And of course the branding side of it too. And after all, I own 10 other jackets of this kind.

Why are you wearing that one today?

This is the one I am wearing this year and will be recognized with. The material is actually a cellophane. Last year it was more baggy style, but not like in the MC Hammer style though, Moroccan-Jewish style from the 1920s with the 3 buttons jackets and all. So for next year, it should be different. To me, DJing is entertainment and the core is to entertain the audience. And for that reason, I like to be dressed. 

The Magician, Stephen Fasane, Kitsune Tokyo. DJ, Magici Tape, SoundCloud ,

Any ritual before gigs?

Very simple. Text my wife that I am starting. And have one shot of vodka or two. 

It seems like there is a very strong bond there. Any kids? 

I have one little one, she is two and a half years old now. Now we are starting to have a lot of interactions and it is great fun.

Why are you based in Brussels?

Because I did not have the balls to move out (laughs). Well, it was just not the right time to move, my studio is in London and the business is there. And its only 2 hours on train. 

If you were to pick one city to move to?

Business-wise it would be London, but if I pick the best, I would say LA. The weather, and the food!

Favorite food?

I would say Italian and Japanese. And you can find both good ones in LA (laughs).

So, half and hour to go live, what are you playing today for a 2am slot?

I am selecting more straight House music, more energy than the last visit in 2012. A lot of people expect music that they know, but I will be playing things that are really new. Because I expect people to get surprised.

The Magician is the alias of talented DJ/Producer, Stephen Fasano. 

The Magician on Soundcloud + Homepage



sunglasses and scarves

lindberg-8601, danish eyewear, award winning eyewear design, hand made eyewear


Creative Director / Fashion Editor KEITH S. WASHINGTON
Model LENKA @ Wilhelmina Japan

Fashion mavens show us how two accessories—sunglasses and scarves—add up to be greater than the sum of their parts. Bold colors and exotic patterns add a whole new dimension to a looks based on beautiful pairs of sunglasses.

giorgio-armani-ar-8074-5017-11, vogue fashion eyewearSunglasses by GIORGIO ARMANI AR 8074 5017 11
Black dress with patent leather color by Bally, all scarves by Emporio Armani

lindberg-8601, danish eyewear design, Copenhagen eyewear, sunglasses, high fashion eyewearSunglasses by LINDBERG 8601
Coat by Issey Miyake, Green scarf by Pleats Please, Jacket by Emporio Armani


ic-berlin-jazz-m-off-white, fall fashion, beauty editorial, eyewear fashion, made in berlinSunglasses by IC! BERLIN JAZZ M. Off-White
White collared shirt and necklace by Emporio Armani, Multi striped sleeveless top by Issey Miyake, Scarf by Pleats Please


leisure-society-swanbourne-burgundy-tortoise, 4see, sunglasses, Japanese fashion, glossy editorialSunglasses by LEISURE SOCIETY SWANBOURNE Burgundy Tortoise
Blue and patterned scarves by Pleats Please, Dress by Bally, White oxford by Giorgio Armani


orgreen-dye-701, or green eyewear from Copenhagen, Japanese made framesSunglasses by ØRGREEN DYE 701
Scarf by Pleats Please, Black dress by Emporio Armani, Nuns hat by stylist



Eyewear Archive

Volume V


Eyewear Archive Volume V


This season’s selection contains a truly outstanding set of eyewear from brands that continue to amaze and inspire us with their constant innovation. They run the gamut from outrageous and bold to sleek and sophisticated, but what they all share is a personality that made us feel confident and powerful when we tried them on, and we are sure you will too!

robert-rüdger-rv013, austrian eyewear, wood material mix framesROBERT RÜDGER RV013
A careful combination of unusual materials such as buffalo horn, natural wood, and titanium give this pair a warmth and charm that really separates it from the pack.


etnia-barcelona-montsio-hvfu, sunglasses, barcelona eyewear, framesETNIA BARCELONA Montisio HVFU
Cute pops of fuchsia on the temple tips and top rim accent these fun-loving frames with an exaggerated havana patterned acetate.


alain-mikli-provocation-a04002, french made designer eyewear, sunglassesALAIN MIKLI Provocation A04002
These glasses from Alain Mikli are called “provocation” for a reason. A retro-effect is souped up and pushed to the max, but somehow manages to remain sophisticated and expensive with just the right pattern on the molded acetate bridge.

masahiro-maruyama-straight-mm-0020, Japanese eyewear, designer eyewear, Jerome boateng glassesMASAHIRO MARUYAMA STRAIGHT MM-0020 No. 3 Navy/Gold
These opulent glasses from Masahiro Maruyama are a favorite of German soccer star Boateng. The undulating geometry that almost encompasses the lenses, the asymmetrical gap in the navy acetate, and the inset lens that floats away from the gold at these points – a beautiful frame for unique individuals.


_blackfin-bf743-waterhouse-548BLACKFIN BF743 Waterhouse 548
Extremely light and exquisitely thin, these titanium matt grey frames feel snug and secure with a flush lens in a nice bright gradient gold color that pops.



Trend Report


Orgreen , Eyewear, Copenhagen eyewear, or green store, sunglasses, eyewear store display

Trend Report: Orgreen Optics


Kim Sørensen
Store Manager

Located in a trendy neighborhood of Copenhagen, Ørgreen was founded in 1997 with a minimalistic approach that integrates clean lines and innovative colors. Designed in Denmark and handmade in Japan, Ørgreen combines the best of Danish design with superb Japanese craftsmanship. Subtle inspirations from street culture, extreme sports and classic cars also add to its uniqueness. Brands such as Barton Perreira, Celine, Thom Browne, Reiz, Goldsmith, Hoffman Horn and Little Paul & Joe are also available at their store.

Orgreen , Eyewear, Copenhagen eyewear, or green store, sunglasses, eyewear store display

Selecting a perfect optical frame starts with a thorough eye test using the latest technology, followed by an in-depth consultation to provide the best solution for the customer’s lifestyle, face shape, skin tone and clothing style. “For us, quality starts with comfort and functionality, but it’s just as much a matter of aesthetics. Glasses are meant to improve your view on the world, but they will also refine the world’s view upon you,” explains Kim Sørensen, the store manager of Ørgreen.

For the upcoming season, his favorite pairs include the compact Reflector and the unisex Gloom with a vintage feel. As he points out, the trend is shifting to compactness and vintage-inspired details such as flat bases and thin rims, as well as mirrored lenses for sunglasses.

Orgreen , Eyewear, Copenhagen eyewear, or green store, sunglasses, eyewear store display

Orgreen , Eyewear, Copenhagen eyewear, or green store, sunglasses, eyewear store display

Hauser Plads 30A, 2
1127 Copenhagen, Denmark
+45 3333 0359


Photo: Courtesy of Ørgreen



4SEE takes you to the skies 'TOP GUN' style.

Breitling Jet Team, L-39C Albatros Jets

AIRBORNE – Aviators Reloaded

Photo Assistant ALEX KUEPER

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Top Gun, a movie that inspired a whole generation to imitate the effortlessly cool Aviator look spawned by Tom Cruises’s character in the film, 4SEE revisits the classic aviator look by visiting competition pilots from Red Bull and Breitling who take to the skies in impressive vintage aircraft.

There is a glassy, modern hangar, tucked away in the mountains of Austria, and filled with prime examples of the gorgeous airplanes that have lifted humans into the skies over the past century of aviation. In this little-known world, passionate pilots are pushing their limits every day to make aviation impossibilities possible.

These pilots are part of the Red Bull Flying Team, appropriately called “The Flying Bulls.” With their unparalleled enthusiasm for airplanes and the graceful art of flying, these ‘aerobatic’ pilots remind us of the proud traditions of aviation and the absolute miracle of humans taking flight in beautiful flying machines crafted out of heavy metals.

aviatorstory_07Paco Wallaert, callsign ‘Paco’ wears RAY-BAN AVIATOR RB 3025Watch by BREITLING

aviatorstory_05Philipp Haidbauer wears IC! BERLIN ROADSTAR Pearl Grey, Teal Mirrored

aviator_04Philipp Haidbauer wears BLACKFIN BF761 Brunswick

Of course no pilot would be comfortable taking to the skies without a completely reliable set of instruments to help guide his flight and keep him oriented before returning safely to the ground. That is where Breitling comes in.

The heritage Swiss watchmaker built its reputation for absolutely reliable timepieces and beautifully crafted wristwatches. In the early twentieth century, Breitling began using its industry-leading technologies to create the most reliable flight instruments for civilian and military aircraft alike. In the 1950s, these two applications merged with the introduction of the Navitimer wrist chronograph.

Today, this association continues with Breitling supporting its own air show team called the Breitling Jet Team—and, of course, a pilot’s look isn’t complete without a sturdy, reliable, and multifunctional companion timepiece from Breitling.

Just like the exquisite vintage airplanes that these teams fly, quality in craft and superb design never goes out of style. As their name suggests, Aviator glasses have a long history of utilization in the aircraft industry, by both military and civilian pilots and air crew. Their unique shape with wide, tapered lenses actually cover a larger area of the eye and minimize the effects of wind and light hitting the ocular area. This aerodynamic effect has a huge advantage for pilots in that it protects their eyes and prevents blurred vision from teary eyes. They also provide maximum coverage to ward off glare from reflections and sun beams.

aviatorstory_01Jacques Bothelin, callsign ‘Speedy’ und Patrick Marchand, callsign ‘Gaston’ wear RAY-BAN AVIATOR RB 3025

aviatorstory_10Jacques Bothelin, callsign ‘Speedy’ wears RAY-BAN AVIATOR RB 3025 Watch by BREITLING


aviatorstory_13Philipp Haidbauer wears DANIEL HECHTER DHE S202-2

aviatorstory_02The Breitling-Jet-Team flies in formation with L-39C Albatros Jets. In 2016, the pilots demonstrate their skills from September 23rd to 25th at the Miramar Air Show, California, USA, during the San Francisco Fleet Week from October 8th to 9th, as well as at the Huntington Beach Air Show, California, USA from October 22nd to 23th. For more information visit:

These aviator style sunglasses look right at home next to the awe-inspiring aircraft flown by pilots of the competition air teams from Red Bull and Breitling. Today, these teams regularly fly in competitions. Not only to challenge the pilots, but also to maintain the vintage aircraft, celebrate the history of aviation, and thrill crowds of onlookers.

Ultimately, our admiration for brave pilots and their intrepid style fuels our love of the aviator style. The sleek style lines of pilot’s uniforms are echoed in the thin metal frames of Aviator glasses today. Evoking both a commanding sense of style and an adventurous, jetsetting lifestyle, Aviator glasses have become a timeless classic, and an emblem of cool that makes us want to take to the skies ‘Top Gun’-style.

aviatorstory_11Raimund Riedmann wears RANDOLPH AVIATOR Gun Metal58mm

aviatorstory_14Raimund Riedmann wears LINDBERG 8703

aviatorstory_12Mirko Flaim wears IC! BERLIN PANORAMA Chrome-Black, Silver Mirrored

aviatorstory_08Raimund Riedmann wears TOMSKINGSFIELD Havana Tortoise

The spectacular Hangar-7 near the Salzburg Airport houses the Flying Bulls’ airplanes. The aviation museum is open everyday from 9am to 10pm with free admission. Do not miss the restaurant IKARUS. By the way — guests arriving by plane pull in directly in front of Hangar-7.



4SEE No. 5



Label Profiler


Label Profiler: COBLENS



No other metal impresses quite like titanium. Remarkably strong, yet unbelievably light, flexible, and hypoallergenic to boot, titanium embodies tradition and technology. And for contemporary German eyewear manufacturer COBLENS, titanium – quite simply – is “The One.”

Coblens uses titanium exclusively when designing their hand-made metal frames. And just like titanium, there’s nothing quite like a Coblens original. All components and raw materials are produced according to founders Ralf Schmidt and Nils Kaesemann’s designs and exacting standards. Different alloys are custom-matched for specific components like eye wires, hinges, temples, and nose pads. Lacquer paint is never used: durable PVD coating transforms the frame into different tints of metal. This also adds an extra layer of protection – think titanium on top of titanium – and what results is a lasting mechanical masterpiece.

One of the latest Coblens campaigns, aptly titled “Zentralflughafen,” is as original as the collection. Part vintage, part state-of-the-art, we see a contemporary re-imagining of the Harry Palmer British spy series, which originally starred Michael Cain. The narrative unfolds when a secret agent drops sunglasses throughout Berlin Central Airport with messages for Western agents inscribed on the temples. A cheeky nod, perhaps, as sunglasses are a fashion staple of every spy!